A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Bilderberger, Free Mason, Friend of USA and Israel, François Hollande, Is Desperately Looking For a War.


It will very soon dawn on the French people that François Hollande comes out of the same mould as did his predecessor Nicolas Sarkozy.

Hollande, like Sarkozy is preparing to send the French Military into one or all of the following countries, Mali, Syria or Iran, none of whom pose any threat to France nor indeed to any of the NATO States.

It had been glaringly obvious that Hollande was an establishment puppet since he and other French traitors aided Sarkozy and the UMP in the criminal act of  re-writing the French Constitution, to suit the needs of the un-elected bureaucrats in Brussels.  Their aim was to  destroy France and place it under the control of the Communists whom from behind the scenes have governed France for many years. Without his help Sarkozy would not have had enough support to sign the Treaty of Lisbon, against the wishes of the French people.

Hollande is in need of his own personal war. Not a real war of course, like the rest of NATO, France prefers to shoot fish in a barrel. Continuing this pathetic rubbish about the threat of Muslim terrorism, while NATO slaughters and contaminates Muslim people wherever they can be found.

A bomb kills a few Jews in Bulgaria and Israel is sent howling in self-pity, claiming that it was Iranians whom carried out the attack. I would probably be nearer the mark should I claim that it was an Israeli False Flag, attack to build an excuse to kill a few more Muslim women and children, a task which the criminal State of Israel relishes.

Hollande is incapable of solving the unemployment problem in France, he and the leaders of all persuasions of political parties stood silently by, watching the destruction of the French industrial base, without a word of protest. Any offer of a solution at this late date is nothing more than hot air.

France is in meltdown, you can feel it in the air. The moral of the people has never been so low. The summer season has been slow in coming. There are fewer tourists, bookings across the board, are down in the dumps.

Car maker Peugeot has come under scrutiny, having announced redundancies in their work force, due to lack of demand for their product, which means the cars which are made in France. Peugeot has long been established in China and Eastern Europe, where of course they can make use of virtual slave labour.

On the war front Hollande, like Sarkozy, has completely ignored massive evidence, that France, is involved in a covert war in Syria. He has made no comment about the death of Gilles Jacquier, a French journalist whom it has been claimed was killed by Assad forces, while even Le Figaro a respected French newspaper asserts that it was the French paid mercenaries whom did the killing.

In the manner of all the puppet leaders, he apparently  lacks the ability to discern the truth from disinformation and propaganda and continues to lend the support of France and the French people to illegal, aggressive campaigns against those leaders whom refuse to conform to the neo-colonialism of NATO and the Bankers.

Hollande is in fact, like all politicians a liar and will soon be in the ranks of War Criminals, along with the likes of Blair, Sarkozy, Hague and Cameron, all of whom in a just world would be arrested on the spot and locked up for life.

He has made no attempt to disclose the hidden secrets of Agenda 21 to the people, whom are led to believe that it involves no more than an effort to save the habitat of a few frogs, excuse the pun. They are being given no idea of the actuality of this document from the UN, which will in fact destroy France and imprison the people into what are being euphemistically called “Human Habitation Zones.”

I am sure that the Hollande regime will continue in exactly the same manner as all of the French governments since the days of General de Gaulle.

If Hollande was serious about protecting France from the coming crash, he would be insisting on interest free loans from the ECB, for small businesses and farmers and the initiating of massive public works and of course the imposition of trade tariffs against the importation of products fabricated using slave labour, in order to make a level playing field for French made products. Any fool can see that it is short-term thinking to believe that Free Trade helps “people over there” this is only true while people “over here” can afford to buy their products.

It is becoming clearer by the day that current events are merely a prelude to the installation of a tyrannical government, which will enslave us all and these tyrants, will of course, use all of the remedies, which I have been listing for months, to “Save” us.

Hollande is not on the side of freedom and Democracy. He has never been any more than a puppet whom was educated by the Shadow Government, in order to carry out their long laid plans to control us all.


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