A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Everything is a Lie. Nothing Can Be Trusted. Deception Reigns Supreme.

Whom amongst us has not gazed in wonder at the depictions of men with beards, whom we were told by the likes of Erich Von Daniken, could be visitors from outer space, whom had visited South America in the distant past, as he assured us that bearded men did not exist in the indigenous tribes.

Many carvings of bearded heads, bearing a remarkable resemblance to Spanish or Portuguese carvings from the Middle Ages, which of course they could not possibly represent, as these heads existed long before Columbus discovered America.

The Piri Re’is maps of the world fall into the same category, they must be the work of spacemen as no one else had ever visited these regions before the likes of Magellan and Vasco da Gama.

These suppositions are of course a pack of lies, which were generated to deceive the Pope and the Catholic Church, which had the right to claim all newly discovered lands for the Church.

When Columbus sailed into the sunset, claiming to be seeking a new route to India, he knew exactly where he was headed. This has been well-known and documented for years. In fact even Irish monks found America, in past times. The Vikings left a load of evidence of their visits, all of which has been ignored in order to maintain a lie. The Money Lenders were in fact already sacking the Continent, long before its existence was declared.

This is the manner in which we and now our children and their children have been educated. This is mind control on a grand scale.

This system is being employed against us all. Let me give you an example. Gadaffi, we were told, was like Hitler, as an excuse to slaughter him and his family. Well Gadaffi was like Hitler, a man whom defied the bankers and used whatever means necessary to raise his Peoples standard of living. Both of them succeeded and both of them were destroyed. We the “free people” of the world, then have the magic wand waved in front of our eyes and hey presto, we believe that what our governments have done was “good” for the German and Libyan Peoples, despite the carnage involved in “helping them gain their freedom.”

We in the Free West, elect only nice people into power.  The British people elected Tony Blair three times because he was so nice. The American people elected Barak Obama, because he too was so nice and black into the bargain. All of the other NATO countries have elected similar nice people whom are all engaged in the slaughter of Muslim people, whom are of course basically defenceless. Our nice leaders are assuring us that if we do not kill these harmless people as quickly as possible they will creep up behind us and chop off our heads.

I could guarantee that everything which we have been told about the origin of the Second World War is false. The Bankers and their puppet governments are even now, seventy years later, still trying to conceal their barbaric behaviour and the extent of their crimes against humanity. Not since Attila the Hun has any body been condemned as totally as has Hitler, which in reality is an indication of the depth of guilt which needs to be concealed by the Allies.

The last great crime of the Allied Forces, apart from the wholesale rape and murder of the German people by the advancing Russian Army, was the fire bombing of the defenceless city of Dresden, resulting in the deaths of half a million men, women and children.

The reason Dresden was bombed with such venom and savagery, as the war was ending, was because it had been kept in pristine condition by the allies as the intended target for the soon to be available Atomic Bomb. The Allies had been attempting to continue the war, even though Hitler was prepared to surrender, in order to provide this test of atomic weapons. As the war was ending it was viciously bombed into oblivion anyway.

They were more successful in prolonging the war against Japan, by demanding the imposition of increasingly unacceptable conditions on the Japanese. Hiroshima and Nagasaki had been preserved intact as the reserve target. The rest of Japan, like Germany had been flattened.

Whenever there are a series of bomb attacks in for example Baghdad, we are told that these attacks bear all the hallmarks of an Al Qaeda atrocity, again this is true, the lie is in the fact that Al Qaeda is Mossad and the CIA. This has been well known for years. Al Qaeda is at the moment engaged in Syria, having already wiped out Gadaffi in Libya. In Dublin in the nine-teen seventies, there was a bomb attack, which should it occur now, would be described as bearing the same hallmarks, however it was found, after a long and deliberately delayed enquiry, that the attack had been carried out by the SAS, which was in fact responsible for most of the atrocities in Ireland during the troubles.

Politicians like Tony Blair and Gordon Brown are little different from other infiltrators or spies, whom worm their way into a position where they can betray and subvert an otherwise worthwhile organisation. They do this not from a philosophic standpoint, they have no interest in right or wrong, they simply have no understanding of morality as a concept, they do it because they have a lust for power and of course greed. These are the scum whom are aiding the real psychopaths to take control of all and everything.

The Queen of England herself and no doubt Prince Charles, was educated into the ways of the Shadow Government by the Fabian Society, which was set up by the Royal Institute for International Affairs. The object of this group is to control the people of the world and all resources necessary for life on earth.

The biggest lie and deception of all has been the inculcation into the minds of us all,  the belief in Democracy, that things can be changed by voting for the same group of people over and over again. Nothing could be further from the truth, political parties and professional politicians are all under control,whom do you suppose provides their political education? What do you suppose is taught at Eton? Why do you suppose there are so many Scottish voices in the English Parliament, Blair, Brown, Cameron and Darling amongst them? They call it SNAFU.

We are watching the destruction of yet another Hitler in Syria. Another man whom is guilty of nothing. The Syrian people have given him their support, which went unreported. We are being lied to on a daily basis by a media, which has just spent months trying to present itself as having an interest in truth. Even this was a complicated charade, which was more to do with criminality on the part of media top men than with integrity in the reporting of the News. No mention was made of the provable lies which have been told, in recent times concerning both Gadaffi and Assad.

The belief in what we are allowed to know by the controlled media, is a measure of the deep sleep into which we have fallen. Even now they are telling us that they are busily preparing us for execution automatic at sixty-five and nobody appears to have noticed or maybe they just do not care.


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