A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Sloshing Around In The Murky British Cesspit.

William Hague, unctuously praised the bravery of a young Pakistani girl, whom was shot in the head, while taking part in a manifestation in support of female education, in Pakistan.

The attack was perpetrated by an unknown hand, Hague however, chose to lay it at the door of “The Taliban in Pakistan.” This claim was later backed up by an assurance that they would do the same thing again, should she take part in another manifestation, an assurance which came through the mouth of a government spokesman.

Hague, with a profoundly sincere tone, called the attack barbaric and and expressed his support for the ideal of making education available to all, etc. etc.

He failed however to mention the most recent NATO slaughter, just across the border in Afghanistan, where three little children, whom were collecting firewood, were gunned down in cold blood. No reference to these brave little children, was mentioned on the British TV News nor any promise to see that those responsible would be punished for their crime.

NATO in fact called the killed “insurgents,” until they were forced to admit the truth, This is just the latest casual killing of innocent people by blood-thirsty US Marines.

Hague and his cronies have finally managed to take down Press TV. Ofcom recently closed them down in the UK, using the claim of an anomaly in their original contract. That was excuse enough take away their channel on the Sky Network. The European Commission, which has recently been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, finally managed to force Eutelsat to close down their Hotbird Channel.

This is in fact an illegal act. The EU has no right to interfere with the News Channels of a Sovereign State, whom do they think they are? They may have some sort of control over the twenty seven members of the EU, that however does not grant them the power to behave in such a manner. The are unelected and they most certainly do not speak for me.

They present themselves as Democratic, when in fact they are dictatorial. Even the Prime Ministers of the member states, have no power to change a dictate of the Commission. The EU Commission reports to a hidden group of controllers, whom have control of all of the main departments of government, and there is not one head of State with the courage to speak out in opposition. For example the UK Government Nationalised The Royal Bank of Scotland, using British taxpayers money.

This bank could now be used by the Government to issue loans at zero per cent interest, to small businessmen, house mortgage seekers or other needy sectors of the economy. They have instead chosen to continue to run the bank in exactly the same manner as the rest of the banking system. They did not have the guts to make use of the “secret system,” which allows banks to invent money when they have a borrower in front of them and then proceed to charge interest on the invented money.

The European Commission have now ordered the British Government to “Privatise,” the bank in short order, just in case the people, whom now own the bank, that is the taxpayer, start to get uppity ideas into their heads and call for a change in the entire banking system.

The same Commission, could find themselves embroiled in the rapidly expanding “Jimmy Savile Saga.” The leader of the UK Fabianist Socialist Party, Ed Milliband, the son of a Jewish Communist, is calling for a wide ranging enquiry into the dreadful experiences of young children whom had been invited to the BBC, in order to have Jim fix it for them. They were in fact exposed to an out of control sex fiend. One of the victims related how Jimmy had referred to himself as the King and that he knew where he (the boy) lived, so not to speak to anyone.

Sky News can not get enough of this sad tale of sexual deviancy and the entire country seems to be on the edge of its seat, waiting for the next horrific revelation. Perhaps the old” News Hen” on Sky News, Kay Burley, might like to ask the next high ranking member of the Labour Party, whom falls prey to her, when a start on investigating the paedophiles in the Labour Party will be made?

Will there finally be a naming and shaming the Socialist Lord whom was the procurer of young boys for the European Commission? Or the truth about the Socialist Prime Minister whom has been named on-line, frequently, as a well-known paedophile? Will he be explaining the connection between The Socialist Lord whom cleared the way, for the arming of the Patsy killer at Dunblane? Will he finally put an end to speculation as to the identities of the other perverts in War Criminal Tony Blair’s Cabinet.

Will the Socialist Party, having expressed such disgust at the behaviour Jimmie Savile and the need to get to the bottom the business, wherever it may lead, finally release the findings of the enquiry into the Dunblane Massacre, to give some sort of closure to the families of the boys whom were killed, in order to cover up the goings on at a secret Masonic Lodge?

He might also explain where the authority to slap a one hundred year secrecy order on the results of an enquiry, simply to hide the misdeeds of members of a government comes from. Are Politicians now above the law?

I would like to ask a question of my own, a rhetorical question of course. Jimmy Savile is now dead and gone, so he cannot be described as a Patsy. Normally the Patsy is shot down, as in Lee Harvey Oswald, or the four young lads blamed for the 7-7 “False Flag,”  the Dunblane killer or indeed the nineteen alleged suicide 911 attackers, most of whom are still alive but are considered dead, anyway, we are forever told that there is no need for a police investigation as it is perfectly clear that the dead Patsy did it. And of course we must not forget the Patsy whom died over and over again, Osama Bin Laden.

However, when it suits, the government calls for an enquiry, so the question I would like to ask is: Have they considered the parameters of such an Enquiry? Will Savile’s relationship with those members of the Royal Family, whom have been involved with paedophiles be discussed? Will the Dunblane case be re-opened should it turn out that Savile passed some time with the Speculative Society, during a sojourn in Scotland. Jimmy Savile appears to have been all over the map, lord knows where he has been and what might come to light.

Perhaps the call for an enquiry is being made in order to track down every last piece of paper that the dead weirdo left behind, just in case he has prepared a from beyond the grave guffaw.

My interest really lies in discovering the real reason for the cold-blooded slaughter of sixteen young lads, all of whom had apparently been seriously, sexually molested by a group of high ranking members of the Speculative Society, over a long period of time.

Members of this group were implicated in the murders and yet not one of them was ever prosecuted. There was also evidence that more than one Masonic Lodge had hired the boys for an evenings entertainment and yet no real investigation was carried out. It is for this reason that no serving Politician, Police Officer, Military man or a member of the Judiciary, should be allowed to be a member of a secret society.

These shenanigans could have been enacted as a trap for the politicians involved, to make sure of their cooperation in whatever underhand operation had been planned for the future, such as the Iraq War. Blackmail is a dirty business.

see   The BBC Presents The Paedophile Follies

2 responses

  1. when are you going to lay off the booze and grass……. tch tch if you keep on like this….. you will surely end up in the nut house….. mmmmm maybe you are alresdy there>>>.. now now temper temper remember your heart condition,,,,,, we dont want to loose a man of your intelligence….. maxine


    October 17, 2012 at 18:27

    • We already know that you and your group are involved in paedophilia yourselves, not to mention the cold blooded torture of animals and your holocaust denials, so I think we can ignore anything you may have to say on the subject.


      October 18, 2012 at 07:17

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