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The October Surprise That Became A Snuff Movie.

I decided to stick this post to my Front Page, as I am hearing folk on the Alternative Media claiming that they originated this notion. I think I can claim to have proposed this possibility well in advance of them.

Hilary Clinton’s low value, expendable, choice as Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, was left like a sitting duck, awaiting a gang of “demonstrators” whom were protesting a silly little film, insulting The Prophet, which had been hyped out of all proportion to its worth by Western Media.

He had sent urgent emails, demanding support. This support was refused. The scene was under observation from drones, which were circling overhead, giving the Pentagon a birds-eye view of events in real-time.

Steven’s bodyguards also called for assistance, which was received by a military team on the ground, under the command of a General Ham. Ham requested permission to send help. He was ordered to stand down. This was incomprehensible to Ham, whom decided to over-rule the order.

His second in command, would you believe, had been advised in advance that Ham, would be likely to send help, to avoid the deaths of US citizens, the officer was told to relieve Ham of his command, to avoid this eventuality.

In the event, four US citizens were killed, by a group which Obama and Clinton referred to as not a group of demonstrators, but a trained terrorist group, whom had used the cover of the “silly little film” to kill the Ambassador.

During one of the televised debates, Romney suggested that Obama had not referred to the incident as a terrorist attack. Obama insisted that he had. There is a film of what he said at the time, and it is not too clear what he did say.

So what are we to make of all this nonsense? Well first the film. A mystery man allegedly produced, what was called a “trailer” for a forthcoming film. Yet there is not a sign of the film. The Reverend Terry Jones was connected. He is the man with book burning fever, whom was once upon a time with US Special Ops.

Most of the demonstrations started long after the film had first been posted on YouTube. This was when somebody translated the dialogue, just to make sure that Muslims got the message. In short it was a set-up.

The Presidential Election is due any day now, “If the Lord is willing and the storm allows.” During the run-up to a November Election, the sitting President and his team, are eager for what has become known as an “October Surprise,” that is an event which will grant an opportunity to display the Governments initiative and resolve to solve the “problem” in a manner pleasing to the electorate.

It is therefore, clearly possible, that Ambassador Stevens, was presented as a kidnap victim, whom could be dramatically saved from certain death, which is why the event was being surveyed by drones and the army ordered to stand down. Sadly something along the way went wrong. It is not clear what that could have been, however there is always danger, when men  are carrying out a task which involves bombs and bullets.

It is however very clear, that the US Government was involved in some sort of chicanery, which led to the death of the Ambassador and his team.

3 responses

  1. Don

    Nixon released the Watergate Tapes with an 18 minute gap. By contrast, Obama released the Benghazi E-mails with a 2,880 minute gap. If this man survives to serve a full term then America, if not the world is fast asleep. I have an odd feeling there will be an assassination attempt on him. I don’t base this on any prior knowledge of course it’s just a feeling I get.

    Just as Tony Blair was elected to great fanfare to sweep away ‘Tory sleaze’ America’s first black president was swept into office with similar aspirations. Both men in reality went on to run the most corrupt administrations in history.

    What’s left for Obama now he’s been rumbled? An assassination would serve to bolster support for the policies he fronts, which are of course not his. His death would simply be one more case of collateral damage as was the ambassador in Benghazi.


    May 17, 2013 at 14:27

  2. Don

    Aha! I read all new posts but hadn’t read this far back 🙂


    January 9, 2013 at 21:55

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