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The Elusive Paedophile Member Of A Past Prime Ministers Cabinet.

Take a look at a photo of Margaret Thatchers Cabinet and I bet you pick out the same suspicious looking character as I have. No not that one.

           An awful lot of people must have thought that Savile would never die.

Could someone please put a name to this face Its on the tip of my tongue, it’s..it’s.. Go on help me out.

We were supplied with copies of court documents…there was an order made for the book of photos to be destroyed.

So Messham’s photos of alleged abuse…were destroyed?

They were. Well that’s what’s in court papers – official documents.”

That could have been vital evidence?It could. Yes.”I


This was in response to a question concerning the photographs, which were presented to the abused children, in order to identify those whom had abused them. The guilty were certainly selected by the children. The cousin of Lord McAlpine was presented to Meesham as that of Lord McAlpine,  after this the photographs were apparently destroyed.

We are now expected to accept, that a dead member of the McAlpine family whom was not arrested by the police, was the abuser in question, while his cousin can threaten libel action to prevent further investigation.

One way or another we are being prevented from digging out the truth of the sordid behaviour of the “Toffs.” We have not even been given access to the two photographs, which were involved in the Police deception.

Jimmie McAlpine was not alone in the North Wales child abuse scandal, why did it take a just a few words from one of the victims, to spur the police into presenting another photograph? Why would it have occurred to them that there may have been a confusion, if they had not been party to the deception in the first place?

It has recently become apparent, that the police will destroy or tamper with evidence to pervert the course of justice, in any investigation in which “Toffs,” are implicated, all of this present carry on  sounds just a little bit fishy, showing a remarkable resemblance to the massive cover-up of the Blair governments behaviour in the Dunblane Massacre.

I have removed one of the photographs which was posted here, because there appears to be some doubt as to which member of the McAlpine family was indeed involved in a serious case of paedophilia. I will be looking into this and will update as soon as possible.

It would appear that the real question ought to be, was there anybody whom was not a paedophile in the Government of Margaret Thatcher?

This trio earns their place on the roster of filth, because they are not simply paedophiles but aggressively so. Around this bunch there is even talk of the killing children, in search of some sort of sadistic pleasure.

Many excuses have been offered, to afford some sort of acceptability to this form of sexual perversion, it has been claimed that an insight into the mechanism of the universe can be found, through the inspiration which comes from the shock of seeing the sudden, bloody death of a child. This inspiration can include the gaining of arcane knowledge which can unlock the hidden mysteries of science. Yeh right!

The strange look on David Cameron’s face in Parliament, when he was confronted with the statement of Tom Watson, concerning a paedophile ring in Downing Street, was most likely provoked, by the recent decision to recall a member of a “previous Prime Ministers Cabinet,” whom had been banished to the European Commission after having been questioned by Police, when a half-naked, frightened boy stumbled from the Members home into the arms of the Police.

He is to join the coalition, in an effort to find even more swinging means of robbing the people to pay their friends in the City of London. Cameron must have been having an Andy Coulson moment, thinking “Oh no not again! Can I deny it?”

There were many other Members of the House of Commons and the House of Lords, whom were named in the Ore report, which has been placed out of sight. It included evidence that the Police had known all about Jimmy Savile since at least nineteen-ninety-five.

This is the sorry state of affairs in British Politics and all of it hidden under D Notices. Including an unknown number of killings. What can you expect when you discover that even the Police whom were sent to support the families whose daughters were killed in Soham, were themselves paedophiles. Soon we will be running around shaking people and telling them not to go to sleep, in case they wake up as Nonces.


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  1. Details of the St John ambulance paedophile protection network are here:


    November 11, 2012 at 10:27

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