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This Is Not A Witch-Hunt: There Were No Witches:Paedophiles Are All Around Us.

As the net closes in around them, politicians are starting to manufacture an atmosphere of injustice, in order to turn the heat on to the messenger, giving them time to organise an inter-party resistance to what could be and should be disastrous for numerous, predatory paedophiles in central and local government.

I do not believe that there is a single Member in the Commons, whom does not know whether Gordon Brown is, as alleged, a paedophile. The same thing applies to his colleague, Peter Mandelson, whom a whistle-blower, has already alleged to be a procurer of children for members of the European Commission.

William Hague, the man whom went to such extraordinary lengths to deny his own homosexuality, that it became embarrassing just listening to him, explaining his wife’s miscarriage as proof that he had in fact had sex with her, so how could he be a homosexual? After he had been caught spending the night with his chauffeur.  Hague was the man whom ordered that the names of the men, whom were accused of abuse, in the North Wales abuse scandal,  by the victims, should not be published.  As they have not been during the years since, and none were prosecuted. As is usual in these cases, only the gaolers were gaoled. Hague was a friend of Jimmy Savile, whom was implicated in the North Wales Affair and no doubt of the McAlpine family.

An unknown number of orphans have vanished, from so-called Care Homes, others have told tales of humiliation and torture and gang rape. In Dunblane, sixteen boys and a teacher were gunned down in cold blood. By chance, they were the boys whom had complained of having been rented out to Masonic Lodges for sexual abuse. Several leading politicians not only had connections to the alleged killer, but also to the Masonic Lodge implicated in the abuse. In light of this case, Tony Blair was obliged to demand a one hundred year D Notice to be slapped onto the Enquiry Report, in  order to avert the arrest of half of his War Cabinet, as the illegal war on Iraq approached.

In Kincora in Northern Ireland, Royalty and their Politicians, such as Ted Heath, a paedophile of repute, and the British Security Services, are all alleged to have made use of the boys in the Care Home, for various purposes, including the filming of abuse, which was used to blackmail the abuser. Once again the Toff’s were implicated, the boys were taken to be abused at Birr Castle in Eire, which was owned by the folk whom in earlier times, played out sado-masochistic games to pander to the obscene desires of the Nobility, in the Hellfire Club. Human remains were uncovered in the cellar of the Club.

There were also overtones of Black Magic Rites, which involved the savage Shankhill Butchers, whom had apparently drained the blood from the body of their last victim and accidentally left him alive to relate the tale. Once again only the gaolers were gaoled.

In the Haut de la Garenne case in Jersey, we have both  Jimmy Savile and Ted Heath, on the scene of the crime. Once again we have human remains being dug up all over the site of the Care Home and a hastily hidden dungeon. Prince Charles was a friend of a director of the Haut de la Garenne, as he was of Jimmy Savile and of course he no doubt had rather a lot of contact with Ted Heath.

This is just a brief oversight of some of the antics of those whom rule us. Can this all be dismissed as malicious gossip? What are the heir to the throne and his brother doing in the company of paedophiles? How many Toffs were implicated in Operation Ore? How many police officers and Judges were found with downloaded images of children being abused?

This should not be turned into an issue which the guilty can wriggle out of by claiming it is all just ridiculous allegations. If the names of the abusers are in the hands of the police in readiness for a trial, where is the trial?

It was not the Dunblane killer whom was implicated in the Speculative Society child abuse, it was a group of politicians, why have their names been kept secret? In Kincora it was not the staff of the Care Home, whom had access to Birr Castle, it was Royalty and Politicians.  Why do we not know their identity?

How many serial paedophiles, whom should be on the Sex Abusers Register, are walking amongst vulnerable children, whom should they be abused, will be ignored by the police, when they present their evidence?

The sacking of BBC staff should not be used in “There you are, we’ve taken care of the problem,” effort, as a means of burying the issue. We have already waited decades for other trials, which have never materialised, after, long delayed Enquiries have been used to smother the evidence and the guilty. I get the uncomfortable feeling that the folk whom run the Enquiries, could well be a part of the problem themselves. High Society is riddled with this filth, the people must insist on openness this time.

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  1. Les

    All this reminds me of the Madeleine McCann case. I was willing to give her parents the benefit of the doubt like any fair minded person would. Then I read this article. http://www.cwporter.com/mccann.htm It seems the father is a member and supporter of the Labour party. The alarm bells started ringing when I learned that British prime minister Gordon Brown intervened and put political pressure on the Portuguese police so that the chief detective investigating was transferred off the case.


    November 23, 2012 at 14:47

    • Thanks for that one Les. I have never spent any time looking into the McCann business, but you’re right it is very much like the current business in the UK. The article amazed me, I had always thought that the Portuguese Police were inept, however I have completely changed my mind having read this. What I would now like to know is who else is involved. The Haut de la Garenne affair in Jersey was hushed up in exactly the same way. Ted Heath was the Prime Minister at the time and Prince Charles was floating around. Heath was a well known paedophile. Children vanished on that occasion as well. In fact children vanish on a daily basis in the UK, the new fangled Children’s Court can take children from their parents and hand them over to Foster Parents while the real parents are denied access ever again to their children, so they can not even check to see if they are still alive. By the way, have you watched a clip on YouTube “Americas Nazi Secret?” Take a look and let me know what you make of it.


      November 23, 2012 at 19:49

      • Les

        In relation to the British police and the Madeleine McCann case see http://truthformadeleine.com/2011/05/new-clowns-same-old-circus/ and http://truthformadeleine.com/2012/01/gerrys-tunnel-vision/ The British police are totally corrupt. Take anything they say with a grain of salt.
        John Loftus, author of America’s Nazi Secret, is not a credible writer. He is a zionist propagandist who is not objective or even handed. He supports mandatory holocaust education in schools. All one has to do is watch any of the documentaries at http://codoh.com/library/categories/1167 to see that the public has been lied to about the holocaust. Loftus also supported the lie that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction but at the same time did not condemn Israel for its nuclear weapons.


        November 26, 2012 at 05:48

        • Hello Les. In all the most serious cases of high level paedophilia in the UK, you always have the presence of a Masonic Top Cop in the middle of it.All that is needed to close down the case is low level offender like Gary Glitter or Pete Townsend which gives the Press something to spin and that’s the end of it. I’ve read through a lot of the stuff you pointed me to in the McCann business, but I have found nothing to suggest incest or paedophilia. The Help Maddy fund looks suspect, but that could be because after they found that it worked so well they thought why not make the most of it. With Gordon Brown I’m only too willing to accept that there is something strange in that one but in one of the reports it sounded sinister in another it was if he thought he had to do something because the whole business had become such a huge story. Got go now battery dead. See you.


          November 26, 2012 at 07:19

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