A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The Betrayal Of Islam.

This was after the Cast Lead attack in 2008, when the BBC refused to allow the transmission of an appeal for help.

Just as the Zionists demonised the German people, in their efforts to provoke a major war, using whatever lies were necessary to achieve their aim, which was to destroy Germany, they are now using similar lies in order to destroy the Middle East.

At the end of World War 2, the Jews took control of Germany and they have maintained that control ever since. Eastern Europe was passed into the hands of the Russian Jew,  the true demonic brute of modern times, Joseph Stalin.

Hiding behind the claims of the holocaust, which no serious researcher has in fact ever managed to track down, as some sort of recompense, for all they had suffered, they were given Palestine. Their first act was to ethnically cleanse the country of its indigenous Peoples. This was just after the alleged holocaust was said to have taken place.

We are now watching a brutal and sustained attack, against a tiny, isolated people, whom have been suffering at the hands of an unspeakable mutation of the human race, whom refer to themselves as God’s Chosen People. No God of mine would have so chosen.

While this murderous slaughter is being inflicted onto these impoverished souls, not one Government has had the courage to come to their aid. Not one. There is a lot of talk and that is all.  Where are Al Qaeda? Still working for the Yankee Dollar? Or is it for the Shekel? Whatever, it is not for justice, nor for the Prophet, apart from their own.

There is talk of the Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi, in Egypt, well do not hold your breath, The Brotherhood was set up by the British in the Masonic Lodges of Cairo in the nineteen-twenties of the last century, they are working for the same people as are Al Qaeda. For example, what is so difficult about keeping open the Rafa border crossing? Only Israel wants it to remain closed.

Sadly, Morsi is a puppet. There is a notion that he made an error in accepting a loan from the IMF. That was not an error, he was obliged to take a poisoned loan. That is why he was selected, to break a fundamental obligation in the Koran to refuse the imposition of usury onto the people. He is a blasphemer.

Morsi was in talks with the Bankers in the City of London, as was Al Baredei, before and during the uprising in Egypt, which it was claimed ended Mubarak’s reign. I believe that the initial plan was to place Al Baradei into the role of President, while the Brotherhood took control of the Government. However because of resistance to Al Baradei, the plan was modified. The Army is already under the control of the Pentagon.

Alongside Morsi we have the Arab League. The Royal Families of Arabia. Whom are allegedly Jews one and all. They helped to destroy Gadaffi and are now paying to get rid of Assad, while doing nothing to assist Gaza. So they will arm mercenaries from across the world to take down Arab leaders, while doing nothing to support those whom are attacked by Jews.

What is more they are prepared to give over their facilities to enable the  supporters of Israel, in their efforts to destroy Iran. Perhaps it has not been noticed by those whom believe that the Arab Spring was a success, that despite much bloodshed and death, not one of the Kingdoms has fallen.

Turkey is obliged to make some noise, while faced with such blatant butchery, as that which is being inflicted on Gaza, however the Jew Erdogan will do nothing, Turkey is the token Muslim state in NATO and that is where Erdogan’s loyalty lies. NATO’s mission is to destroy the Islamic World. Soon we will be seeing the Muslim Brotherhood in power all across the region. Turkey is prepared to threaten an attack on Syria, to help Israel, so why not against Israel to help Palestine?

The aim of all the warfare in the Middle East, is to render the entire region uninhabitable. NATO forces have already contaminated the huge fossil underground water reserve in Libya, in order to stop the cultivation of the Sahara Desert. This was of paramount importance to the Globalists, they could not condone large-scale food cultivation which was outside of their control. That would have made their desire to have total control of food production, that much more difficult. They are of course also seeking total control of every drop of water on the planet.

They are at the moment busily spreading their Depleted Uranium across Pakistan,Afghanistan, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen and Somalia, having already contaminated Iraq, Libya and the Balkans. All of these countries are, or soon will be, experiencing catastrophic increases in deformed babies. There is also already evidence of widespread sterility amongst young people.

People in the West have come to accept that their politicians are basically criminals. They work for whomever pays the most baksheesh and care little for the good of the electorate. Muslims must rapidly come to understand that their leaders are no better. Do not be fooled by a religious posture, for example, most of the Jews in Israel are atheistic.

I am beginning to have grave doubts about the leadership in Iran. While being surrounded on all sides by the forces of NATO and while the United Nations is imposing crippling sanctions on to the people, while Israel is daily threatening an attack, in order to destroy Iran’s Nuclear facilities, they are announcing that they are about to start the wholesale vaccination of children, under the guidance of the World Health Organisation, which was set-up for the benefit of Jewish controlled drug companies, and is currently murdering African children on a grand scale. Five minutes on-line would convince even the most hardened of sceptics that vaccines do not work.

They are also, in the face of all the current evidence to the contrary, continuing to broadcast programmes suggesting  that Global Warming is a fact. Does this mean that Iran has signed on to pay Carbon Tax? Are the Ayatollahs seriously going to pay a tax to the Jewish House of Rothschild?

They have a scientific community of their own, which I presume can operate outside of the need of funds from the Central Bankers, have they asked the opinion of these impartial scientists? Mean temperatures have dropped by one degree since the nineteen nineties, this is an enormous reduction, a mini Ice Age is imminent, Carbon Dioxide is not a greenhouse gas.

These certainly are strange days in the Muslim World.

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