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The Only Time The Media Reported The Truth

The reporting of the mainly Jewish controlled Press and Television News, has come under constant criticism in recent times for bias and the misleading of the general public.

The excuses which were fabricated in order to generate a pretext to invade Iraq and Afghanistan, as if it was in retaliation for the 911 attacks, were relentlessly pushed by the media, up to and including the censoring of “News” which had slipped through before the clampdown came into force on 911. This involved correspondents, whom had reported from the Pentagon, that it was clear that no plane had crashed there, being forced to change their story, to suit the establishment lies.

The same Press, in earlier times in the US, mislead the public during the build-up to the war with Japan. When it was clear that Roosevelt was intent on provoking the Japanese into a war, as an excuse for the US to enter into a war with Japan’s ally, Germany, the Press remained silent. Even as Roosevelt was withdrawing the most modern Naval vessels out of Pearl Harbour, leaving only the wrecks to be bombed by the Japanese.

The British had already used the excuse of a treaty with Poland as their reason for the long-planned attack against Germany. Poland was of course later thrown to the wolves by the British and Americans.

The controlled press in the UK, remained silent about the extent of the destruction which was being inflicted on the German people, by the overwhelming power of the “Allies” in every department, air,sea and land. They also carried out a constant barrage of hate against Germans, through the BBC News  broadcasts.

Presently, the Free Press, is failing to explain to the public, the origin and reasons for the debt, with which the entire world is being swamped. They have maintained a total silence on the criminal banking system, by which of course they are owned, while encouraging the theft of the last few coppers which remain in the pockets of the poor, never explaining into the pockets of whom it is being poured.

They are also encouraging the public to believe the lie of Man Made Global Warming. They are busily preparing us all to accept a Carbon Tax, which will do absolutely nothing to change the weather. Our children are being taught to believe that Carbon Dioxide is dangerous for the planet, when in fact no one has ever shown any proof that this is so.

Channel Four in the UK, broadcasted a programme, which suggested that the whole notion of Global Warming was lie. They were immediately attacked as “Deniers” and they quickly disowned the argument of the programme.

Recently in the UK, a huge scandal has emerged, in which the richest and most powerful people in the land would appear to be embroiled, the Jimmy Savile paedophile disclosures. Instead of bringing all of the allegations into the open, the Press is allowing it all to be swept back under the carpet, having sacked a BBC man and arrested a couple of low-level offenders, leaving the rich and famous to carry on, as usual, with their diabolical behaviour.

All of these things have been well-known by members of the media and through the use of judiciously placed editors, have been kept from the public. No matter, everybody knows the Press cannot be trusted, that is except when dealing with one story, Hitler and the Nazi’s. This is the one and only occasion that we have been told the truth. All of the other ones we can pick at and disclose the lies contained therein. However in the case of Hitler, well we can rest assured that the Press was being truthful. There is no need to check the evidence. Just for once we can believe what we have been force-fed for seventy years by this Jewish controlled Press,  can’t we?

Well we had better believe it, otherwise we might find ourselves spending time in a Privatised Prison for a few years.

Recently, I came across a site on-line, which was expressing the views of Atheists.  The lack of evidence of the existence of God and all of the usual stuff, yet at the same time they apparently completely accepted the truthfulness of the German atrocities against the Jews. There appears to be a need for some form of proof of God, while at the same time feeling no need whatsoever to check out their belief in the holocaust. They will dispute the word of the Jewish Bible, but accept the word of the Jewish Press. This  appears on the face of it, to be idiotic and yet it is the position adopted by the Atheists.

There is another position which can be adopted by those whom are not totally convinced by “God” arguments, that of the Agnostic. Which I translate to mean that there is nothing to argue about. As with the theory of Evolution, which is also force-fed to children at school as if it were true.

As far as the crimes of Hitler are concerned, I am not at all convinced that Hitler was any more than a man, whom having fought bravely in the First World War, he won two Iron Crosses, was shocked at what was done to his country after the war.

He watched the Jews, whom had control of the Weimar Republic, debauch Germany and he was determined to put an end to the vision of hell, so adored by the likes of Christopher Isherwood.

The Government of Israel is on record, declaring their intention of ethnically cleansing Palestine of its indigenous people. This appears to be acceptable to every single NATO Government, while at the same time racism is considered to be a crime in Europe, we are now multi-racial Globalists, so why is this not being upheld in Israel?

Why of all the nations on earth is Israel the only country where racism is allowed, without question? Where is the Free Press? Where is the UN? What would the Free Press make of it, should the UK set about deporting all Jews? Why is the press so lacking in criticism of Israel?

In the US, there has been no serious research into the events on 911 and in the UK no investigation of 7-7. Kennedy was buried in haste to hide the evidence of his wounds and the direction from which they came. Oswald was shot by a Jew.

We CTs understand full well why the make-up of the Warren Commission was so selected, and why the enquiry into 911 was not allowed to access all of the available information. One and all are agreed that these events, Kennedy, 911 and 7-7, to name but three, could not have happened in the manner in which they were reported by the Press. Why was there no press investigation?

All of these events dating back to the Second World War, have been “spun,” by the mainstream media. “Spun,” is shorthand for outright lies. They are all placed into the category of “Conspiracy Theories,” which is intended to mean that any notion which deviates from mainstream media’s report, is no more than a Fairy Tale.

That being so, what are we to make of an unreported event, which took place in Germany at the end of WW2? General Eisenhower, a Swedish Jew, whom is on record stating his hatred of Germans, called for the killing of as many of them as possible. He succeeded in wiping out about one million German Prisoners of War, in open air Concentration Camps, in winter, by slowly starving them to death, or from hypothermia. This is quite simply a Crime Against Humanity, it is against the Geneva Convention and it is a War Crime.

Quite apart from this, another nine million Germans were left to die with no food or medical supplies. One could almost compare these events with what is taking place in Palestine. However the comparison is never made. In fact it is almost unknown and when exposed, it does not make much of an impact. The connection of course lies in the fact that both events involve Zionists.

I could ramble on in this manner all week but I hope I have made my point, that there is very little on which we would be prepared to stake our life, in the reporting of the mainstream media, when it concerns the affairs of super-powers.

What I would like to understand more clearly, is why I am forbidden to research the events of the Second World War, because it is considered to be a form of Racism, should anything turn up which calls into question, some of the crimes of which Hitler is accused, when the only country on Earth which is repeating those crimes is Israel, the very country which has accused Hitler, and which organised the lynching of the entire German Government for those very crimes.

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