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UK: In The Grip Of The Big Freeze And The Big Lie.

George Osborne, the Eton Boy, is warning the British people that they can expect the austerity measures to continue until at least Twenty Eighteen. He is also now under pressure to solve the problem of the abnormally early arrival of a glacial Winter, by adding a Carbon Tax, to the already impossible burden of debt, which is bearing down on the shoulders of the tax-payer.

Osborne and his Eton chum, millionaire Dave Cameron, the Jewish Prime Minister of the UK, is constantly blaming the Jewish leader of the Socialist Party, Ed Milliband, for the sorry state in which the previous Socialist administration, had left the country, which had resulted in the need for such drastic measures, in order to “kick-start” the economy.

Boy George, the Jewish Finance Minister, should understand, that the highly unreliable “kick starter” was phased out many years ago. The solution involved quite a small investment in a device which is often referred to as the “starter” or more correctly, The Starting Motor.

Should any of the so-called politicians in the UK, have the slightest intention of “starting” the economy, instead of paying every penny of Income Tax, plus all of the money which is leached from pensions, health and education funds, in order to extract enough money from the pockets of the people, to ensure that the Eton Boy has enough funds to pay for the Champagne of his Public School banking pals, they would instead, use the money economised, to invest in that Starting Motor, by perhaps setting up a few job opportunities for the down-trodden British workers.

The Labour Party, under Blair and Brown, with the full support of the Conservatives, took all of the necessary steps which created the so-called “debt” in the UK.  It is all being blamed on the spend, spend, spend attitude of the people in the glory years when they were given access to cheap credit and an endless number of Credit Cards.

This is all just Chaff, to cover the reality of the gradual decrease in the funds which were available to pay the illegal interest on the British Currency, which while it is in circulation, carries a debt of interest to the Bank of England, which is a private bank, it was never Nationalised.

The slump in taxes, which were needed to finance this interest, declined, due to the fact that there was a shortfall of taxes, as a result of the transfer of British industry, to what have become known as the BRIC countries, creating not only unemployment but also this strange bird which is called a service economy.

Perhaps Osborne and Cameron believe that the British, whom despite being “Dumbed Down,” have failed to notice that all Western countries, from Ireland all the way down to New Zealand, are being put through the same austerity measures, Blair and Brown can hardly be blamed for all of that. This is all being done to order. There is no debt, that is a fraud and no attempts are being made to generate a recovery. Our rulers can afford to allow Europe to wallow in poverty. They have billions of customers for their wares in China, India and other Asian countries. Europe is finished, along with the US.

While being forced to pay an illegal debt to the bankers, the British are being prepared to pay another illegal tax, which they are being told will stop floods and snow and hail and rain and heat and cold. Yes, the full control of the weather can now be accomplished simply by paying Carbon Tax into the private Swiss bank of a chappie called Rothschild.

At the same time the European Union, which of course was designed to provide a European Market, which would shelter us from goods which were manufactured by slaves in the Orient, by restricting the free access of foreign products into the Zone, has been a miserable failure. Free Trade has destroyed tariffs and restrictions and has dealt a death-blow to Europe.

Instead of facing up to this new reality, that the EU does not work and will never work, we are being forced into an even tighter corner by bought and paid for politicians, whom claim to have the best interests of the people at heart. Europe is quite obviously a failure, from which the Peoples of Europe seek an exit. It is being being forced on to us by those whom have been seeking this outcome for the past hundred years and they are not kindly people, during those one hundred years they have carried out the slaughter of many millions of people.

It cannot have passed, unnoticed by the British, that winters are not warmer than in past years. Many must have already decided that those whom speak of a mini Ice-Age, are more likely to be telling the truth, rather than the proven liars whom are presenting the Global Warming/Climate Change tale.

There is a photograph on-line, of a house in Gloucestershire, which has been flooded so many times in the past, that the owners have raised the house on stilts. These floods have nothing to do with climate change, the River Severn has always flooded. As have most rivers in Europe, so why are we being deluged with howls of Climate Change and fear mongering? Could it have anything to do with the Free Press? Most of the Free Press is of course in the hands of Jewish companies, whom are in turn owned by Jewish bankers, whom are in turn owned by the Mystery Men.

Do not under any circumstances take my word for anything, with a computer it is possible to check for yourselves. Speaking for myself, I was amazed at just how many lies have lain dormant in my head for years, I am still in the process of digging them all out. It will soon become clear that we are in fact totally controlled by lies and have been forever. No matter where you look you will find them. Believe me just a little bit, if you are seriously seeking a solution to our current monetary problems, which like the weather come in cycles, forget your received opinion and take a look at Adolf Hitler, he once saved us from the Russian invasion and he could, even in death, save us from our current problems.

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  1. Les

    Gerd Schulze Rhonhof is the author of THE WAR THAT HAD MANY FATHERS a book which has caused a sensation in Germany by showing that Adolf Hitler was not responsible for the outbreak of world war 2 and that he was a level headed and rational leader. The book has been translated into English and is available from Amazon and other online retailers. You can watch a documentary based on THE WAR THAT HAD MANY FATHERS here. http://archive.org/details/HitlersWar-WhatTheHistoriansNeglectToMentiontestVersion


    December 8, 2012 at 02:34

    • Hello Les. What I was actually getting at with Loftus was not about whether he was of any value, it was more to do with a group out of Bristol in the UK, whom are pushing the notion that Martin Bormann escaped at the end of the war, with all of the so-called riches which Hitler had stolen, in order to set up the Bilderberg group, which was the main ingredient in the European Union. I was amazed to find that Bormann not only managed all of that, he also found time to complete a takeover of the CIA, while he was not too occupied taking control of a majority share in every multi-national corporation, making himself and his group of ex SS men the richest investment group on the planet.These people are deadly serious. I have been picking at them for years but there is no chink in their armour. Loftus is coming from the same direction but I do not believe they are connected.


      December 8, 2012 at 16:34

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