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Still Propagating Rubbish, Gorbachev Warns US CItizens.

Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev, the man whom was selected to, “Seamlessly blend the Union of Soviet Socialists Republic, into the Capitalist West,” has casually announced that the United States is about to be subordinated into the One World Government, which they will not control.

In preparation for this event, a rash of strictly controlled gun outrages, are taking place across the US, each one more savage the last one.

Finally we arrive at Connecticut,  where yet another young man, whom at twenty years of age was out of his mind on Prozac, prescribed by a highly paid “dealer” whom offers no better means of recovery, other than the very drug which has been present in virtually every case of mass shootings in the US.

We are now witnessing the massive drive, by the “Free Press” to change the US Constitution and to seize the people’s guns, which are their only means of defending themselves, against the coming destruction of the US, from within. A possibility which was foreseen by the Founding Fathers, whom understood that the people would one day be faced with a new onslaught from the City of London.

However, there will be a stark difference between the experience of the USSR and the USA, the Russian people have seen an improvement, of sorts, in their daily lives, the Americans on the other hand, are being taken down to a level which will be little better than Third World status.

The American people will soon be out in the streets shouting for Gun Control, which is exactly the desired response to the latest horrific shooting, which involved very young children and as usual, a dead killer, which will mean no trial, which may expose the presence of a second shooter in the atrocity, which has already been suggested in the unprepared Press.

The “second shooter” is ubiquitous at these events, he was seen by many witnesses at the recent “Batman” killings, as he was at Fort Hood, the Virginia Tech and Columbine slaughters, what is more he gets about a bit, he was also spotted at the Dunblane Massacre in Scotland and on the rampage with Breivik in Norway, he is always, however written out of the Police Reports.

To cynics, his presence is to ensure the “suicide” of the, normally very young, drugged up killer. In the Colorado attack, on the High Court Judge, which also injured a Congress-woman and killed a little child whom was born on 911, the alleged killer survived,  which has involved a prolonged wait before his trial, giving the Government a chance to fry his brain with chemical medicine and hours of psychological torture,  leaving him incapable of defending himself.

While this manipulation of the people’s beliefs is taking place, through the use of the controlled media, the American people, are paying for the arming of Al Qaeda terrorists in Syria.  The same Al Qaeda which the  controlled press, told them carried out 911. Now they are good Al Qaeda, helping to “free”  the Syrian people from Assad, which is exactly the eventuality which the US government is anxious to avoid at home. Hence, grab the peoples guns rendering them helpless. So much for obligatory State education.

Gorbachev claimed that the Soviet Union had collapsed because of its hegemonic drive to control too much foreign territory, when in fact, he knows full well that the USSR was following a long-planned agenda. As far back as Lenin it had already been decided that the Soviet Union would last no more that seventy years.

He suggested, disingenuously,  that the US was in danger of falling into the same trap, through its current expansionist policy. Gorbachev knows that he was selected to bring to fruition, the exact scenario which he and Yeltsin pulled off in the end days of the USSR, including the passing of all of the resources into the hands of the Rothschild combine.

This is the policy which we are witnessing across Europe at the moment, where the theft of the wealth of sovereign states is being stolen from under the people’s noses, in payment for a non-existent debt to the same cartel, though this theft is called “privatisation.”

The complete brainwashing of the people is nowhere more in evidence, than in the response of the Americans, when they display shock and horror on the one hand, if their children are attacked, while being totally oblivious to the suffering and death, which they are financing against children in Gaza, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and through proxies in Latin America and in Africa.

Of course they are not alone in this selective state of blindness, the British are no different. Even as close to home, as Northern Ireland, where the British maintained their own Gitmo’s, in which they incarcerated and tortured hundreds of young men, whom were never charged  with any offence. The British praised “Our Boys” for saving them from, what was in fact mostly SAS attacks in Britain.

Dave Cameron, made a mealy-mouthed statement in Parliament a few days ago, admitting the British Governments involvement in the cold-blooded murder of Pat Finucane,  a solicitor whom had made a habit of exposing the duplicitous role of the UK government in the terrorism in Northern Ireland.

With the whole-hearted support of the British Free Press, which constantly pointed the finger of guilt at the IRA, concealing the fact that the real carnage was carried out by the SAS and the Royal Ulster Police, with arms and intelligence supplied by MI5. This reality is graphically illustrated by the death and injury statistics during the troubles,showing that almost twice as many Catholics were murdered as were Protestants.

The British  have already released their paid murderers, whom killed Finucane, under the rules of the Good Friday Agreement, which granted amnesty to paid British killers. The Good Friday Agreement itself was signed in  haste, by War Criminal, Tony Blair, in readiness for the Declaration of War against the Muslim Peoples. The crafty British did not want a problem in Ireland, which might make it difficult to declare that the continuing SAS terrorist attacks, were anything other than examples of Muslim terrorism. The SAS even took their terrorism to Iraq, as if the poor innocents over there did not already have enough to cope with.

Of course the aim of all of this carnage across the Muslim world, is to bring them all into line with the Rothschild controlled Central Banking System, which must be achieved before they unleash the catastrophic global financial collapse. They do not want it to become common knowledge that Muslims have a far superior banking system, which is not debt based.

They do not want any repeat of the Hitler Solution, which he performed during the last controlled Depression. By booting out the Jewish contingent in government, closing the Rothschild Central Bank and by the issuance of his own State controlled Currency, Hitler created the German Miracle.

It took the combined forces of the Jewish controlled West to destroy Germany, with of course the assistance of Gorbachev’s predecessor Uncle Joe Stalin, the maniacal monster, whom was in fact destroyed by Hitler and Germany and was bailed out illegally, by the US.  But then that is all part of the hidden history of the World.

Gorbachev, like Putin whom a few days ago in Turkey, made the suggestion that nothing had been learned from the mistakes in Libya, or from the mistakes in Afghanistan, while urging  that the same mistakes should not be made in Syria. From where do these people get the idea that mistakes have been made? Everything is going to plan.

Libya is now under control and its resources and gold stolen.  Egypt is under the control of the US trained Army while the City of London controlled Muslim Brotherhood heads the civil government.  All of the Jewish Royal Families are still in place across the Gulf and in Jordan.  Pakistan is controlled by the most corrupt family of professional politicians on the planet.  Afghanistan is controlled by Karzai, whom lost the election but maintained power,  whom along with his brother is a Drug Baron.  This leaves Iran, which despite all of the rhetoric, the Ayatollah were allowed into office, from their luxury home in France. Which leaves us with Syria, where things are panning out well for the Globalists.

5 responses

  1. Don

    No, I find it quite simple really. One set of slaves are programmed to fight another set of slaves. Those unjustly attacked by our forces quite naturally respond, and brutality between them ensues. Men can be as beasts – or godlike, the choice is theirs.

    The raw materiel (soldiers) are drawn from the general public and propagandised into believing that our enemies exist. The public are subjected to similar propaganda by the MSM and thus support the actions of their loved ones. I have already written to the government asking why the War Department (WD) as it was, was renamed the Department of Defence?

    Psychologically of course it is because it sounds more just, like a weapon that will only be drawn if attacked. The government thus claim the moral high ground before creating ‘attacks’ in the minds of the public. Yet we are not defending ourselves from anyone other than CIA MI6 inspired aggressors.

    The answer is to educate the public by offering them factual information not available through the mainstream media. Sites such as yours do this, which is why Levenson is currently squawking for internet control in addition to control of the press.

    The greatest weapon is the use of intellect. The magician’s secrets must be revealed to the audience, but just as in that scenario neither Magician nor audience will thank you for it.

    Take care,


    December 17, 2012 at 12:25

  2. Don

    I follow your posts with interest. I concur with your views on hidden history – including the zionist controlled war on Hitler’s Germany. Much of your analysis regarding current world events also mirrors my own.

    I would ask of you one thing. If possible make reference to supporting evidence when mentioning such things that to the public are hard to accept. SAS involvement in terror on mainland Britain for example. Although our politicians are undoubtedly lacking in any form of morality, in the mind of the general populace such a thing is much harder to believe of our military.

    I am old enough to understand that politics is indeed a vile and dirty business, but the general public have preconceived idea’s on the limits our political masters are prepared to go in order to fulfil their mission. After all, they are supposedly our representatives.

    Eyes need opening, and supporting evidence may well help in opening them.


    December 16, 2012 at 15:52

    • Thank you for your comment Don. I agree with you that proof positive would be useful, but I don’t think we are ever going to get that from the British French or US governments. For example I have been saying for a long time that Al Qaeda was a tool of the CIA. That has been shown to be absolutely true. They are still working together in Syria as they did in Libya and before that in Afghanistan against the Russians. From that I conclude that other events for which the US held Al Qaeda responsible, were inside jobs. The USS Cole attack for example. I can draw no other conclusion. The same thing holds with events in the UK. The 7-7 attack is a perfect example. Ian Blair, within minutes let it slip out that the guilty were four young lads from the North of England. There was no thorough investigation as to where he had found this information. Why was the controller of the exercise which had been taking place not forced to reveal by whom he had been paid? All of this is discussed in 7-7 Ripple Effect. This atrocity was treated in exactly the same way as was the B’ham pub bombings, for which the six men whom had been gaoled, were later shown to be innocent. There was and has never been an investigation to find the real culprits. Should the lads whom were shot dead in Docklands on 7-7 have lived, do you not feel that they too might have been found innocent after having spent a few years in prison? But to find a link to a site on-line where conclusive proof might be found is another matter. It was as much as Cameron could do to be extremely sorry thirty years later, over the Pat Finucane murder, another SAS MI5 op. The McGuire Family is another example of the same routine. No culprit has ever been arrested. Only today William Hague was asked about the evidence he had received that Assad was preparing chemical weapons. He could not say what that evidence was or where it had come from, that is how far Hague is prepared to go to fulfil his mission. In Ireland the British were guilty of the Bloody Sunday atrocity and the two bombs in Dublin which killed and maimed dozens of people, that incident bore all of the hallmarks, which are now said to represent an Al Qaeda attack. It took forty years for the Bloody Sunday verdict and nearly the same length of time for the result of the Irish governments inquiry, on both counts the British were guilty. So there you go a short note to say that a lot of events are easily found and are quite well known, others like 7-7 in mainland Britain are considered to be conspiracy theories and these can be accessed quite easily on-line, but they are not proof positive. See ya.


      December 16, 2012 at 17:30

      • Don

        Thank you for the reply, I understand the difficulty of the burden of proof. Perhaps a better way of putting it then might be to say it was done by the ‘British secret services’ rather than stipulate a highly respected regiment.

        It’s like calling James Dean a Homosexual.. In the 1950’s he was a heart throb to millions of women – and admired by men, but secretly gay. To reveal this the public would have rejected it as untrue simply because they don’t want it to be true.

        The mindset of the general public still think in terms of good guys and bad guys, and while they are willing to accept that MI5 or MI6 ‘Secret service’ agents could be behind such nefarious actions, they recoil from the idea that our troops are.

        This is simply because our troops consist of son’s of the general public who fight and die as mere pawns in the globalist game, whereas the secret service recruits it’s people from the top elite schools. Those type of people are viewed by the public as individuals far more adept at sneaking around and committing political crimes without conscience.

        Your message is correct, but the delivery needs to take into account the programmed mental ‘gag reflexes’ of the masses. Keep up the good work.



        December 16, 2012 at 22:01

        • I agree in general with everything you say, however this idea of soldiers being sons and husbands is fine while they are fighting in defence of their country, but the UK or US have not been involved in any war since 1066, where there was any real threat of invasion. The wars were all of a corporate nature. Strangely just after I made the last reply to you, I was listening to a report on the radio about a doctor whom was disciplined because he had not taken adequate care of an Iraqi hotel worker, whom was pummelled to a pulp by a group of Squadies, he died from his injuries. They actually made a film of the beating, which was on YouTube. It’s hard to know what to make of life really, don’t you find?


          December 16, 2012 at 22:41

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