A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The Unconscionable Tunnel Vision Of The Self Centred Civilised European.

I wonder if Barak Obama could provide the name of even one of the little children,  whom were brutally liquidated in Gaza, the open air abattoir of Israel,  with weapons which he illegally provided, whether semi-automatic or whatever other type weapon, he would like to ban in the US.

Does he have a thought in his head for the Mothers and Fathers in Afghanistan, or Iraq or indeed of any of the countries, where life is being snuffed out by the likes of Sergeant Bales and his chums or the Grunts whom dismember children for souvenirs of the kill?

Does that unspeakable little fixer for perverts in the UK William Hague, have a thought for the youngsters whom were abused by his friends in Parliament? Does he have a dry tear or two for the sixteen children whom were wiped out in Dunblane, despite a the gun ban in the UK?  Will he be pushing for the releasing of the evidence to force the guilty men from under their stone?

Will those whom are calling for gun bans in the US raise their eyes to heaven in gratitude for the sudden flash of illumination, which has made them feel the pain of the millions of people whom are under the Yankee lash all across the planet and take to the streets screaming “Shame on you USA?”

Will those Jews in Israel, whom have cynically murdered hundreds of children in Palestine and whom are living in stolen homes or on stolen land, take to the streets in anger at what has been done in their name? Or do they take to the streets simply to protest at the drop in their living standards, while the people of Palestine lack the most basic needs of life?

The words of a Father whom, lost a child in the school attack, “Our town has become the centre of the universe, for all the wrong reasons.” is a shameful example of the lack of concern for the anguish of others. In Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, and Afghanistan, Drones are daily delivering a dose of “Smart Death” to innocent families and the carnage is hardly mentioned on the News.

The reaction on Press TV was almost as strident as that of Fox News. They presented a biased version of the statistics as if most of the gun deaths were carried out by deranged loners, when in reality this is not true, most deaths are gang shoot outs or Police killings. These gangs are in many cases black gangs, this is of course, never mentioned as it is considered racist to claim that a killer is black, unlike in the Trayvon Martin saga, where Zimmerman, a man of black origins, was given the role of an honorary white man to suit the event, he was of course called white on the media, which is illegal but ignored.

Press TV was totally callous over events in Libya, where the “No Fly Zone” took the lives of  thousands of children and we were not given the opportunity to hear from their parents and feel their grief and hear their appeals for the disarming of the CIA Mercenaries whom were culling black people, which was suddenly acceptable to those leaders whom now pretend to cry over the death of children, in order to push another agenda. Shame on you all.

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  1. Don

    Once again – links please! Who is Sergeant Bale? What did he do? Don’t presume your audience already knows!

    As for Obama, I watched his disgraceful performance in which he touched the outer limits of his eyes to indicate tears. Can someone tell him that the tear ducts are near the nose, and water cannot run uphill.

    Also see this link. It is not just Obama that is in hock to Israel at the expense of the nation he purports to represent..



    December 18, 2012 at 22:50

    • Hello Don. Just click on his name, it should work.

      As for the link about Cameron, well he is a Jew and behaves like a Jew. We are Goyim and according to Begin, “A million dead Goyim are not worth a Jews toenail” so Cameron is not going to worry too much about attacks against Gaza. It is hard to know if these people behave the way they do out of loyalty to the Jews big plan, or whether it is because we are all being targeted by those Nukes that we hear so much about.


      December 19, 2012 at 08:55

      • Don

        Well I appear to be a stupid Goyim and an infidel Kuffar in equal measure depending on who I speak to.

        I am not blind to the plight of the people in Gaza, nor anywhere else in those Arab states, but public opinion and therefore sympathy is greatly damaged by the idiotic message of people like Anjem Choudrey. One could almost suspect he is a zionist Shill.

        As for the Zionists themselves, well I follow no organised religion but I do believe in evil, and I know it when I see it. ‘From their deeds shall ye know them’ I believe applies.


        December 19, 2012 at 12:46

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