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Press TV, The Voice Of The Voiceless And Censor Of Comments.


I was surprised to hear on Press TV this morning, on their Review of the Year programme, which was reminding us that the media regulator Ofcom had taken them off the air in the UK, because the UK government did not want the British people to have access to the truth.

This claim was being made just a few minutes after I had made a comment on their website, in reply to another comment discussing Turkey’s role in the Middle Eastern conflicts. It was suggested that Erdogan was a puppet of the US and Israel.

My reply to this comment, suggested that Attaturk, the founder of modern Turkey, was a Jew, as was Erdogan and the Prime Minister of the Kurdish region of Northern Iraq.

The Press TV moderator was prepared to allow the suggestion that Attaturk was a Jew, however he baulked at the idea that Erdogan and the current Kurdish Prime Minister were also of Jewish descent. They altered the word Jewish for Zionist, in both cases.

The Voice of the Voiceless, did find a little bit of space for George Galloway, to bellow out his opinion of the censorship, by Ofcom, of Press TV. Galloway, like Press TV, appears to have a problem with the word Jew. He refuses to discuss Banking Problems, “We don’t want to go down that rabbit hole, do we? We know where that will lead.” or “We don’t want to discuss the banking system, that sounds as if it’s verging on anti-Semitism and I don’t even know if Rockefeller is a Jew.”  There had been no mention of Rockefeller.

On another occasion Galloway, the champion of Palestine, suggested that Rothschild had nothing to do with the contents of the Balfour Agreement. However, whether that is true or not, I believe that he did, but no matter. Galloway on an edition of his Press TV programme, The Real Deal, made the remark, “When you need an expert, where do you go? Well to where the experts are.”  That, for Galloway means to Chatham House.

Chatham House is the Headquarters of  The Royal Institute of International Affairs. Which controls the CFR in the US. This group, in past years, included such criminals as Cecil Rhodes, the man whom raped Africa, from top to bottom. It had been originally set-up under the title of The Milner Group, which most certainly included members of the Rothschild family. Lord Milner, helped, Balfour to write his agreement, which led to the destruction of Palestine. So why does Galloway include secret groups, such as this on his show? I find it hard enough to accept the presence of  his long time friend, Charlie Wolf, a rabid supporter of Israel, when it was Jewish interests which took down Press TV.

I do not watch much of Galloway, one of the few remaining people on earth whom believes that a plane hit the Pentagon. He has to believe in this, because should that not be so, it might just mean that it was not the Muslims whom did the deed.  He also, of course, for the same reason, failed to notice Building Seven turning to dust in front of our eyes, twenty minutes late. It is he, whom will not allow the discussion of the banking system, which is strangling us all, in case it might involve Jews, but there you go, he does believe in free speech, thank God.

enocheredin reply to Dave
12/31/2012 7:41:52 AM
Turkey was set up by Attaturk, he was a Jew. Erdogan is a zionist, as is the Kurdish leader who is attempting to annex the oil fields in the north of Iraq. As for the Third World War, make no mistake about it, all of the major players are working together. Neither Russia or China are independent players. . So there is little hope of help from that direction. We are on our own.
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Regin reply to Dave

Well I was not mistaken. I have just made another comment on Press TV and once again it was censored. They removed the line which posed the question,”As for the holocaust, where is the evidence to be found that it ever happened?”

This was in response to a posting on the Press TV site which was titled, “Zionists Carried Out The Holocaust.” The writer was in fact referring to the holocaust against “real Jews” as distinct from Khazar Jews, which has been taking place in Israel, I was referring to the one which is often referred to as the “Holohoax.”

Iran seems to be playing a very strange game. Soon they will be the only country which does not display an element of doubt about the truth of the claims which have been made against the German people.


4 responses

  1. Don

    This relates exactly to the comment I made on a previous post. There are infiltrators in every organisation, handlers placed to steer and control any situation that should arise. No one can be taken at face value.

    Galloway puts himself forward as the representative ‘voice of Islam’ yet that voice goes curiously hoarse when broaching a certain inescapable truth. Similarly the ‘six million’ myth was created to justify the Balfour agreement, and has been insidiously woven into the public consciousness ever since.

    To mention Jewish involvement in any sort of negative activity is immediately to be hailed anti-semitic. Therefore is it that the no Jews can ever do wrong, or is it that that when they do we are forbidden from mentioning it?

    Either situation is impossible to justify.


    December 31, 2012 at 17:34

    • Hello Don. There any number of these so-called “Usual Suspects,” from the Labour Party on Press TV but none more creepy than Galloway. Not one of them raise their voice in the Commons, none of them speak out against the robbery of the banking system nor indeed against the lie of the usefulness of Political Parties in a Democratic system. I have been amazed at the position of Press TV on many issues, particularly during the Libya atrocity, where their English Teams reported nothing more than Black Propaganda.


      December 31, 2012 at 18:33

      • Don

        I once thought in the simplistic terms encouraged by our western media. I was of the opinion that the Islamic world and that of the Zionists were polar opposites, and if each were true to their beliefs never the twain should meet.

        In reality even the house of Saud has links to Zionism, and many supposed Islamic activists take direction from Israel. Others are mere patsy’s, who, by their actions inadvertently further the Zionist cause. It should come as no surprise that treachery abounds in any sphere inhabited by, or related to Zionists and their agents.

        Galloway, just like so many other MP’s can blow his horn when he chooses to, but remains silent when a horn needs to be blown. This type of individual are to be found in all strata of public life, their purpose is to occupy a position that could otherwise fall into the hands of an honest man.


        December 31, 2012 at 18:55

        • I’m of the opinion that all of the so-called Arab Royal Families are Jews. Other than that we can only guess at the hidden motives. I pray that the Iranians are honest and straightforward. However I have real doubts when I find that they are signed up to UNESCO and the WHO and are fully on board for the Global Warming rubbish.and are about to start mass vaccinations. Plus they were used to perform a price hike on petrol here in France.


          December 31, 2012 at 19:41

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