A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

We Are The Umpa Lumpa’s. We Are Fat, Stupid, And Proud Of It.

The American people seem to be blithely unaware, that they are being pushed into the same corner, as were the people of Libya and as are the people of Syria.

Carefully placed spokes-people, all of whom spoke perfect English, were presented as the true voice of their people. All of whom had the apparent desire to be eviscerated by the forces from hell.

Libya has already been destroyed and its leader tortured, dismembered and murdered. The next step is to carve the country into manageable portions and to rob the people, whom they claimed to be helping, of their resources.

The lies against the leadership of Syria are still being manufactured, even as the “Saviours” are, as in Libya, carrying out a nightmare regimen of summary beheading and the murder of those of certain religious groups, in order to strike fear into the hearts of the population.

Thanks to the people of the United States of America and the Loyal British Subjects of Her Majesty’s Government, we are told that 65,000 people have already met a violent death in Syria. While trawling YouTube, in search of a clip, I came across this one,

I am not quite sure what the relevance is between  “Gay” people and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and with presenters like the “Bimbo, whom is going straight to Hell” we are never going to be allowed to find out. However, the subject should have been, “Is the soldier in question, fit to be called a hero?” I would contend, that he is no different from any thug whom is paid to kill.

While most of the men, whom are now destroying the planet, for the benefit of thieves, whom would like to control the world and all it contains, were growing up, these wars were already in progress. When the “Heroes” joined the Marines or whatever, they fully understood that they would be sent overseas to kill brown men. Brown men whom posed no threat to the USA, which makes them accessories to War Crimes.

The Government of the USA and the Constitution which they are pledged to uphold, makes it clear that Military Force should be exercised only in self-defence.  These men are slaughtering, wholesale, all across the globe, not for the benefit of the USA, but for the benefit of greedy men, whom are so rich as to render the meaning of wealth worthless. Yet they need more and more and more, their greed knows no bounds and these “Heroes” are doing their dirty work.

These same greedy thieves desire to take control of the USA. Not the people, they do not give a damn for the people, they have expressed their opinion of the people on many occasions, they will exact onto the people, the same treatment with which they decimated the Christians in Russia after the Revolution.

The same treatment which wiped out five million Irish people, not too long before the Russian Revolution. The same treatment which was meted out to the German people both after the Great War and after the Second World War. The hidden figure for German casualties during and after the Second World War is twenty million souls, raped and tortured to death. All of the German people, were considered responsible for the acts of their government.

Her Majesty’s Government has recently passed a law exonerating the Government thugs in Israel from pursuit in British Courts for the War Crimes of which they are most certainly guilty. The same Government, after the Second World War, passed a bill declaring that only Germany was guilty of War Crimes.

Based on the callous decisions, which were used against the German people after the Second World War, decisions which ignored the reality of the reasons for going to war, reasons which have been expunged from history, reasons which provoke derision, when presented to Englishmen, whom are of course,  pure as the driven snow, these US and NATO troops are War Criminals one and all and are most certainly not dead heroes. That said, where do the American people find themselves?

In Libya, the build-up to an illegal attack, involved sending into Benghazi, a group of killers, whom for purposes of identification, wore yellow safety helmets, this was to make sure that they did not accidentally kill one another. This staged event was organised by British and Israeli agents. It was used as the excuse to impose a lethal “No Fly Zone” over Libya, where no flying objects had been detected.

In Syria, the same agenda was put in place, when the hired killers, whom were mingling with demonstrators opened fire on the security services, provoking a response. From that day to the present, the French and British with the assistance of Turkey, have been relentless in their calls for regime change, which is code for we want our people in control.

In the US the same savagery is being employed. The most recent example being the Sandy Hook killings. Government agents are killing with impunity, sacrifices in the name of expediency. The object of the killings is to generate an excuse to ban guns in the US.

There has been a suffocating amount of garbage spewed on television, concerning the alleged killing of children in Sandy Hook, with the collusion of all of the mainstream News Channels, where the drum is being beaten to build-up support for a gun ban. This flies in the face of all of the evidence on the ground. The whole affair is quite obviously a set-up.

There had been drills at Sandy Hook, along the lines of the eventual “Lone Gunman” attack, which of course ended in suicide, so we are told, we have yet to see the body,  as with all of the “Lone Gunman” suicides.

A recent attack, in which the gunman did not commit suicide, in Arizona, when we were presented with a photograph of the alleged killer, he had his head shaven and bore little resemblance to the earlier photographs which we had been shown. This was the event, which saw the wounding of a Congress Woman, whom has recovered from a shot in the head, without a trace of a scar, in what the medical profession has described as a miracle.

So to wind up this wandering tale, the US has been warned, the opening shots have been fired. The Talking Heads on TV are demanding the banning of guns. As did the Talking Heads in Libya, whom demanded a “No Fly Zone,” and what they got was a nightmare, which is ongoing.

Practically all of the gun crime in the US is gang related. There are more people killed with hammers than with guns. However guns were never intended to be used against your neighbour, they were for use against a tyrannical Government, which is exactly what has taken control of the US. Do not make the same mistake as the Libyan people, if the Government want your guns, be sure it is not because they are concerned for you welfare.

There are large amounts of evidence available, which demonstrate quite clearly that both Sandy Hook and the Arizona attack were frauds. Both of them made use of extras from Central Casting. The same people were present at numerous atrocities.  You will find a couple of links in amongst comments to my posts.

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