A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

What’s Goin’ On?

Is the above video a joke, compiled by a mischievous idiot? Or is there a real message contained in this short film. It has quite clearly been edited, to give a false interpretation of Alex Joneses remark about the “turd in the punchbowl.” I believe that Alex was saying that for a while he had believed that, about David Icke but he had changed his mind,  the end of the sentence was edited out.

Jones is once again under the spotlight, after his, “inspiring,” “commendable,” “deplorable,” “embarrassing,” or “self-defeating,” performance on CNN, with Piers Morgan.

Jeff Rense, appears unable to make up his mind about the interview, however he is clear on his opinion of Jones as a tool of the Jewish hierarchical Bronfman family, however when Gordon Duff, whom is himself  regularly criticised, agreed with his observation about Jones, was preparing to take a blast at Michel Chossudovsky, of Global Research, Rense, whom is detested all across the Alternative Media, if for nothing else, because of his serial marriages, decided to cut him off, as Chossudovsky is a regular guest on his show. Censorship?

Jones, this alleged Jewish, Knight of Malta shill, on his own show, was laying into John Stewart and Comedy Central, asking Stewart, why he did not use his real name, revealing that he too was a Jewish, Wall St., shill.

Republican Broadcasting, is a seething swamp of internal polémique. It contains the foremost bastion of truth, against the accepted tale of the holocaust and they are sure that Hitler was not a Rothschild bastard, while at the same time they now broadcast Rivero, a man of Jewish descent, with traces of the Knights Templar in his ancestry, whom continually mouths totally uninformed garbage about Hitler and the National Socialists and the Knights Templar. He also insists that a Jumbo Jet, went into that tiny hole in the Pentagon. So not much consistency there.

Republican Broadcasting has the benefit of a regular listener called Werner, from Canada, he regularly “calls in,” with cogent comments, always to the point and always interesting, however, instead of treating his calls with the respect which they deserve, he is quite often cut off in mid sentence, as if he knows nothing.

Alternative Television, such as it is, is no better. Russia Today, now broadcasts advertisements, aimed at the UK. Controversial Television seems to have completely run out of ideas. As for Press TV, well sadly, they appear to be nothing more than a tool of the West.

They are preparing the way for what appears to be Mandatory Vaccination for babies and the Smart Identity card, which is so desired by the Western Dictators. They also fully support Global Warming and Agenda 21, plus they are signed on to all of the land grabs of UNESCO.  They are also, as is Russia Today, in total favour of disarming the American people.

I have found all of this nonsense to be so disturbing that it is sowing doubts as to the truth of anything which is available on whichever News outlet.

Where, I might ask, do the people fit into this scenario? What are we to make of all of this information? At the moment we have a strange dichotomy between the Alternative Media and the Mainstream Media about the Sandy Hook shootings.

I have watched dozens of film clips and read dozens of articles, expressing an opinion of the event, which must surely have been part of the research of all other journalists’. That being so, why am I still in search of any morsel of evidence, which might convince me that the event actually happened, along with the rest of the Alternative Media, while the likes of CNN and Anderson Cooper are conducting interviews with giggling, grieving parents and not being just a little bit taken aback, at this display of apparent lack of suffering.

While reading the remarks of local people, whom were asked their opinion on the future of the school, whether it should be demolished, presumably before the interior can be shown to have suffered no damage, not one of those at the meeting, had suffered the loss of a child in the event.

There has been no explanation as to why the dead children did not figure in school photographs.  There has been no investigation into the Soto family, whom I believe were involved in another shooting event, a long way from Sandy Hook, in which one of them was “killed” and yet is apparently alive and well enough to mourn, with a smile on her face, the “death” of her sister.

With all of this available evidence to investigate, the “gun banners” are just carrying on as if we all believe the nonsense which we have been fed, which as is usual, will not stand up to scrutiny.

I cannot even bring myself to believe that Adam Lanza is a genuine person. I do not believe that his mother, whom the school nurse, with a claimed fifteen years service at the school, described as a caring person and a wonderful addition to the school staff, has ever been to Sandy Hook, she most certainly did not work at the school.

I am convinced that this charade, is going to be written into history, as was 911, as if it were true. When in reality, everything with which we have been presented, is a farce, it is simply a film of a drill, with actors from a firm which supplies actors, to lend realism to this form of drill.

Today I have been distracted, not only by this pack of lies, but also by trying to get my head around the Al Qaeda farce, where we love them in Syria and Libya. Hate them in Pakistan and Afghanistan and now we must come to terms with, hateful Al Qaeda in Mali, whom are armed with weapons donated by good Al Qaeda in Libya, whom were in turn armed by the French illegally, whom are now bombing these “rebels” whom are armed by themselves, that is by the French Connection in Libya. There must be some form of logic in all of this, even though it is not too evident.

While we are still trying to tease out the lies, which we have been told about World War Two, here they are, those whom have the power to write our history, filling our heads with more guff. Today, instead of trying to clear my head of all of this incomprehensible nonsense, I had the intention of writing about another atrocity, which has been given little exposure but it will have to wait for another day.

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  1. Don

    I just see Jesse Ventura as a straight talking guy. Alex Jones is the hypocrite who invites Icke on to his show.

    Icke is exposing the Rothschilds/Satanist connection so the Jewish Anti-defamation league recently tried to silence him. If anything he has said was untrue I’m sure the Rothschilds could afford to sue him. Alex Jones set Ventura on him to discredit him, so now you know who Alex Jones’ paymasters are.

    As for the open posts of yours. Have no doubt that they already know of you. And me, and all others who oppose them. The very act of posting our views on-line is enough. We will already be on those so called Red or Blue lists, our fate already decided. This is freedom 2013 style.

    You may be the next Jochen Peiper!

    Tell us again oh E.U. how Fascism was defeated in Europe!


    January 17, 2013 at 19:50

    • The strange thing about the Ventura clip, it was posted by Len Horowitz, who uses the alternative media to flog his wares.


      January 17, 2013 at 20:10

  2. Don

    For over forty years I have known the truth about the identity of those who manipulate us into world war with their lies and deceit. Until as recently as four years ago however, I had thought Satanism a small and relatively silly cult. What you will discover (as I now have) is that Luciferians not only exist, but are multitudinous, and have infiltrated the most powerful offices on earth.

    With regard to sandy hook. Take a look at the following page. Scroll down to the ‘Uncle’ photo of this Jewish family of actors, and note how he appears in the background of the photo of a supposed ‘victim’ before the shooting. Also note what he is doing with his hand.


    Is the Satanic sign a coded message to government? Or to other Satanists to indicate who was behind the fraud? Either way the shootings are clearly a fraud, and that photo proves pre-meditation. Masonic, Zionist, Luciferian, NWO.

    All the sandy hook information you will ever need is here: http://fellowshipofminds.wordpress.com/sandy-hook-massacre/

    Having read this there can be no doubt.


    January 17, 2013 at 12:38

    • Hello Don, Thanks for the links. I think I have already posted the clip made by the guy whom spotted the Crisis Actor photos. We have not yet been given the name of even one of the alleged victims. Some six year old whom we are told hid under her dead friends and then came running out, covered in blood into her mothers arms, a tale which was all over the MSM, was simply described as unnamed. We’re already into holocaust territory, did it happen or was it a false flag? When there is no doubt about an event there are no doubts, where doubt exists it’s for a reason.
      As for the Satanic/Luciferian idea, I think like a lot of things, the practitioners know full well it doesn’t work, but with the aid of a drug or two and a bit of fancy footwork an awful lot of fear can be instilled into the weak minded, ,especially if the entertainment involves death. That is the key to everything, once you are known as a ruthless killer, you can impose your will on most people. Money and greed is probably the key to it all. Usury is illegal and it should be outlawed. When bankers are allowed to syphon off all the money generated by the community, without generating anything of value to justify it, and politicians allow this to continue unquestioned, making bankers richer than the country which they serve, money instead of being a simple tool has become a weapon with which enslave us. Have you noticed that there are dozens of sites out there pushing this notion that Hitler and Bormann made their get-a-way with most of their gold, set up dozens of lucrative business deals, took over the CIA and the KGB and now control the world? It’s either that or the Archons and David Icke.


      January 17, 2013 at 14:08

      • Don

        The Nazi gold has long since disappeared into the hands of those who’s avarice for gold is such that they even use the word Gold as part of their surname. There is a pathetic effort to assign Nazi origins to all the current ills that await us today, in order to deflect suspicion from the actual culprits.

        A money seeking book has been released called the grey wolf that promotes this non factual rubbish, and websites are buzzing with total bollocks as a consequence. Anything Nazi themed sells well apparently – so remember: “There’s no business like shoah business”

        Perhaps ‘The Nazi’s’ are also responsible for stealing Ghadaffi’s missing 150 billion personal fortune? It’s gone without trace. No doubt many would believe that too if shown it in print. (especially the Germans)

        In reality the Nazi’s are responsible for putting a man on the moon, for medical, social, and technological advances, and for exposing those that still today haunt us with their vile desires. The ‘usual suspects’ are now at work behind Sandy Hook, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghan, the coming financial collapse, the gun bans, increasing political correctness, and the social engineering of western nations.

        As for David Icke, his speaking of reptilians loses him much credibility among the general public, but the ADL are vehemently opposed to him, which makes me believe he’s hitting at least some of the correct targets.


        January 17, 2013 at 15:55

        • Did you watch the clip where Jesse Ventura ambushes David Icke? To tell you the truth I don’t know who to trust any more. I was amazed to find that somebody opened up 222 of my posts today all different, and it’s only 7.00 pm You can be locked up for certain things down here. It gave me a bit of a shiver. Icke’s reptilian thing is of no importance, that’s as old as the hills goes all the way back to the Sumerian’s. The Nazi thing on the other hand that seems to be on the up and up. There’s more to it than just a diversion. For a while that character Gosling was a sort of lone voice, but now it has been taken up by the Knights of Malta and the Black Pope people. At the same time the alternative people can hardly discuss the weather without blaming Hitler for it. I am getting the feeling that there is an element of fear in it. Maybe the Fuhrer had a son we don’t know about.


          January 17, 2013 at 18:44

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