A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The Increasing Rate Of Distractions Heralds The Arrival Of Something Big.

François Hollande continues his inexcusable support of the French preferred Military Dictatorship in Mali, where he has the moral support of the award-winning liars from Sky News, whom have long months of experience, air-brushing out all traces of collateral damage and emphasising the whole-hearted support of the locals, for the reappearance, on their soil, of the detested Colonialists, whom in past years occupied their Country.

Hollande and his team of “Young Leaders,” whom were educated for just this form of eventuality, in the class-rooms of the French American Foundation,  have simply replaced six “Young Leaders,” of the Sarkozy team, whom received their education, in the same Academy for future (controlled) politicians. This phenomenon is referred to as Continuation Government.

Mali, like many other African Countries, is blessed with an abundance of natural resources, which the vultures in the City of London, through their European Institute of International Affairs, are eager to steal from under the noses of the people of Mali.

While the Jewish/Zionist controlled French Government was occupied with drumming up support for their aggression in Mali, having stretched their resources to the limit, doing their share of the terrorism in Syria and Afghanistan,  where as many as two million people have been slaughtered and the tally is increasing daily, across La Manche, the Jewish/Zionist controlled British Jewish Prime Minister, David Cameron, in response to a whine from a Jewish Member, assured him that British children would continue to have arrant rubbish forced down their throats, concerning a Jewish version of events in the Second World War, while of course they would also be encouraged to believe that the behaviour of the barbaric murderers in Israel is acceptable.

Strange how the mass murdering States of France, The United Kingdom and Israel, continually harp on about the alleged misdeeds of others, while excusing their own. France is even now sheltering the genocidal madmen from Rwanda in France.

The Fabian educated Jewish/Zionist leader of the  Socialists, Ed Milliband, then attempted to get a straight answer out of Cameron, with whom he will soon be spending a luxury holiday in Davos,  concerning his position on the promised Referendum on Europe, Without much success.

Jewish/Zionist, Fabian educated, ex Foreign Minister, gung-ho killer of women and children, Jack Straw, was prompted to ask Cameron, a question about his decision to reduce the strength of the British armed forces.  No doubt worried in case the kill count should drop. Cameron assured him that with the “Drones,” which would soon be available, he could maintain the tally.

Tony Blair, speaking from Davos, Switzerland, when asked his opinion about the need of British involvement in the illegal operation in Mali, explained to us, in very simple terms, how that if those very bad Tuareg, whom have as much right to their ancestral land as do the rest of us, were not wiped out completely, they would form a terrorist Islamic State, which would of course set up terrorist training facilities, from where they would take control of all the surrounding countries in the Maghreb, which would give them a launching pad, from which to invade Europe and then the World.

As for the Referendum on the UK’s position over Europe, he was of the opinion that it was ridiculous waste of time.  When it was put to him that it was necessary to change, somewhat, the construction of the Union, he accepted that it needed changing, however he insisted that the promise of a referendum at the end of it, was mistake. Adam Boulton, a man whom knows all of the right questions, was forbidden to ask the obvious one, “Why was Blair so opposed to giving the people of the UK, what they wanted,which is the right to vote on it?” Could it be because he knows full well, as does Boulton, that like all of the other countries which have held a referendum, the people said NO.

The Jewish/Zionist deputy Prime Minister, was also opposed to a Referendum, because in his opinion, which of course is of no more importance than is yours, it would close off a huge market, to British products and be bad for the economy.

This notion is either indicative of the crass stupidity of Clegg, or an example of the esteem in which he holds the intelligence of the general public.  His Chancellor, Jewish/Zionist George Osborne, is even now preparing to sign yet more Free Trade Agreements. These Agreements were an absolutely vital addition to Globalisation.  Without them how would the European Multi-Nationals, be able to import all of the products which they now manufacture, with slave labour, in Asia, into the European Union?

That being so, to suggest that China can smother Europe with cheap rubbish, which falls apart after ten minutes use,  while not allowing the UK to export into Europe, would be illogical and against the interests of the rest of Europe, whom would be expecting to have the same facility to export to the UK and to whomever else was on board with Free Trade.

The truth of The European Union, is that it is now superfluous. In reality it was always, a means of creating a Communist controlled Central Government, which would, incrementally, take control of every European Country. This is still their aim, however, it has become clear, that it is no longer a so-called Internal Market, which excluded goods from non-members or imposed tariffs making foreign products too expensive.

It has in fact become the opposite, European Industry has been largely installed overseas and the floodgates have been quite deliberately opened to the importation of all types of products into Europe. It is hard to find anything which was not Made in China.  This has destroyed European economies, one after the other.

So instead of our Leaders instead of talking garbage about re-arranging certain Treaties with Europe, are they not advising us to get out now, before it is too late. Europe, has left us all in a state of collapse. To suggest that cosmetic changes would deliver a more competitive model, which would regain for us, the place which we once occupied in the world, is a joke and a lie.  We were destroyed by design. Why do you imagine that our leaders paid, with our money, all of our basic industries to install in Asia?  They are now working at full power, they are safe and they can now sit back and watch Europe descend into hell.

The UK now has a National Debt of One Trillion, One Hundred Billion Pounds. How can that be? That is a joke. To whom is this vast sum of money owed? Whom, while all the Banks are broke and need bailing out, has the funds to make this level of investment into the UK?

The US has a National Debt of Sixteen Trillion Dollars, half of which is owed to China. It is quite clear that China must have a similar deal with the US as does Saudi Arabia, whereby money which the US spends in China, must be spent in return in the US by buying the US debt, with Saudi Arabia, they are obliged to buy weapons.

There are rumours flying around that China is insisting that Obama disarms the US Citizens, in order to create a safe environment for the Chinese, whom will soon be arriving in the US, by the tens of thousands, to strip out the natural resources, in  return for the debt. It is a fact that most of the US oil production is shipped off to China to be refined. The US has restricted the construction of refineries in the US.

When the debt of the rest of the world’s broken economies, is added to the enormous debt of the US, it is clear that the whole business is a fraud. This debt was manufactured by design. The perfect example is Iceland, they checked the bankers books and sure enough, the debt was a fraud.

Our politicians checked nothing, they knew that there was no point, they were part of the scheme. Most of them are paedophiles. Why do you suppose that there have been so many warnings to child abusers?   We are approaching the end of the line. The French, British and US governments are showing slight signs of discontent, in the US, even the Generals received a warning. A big name is being prepared for the slaughter, it could be anyone, they are all implicated.


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  1. “..Nothing is as we were told it to be. That is the problem. ..”

    It is only a problem if when we choose to rely on PEOPLE for our info. That is where Dr Wood’s work is different. She presents only evidence, not beliefs or theories. It doesn’t matter what people tell us… the evidence speaks for itself. Even Dr Wood is irrelevant, when compared to the evidence she presents.

    When you really KNOW a truth and someone else denies it you know they are a fraud. If everyone read her book they would all KNOW the truth about 9/11 and they would know that anyone who denies this truth (this evidence) is a fraud. And so they wouldn’t have to waste anymore time or energy taking them seriously.

    All the ‘truth movement’ stuff is designed to make it seem more complicated and ‘fuzzy’ than it really is. It’s almost ‘disappointingly’ simple.

    The world is currently like a giant tug-of-war with the general population at one end and the ‘power elite’ at the other end. At this stage in the game it is absolutely essential that we all pull as hard as we can if we are to stop them from enslaving us!

    We MUST all pull together as one!

    Of course I am lying, they WANT us to pull against them……. in reality, the ONLY revolution which will achieve anything positive is when everyone says “Sod this!” and we all let go of the rope and walk away LOL 😉


    January 26, 2013 at 23:04

    • They gave us democracy because it was a trap. That is the plainest of things and one would imagine that the evidence of that is obvious to any one with a brain. So why do people still believe that it is a fair system and continue to put up with it. When governments are elected with less than twenty five per cent of the vote. The rest stay at home knowing that it makes no difference who gets in. If you can’t make people see the stupidity of that, how do you think you are going to get those people, most of whom are trapped in big cities, to walk away from it all? If it were possible millions would do it. The other obvious thing that they don’t understand, they believe it to be normal that a few people own all of the land. They cannot even conceive of having their own patch large enough to live on and if it were made possible, most of them would be too lazy to take advantage of the possibility. The controllers know full well we are controlled by the sheeple whom love Socialism and their free rent and Social Security. But all is not lost, you can do it, I did, it’s not that hard. I’ve been off grid as they say for some thirty years. It’s all happening out here even in the UK its possible to find friendly farmers who will allow you set to up in a quite corner somewhere on the farm, by a babbling brook will do nicely.


      January 27, 2013 at 22:14

  2. There is no point trying to point fingers at the establishment in the hope of ‘turning things around’. This system must be allowed to drown in its own excrement.

    What’s needed is something which simultaneously exposes ALL of it for what it is (lies, deceit, psychopathy and corruption) while offering the public a paradigm changing/ civilisation changing solution which is (a) so positive for humanity it is irresistible to everyone (b) so incredible it inspires us all (c) so completely practical and concrete we can take steps to achieve it in real life (not some idea of a ‘spiritual awakening’ or ‘consciousness shift’).

    Here is some information which fulfils all of the above criteria. If everyone learned of this information tomorrow the power structure of the world would lose all credibility and support within a week.



    January 25, 2013 at 20:55

    • Believe me, the aim of all bloggers is to write the script which will change the world. Judy Wood is trying hard to convince people that 911 was carried out with a secret weapon of some sort. If that is true she will never be allowed to prove it, because of National Security or some such piece of crap.Her thesis has been well aired for some time but like Building 7 nobody seems to care. Those like us don’t need Judy Wood because we are already on her side, so talking to us will get her nowhere. Unfortunately we are in the hands of the sheep. That’s democracy. Thanks for the comment.


      January 25, 2013 at 22:00

      • “..If that is true she will never be allowed to prove it, because of National Security or some such piece of crap..”

        But she HAS proved it. The evidence proves it. It has been proved 🙂

        The whole (fake) ‘9/11 truth movement’ has trained everybody to think that ‘truth’ is a matter of speculation, theory and belief……. and that this kind of ‘truth’ only becomes valid (ie useful) after some authority is forced to tell us that what we believed all along to be true is indeed true.

        This is a load of nonsense.

        The evidence IS what happened. And we don’t need to rely on theories (belief) when we have evidence. And in the case of 9/11, there is more than enough evidence to show (not speculate) what happened.

        And what happened is, in itself, proof of that the technology required to achieve what happened must exist.

        You’re absolutely right that we will never get an admission from ‘authority’ but that is how it SHOULD be. It is far more powerful and valuable for the public to wake up to the truth (AKA the evidence) and then to turn around and see the media, governments, experts (and even the leaders of the 9/11 truth movement) are still sticking to their lies.

        That is liberating, not demoralising. Think about it 🙂


        January 25, 2013 at 23:11

        • Nothing is as we were told it to be. That is the problem. We have been lied to all the way down the line. 911 is just another instance of the Big Lie. 911 was carried out to serve a purpose. Part of that purpose was to destroy both the Muslims in the Middle East and Western Culture. Take a close look at the US, to me it is a disaster zone. It has been taken apart from the inside. It is a dead parrot, as they say. But can you make people understand that? They still believe that if you constantly vote for the people who destroyed the US that they will relent and re-build it all again. Believe me things can only get worse, China is coming looking for its money. Do you understand that all the money which they tell you is owed to China is in reality owed to the Central Banking System which has been using China as a means of destroying our economies, in order to put in place the Marxist dream of a world-wide Communist system? If you don’t know already, check out who the Bolsheviks are, then you might understand more clearly, where the threat is really coming from. http://www.saveyourheritage.com


          January 26, 2013 at 07:23

  3. Excellent post


    January 23, 2013 at 20:29

    • Thank you. Did you happen to catch Tony Blair on Sky News. Its hard to believe that he has the gall to keep up the rhetoric for war, after all the things he has already been accused of.


      January 23, 2013 at 20:39

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