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Government Treason And The Systematic Lies And Deception Of The Controlled Free Press.

I am reposting this article, which I wrote back in the days when William Hague, was generating the excuse to start, what he called, a Civil War in Syria, which was in fact an all out attack by Bolshevik Forces, against a non compliant State, funded by the British tax-payer and their American counterparts. 

William Hague did today commit,  what can only be described as treason, in the House of Commons. His version of events in Syria was so far removed from the reality of events on the ground, that he could not possibly have been mistaken, he was deliberately lying through his teeth.

His lies are being used to generate an excuse, which would involve the British people in yet another illegal intervention, in yet another country,  which has posed no threat to the UK, a country which is at the moment under attack by a Mercenary Army, which is being funded by the British Coalition Government, with the collusion of the Socialist Party, which is not only on board with this atrocity but is in fact urging for more haste, in the destruction of the Syrian regime.

Is there no such thing as the rule of law in the UK?  Can politicians simply lie to the people about war, with impunity?  Does the Judiciary have no oversight of the acts of elected Members of Parliament? Who is ordering this frenzy of blood-letting? It is certainly not the “Goons” whom rant “In the House,” so from where do the orders come?

Why is the British Government so determined to create another war zone in the Middle East? There has been no sign of terrorist activity in Syria, all of the paid thugs are coming from those places which are already under Zionist control, Libya, Qatar, Saudi Arabia etc. 

Will the UK be opening its doors to the hundreds of thousands of refugees, which they have created by their thuggish creation of the Syrian problem, or will they simply dump the problem onto the backs of the surrounding States?

One can only assume that The Bank of England is printing the money, necessary to finance all of these arrogant attacks, which the UK is initiating against those States which refuse to obey the dictates of the hidden hand, which is pulling the strings of  flunkies like Hague, while the rest of the Commons is kept in check by the Jewish mob,  Cameron, Clegg, Osborne and Milliband.

Is the next step for the British people to be lied into an attack against Iran? There is no sign of an upturn in the UK economy and there is no sign of any concerted effort to “kick-start,” a recovery, is this because the elected liars in Parliament understand that there is no point, that something else, some major event which will render a recovery unnecessary is fast approaching?

Where does the British Free Press stand in all this deceit? Well as usual they are in full support of  Government lies. Just as during the lies which led to the destruction of Iraq and more recently Libya, when the “Free Press” presented the people with not one word of truth and reality in either case.  

The likes of Sky News and the BBC are now parroting the rubbish, which Hague and other supporters of the Zionist campaign against the Muslim World are propagating.

This same “Free Press” was complicit with the stated aims of International Jewry, which thrust the world into the Second World War, using the exact same lies and deceit against Hitler and Germany, as are now being employed against Syria.

Hague has been consistently suggesting that the horrors which are being inflicted onto the innocent people of Syria, by the same gang of thugs,  which the British employed in Libya, are in fact being carried out by Assad’s regime. He has even claimed that Syrian troops which were ambushed and killed by CIA controlled Al Qaeda, were in fact killed by Assad to prevent them from deserting. The same claim was made against Gadaffi.

These things never change, the BBC and other branches of the media, fully understood that the “Katyn Forest Massacre” was not carried out by Hitler. These twenty thousand Polish Reservists were in fact tortured and killed by the Jewish controlled ghouls from Russia, whom gouged out the eyes and sliced off body parts and crushed the testicles of each and every Reservist.  The truth of this “War Crime” has only recently been admitted.

With the passage of time, it becomes ever more clear that all of the major “Second World War Crimes,” were in fact carried out by the Coalition of Evil, which had been mounted against Germany, while crouching behind the lies and deception of the “free” Jew controlled, Press.

When the German’s arrived in Ukraine, they were appalled at what they found.   The Jewish Bolsheviks had been conducting a Genocide against the Christians, whom were referred to as “Bourgeoisie” whom had to be wiped out, in order to free their land for the use of “The People.”

Evidence of this “Holocaust,” was,  like the Katyn massacre, kept from the people of Europe, in order to continue the lies which were being used against Germany. Needless to say, International Jewry controls an unacceptable chunk of the “Press” which publishes this censored News.

Since the so-called 911 event in New York, we have been deluged with misinformation which suggested that a group of Muslim suicide bombers carried out the attack.   The controlled media was used to continue this unsupported information, ignoring along the way, the fact that at least half of the alleged perpetrators were still alive several years later.

This connivance of the “Free Press” with the murderous policies of unelected  sections of  governments, has led to the slaughter of millions of Muslims, whom were guilty of no crime.  These attacks have been continuous ever since 911 and show no sign of relenting.

To bring this bellicose statement of Hague’s more clearly into focus, would it not be fair to suggest that having been misled into the illegal attacks,  against Iraq and Afghanistan, where no Weapons of Mass Destruction, nor indeed the well documented vast underground establishments and terrorist training camps were  discovered, that the Press would be slightly more circumspect in their presentation of the necessary garbage, which is used to justify murder on a grand scale.

The lack of response to a reasonable question from George Galloway in Parliament, concerning the support of the UK for Al Qaeda in Syria, while fighting them in Mali,  was an indication that the Government is involved in underhanded machinations, in the Middle East, which causes systematic blindness to the daily atrocities of the Jews in Palestine and their apparent lack of understanding,  that to steal occupied land is a crime against humanity. Why am I and others like me, aware of this discrepancy, in the stance of the British hypocrites and yet the Press appear to have not noticed?

Why is the Mainstream Media, not making it clear, that at the moment the British Military is a band of paid killers, working for the benefit of a group of International Bankers and Industrialists, whom are seeking to take control of the worlds resources and the money system, to suit their own private ends. There is nothing taking place which will be of any lasting benefit to the average citizen, his role is to do the killing and to then cover the cost.

The Politicians, whom are freely elected in a Democratic vote, are quite clearly not working for those whom they claim to represent. There is at the moment in the UK, proof positive that there is in fact not a jot of difference between the three main parties.  On petty things of no importance, they introduce a suggestion of difference, the current difference is on the subject of something referred to as “The Bedroom Tax.”  The various wars and wholesale slaughter, in which the British are involved are never questioned and as with Galloway, should it be mentioned, is ignored.


3 responses

  1. Don

    Hague is an Israeli shill, a prominent member of the conservative friends of Israel, and a traitor to the British people. There should be no secret societies, zionist lobby groups, or media based disinformation allowed in a free and open society.


    March 9, 2013 at 15:42

    • Hello there Don. You tell me you’ve been having trouble with your browser, I have been having a nightmare. I recently had a problem with an update from Firefox, Ihad to disinstall it and reload an earlier version from my downloads. I think I may have given them the right to install without asking, big mistake I have just noticed this morning that it has in fact up-dated. Maybe you are having a similar problem.


      March 16, 2013 at 09:55

  2. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    Wow, this is a very strong and passionate piece. I really am not qualified to comment as I’m not that well educated, but also not so in tune with the politics of the world. However, your post is very thought provoking. Cheers.

    (and love listening to the Chamberlain recording… wow.


    March 8, 2013 at 20:44

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