A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The New Religious Fervour And The Albigensian Renaissance.

We are experiencing a resurgence of Papal Power, which has been for the most part centred in Rome. Back in the thirteenth century, it was Rome and Pope Innocent the Third, whom declared a war of extermination against the Cathars in the Languedoc, in the South of France. Declaring that to kill a Cathar was as beneficial as was the killing of a Muslim, for the murdering mercenary, whom carried out the slaughter.

In 1209, the Cistercian Abbot of Cîteaux, whom commanded a Mercenary Army, was asked how one could distinguish a Cathar from a Catholic, the reply was “Kill them all, the Lord will recognise His own.”  In response the people of the Town of Bezier, were slaughtered by the thousand and the town sacked and destroyed.

The barbaric attacks against the Cathars, was probably the first recorded genocide in Europe. It included the systematic execution of the Knights Templar, many years later.

Such was the savagery of the Clergy of the day. It was a Catholic Saint, Dominic, whom condemned the Cathars to slavery and death, because of their refusal to accept the authority of Rome. Another Saint, Ignatius of Loyola, carried out the Spanish Inquisition.

The recently elected Pope Francis, is a Jesuit. Whether it be a conspiracy too far to link Pope Francis to the crimes of the founder of the Jesuits or not, the Jesuits helped to expunge all traces of the Gnostics from history. Most of their documentation was lost in the burning of the Library of Alexandria and it has never been resurrected. Perhaps some small trace remains in the Vatican Vaults, who knows?

Despite all this suppression and slaughter, the ideals and beliefs of the Cathars live on. The proof of their beliefs is present in the character of those, whom through bribery theft and war, have taken control of the main systems of power, including religion, which they are even now transforming, into a belief system which will facilitate the final destruction of the Common People. These are the Archons, to us they are those cold, unfeeling folk, whom have no understanding of love, no sympathy for others, they are no longer referred to in Gnostic terms, as Archon, they are Psychopaths.

However the resurgence in Gnostic beliefs, from where our knowledge of the Archon derives, is the main threat to these “Archon/Psychopaths,” and with a little application, we can find the true “Religious” means of exorcising these contaminants from deep within us.

The teachings of the Gnostics explain, in grim terms, how a form of intelligence, has created a vision of life, which presents a view of the world, which does not correspond with the language, by which it is described.

An Archon, when speaking through the mouth of a controlled being, turns reality on its head, by describing good as bad, in the manner of, for want of a better example, William Hague, while describing himself as a man whom has humanitarianism in his genes and an overwhelming desire to protect innocent people, orders wave, after wave, of aircraft to destroy Libya, killing an unknown number of those innocent people in the process, in order to “Save” them.

He is now in the process of “Saving” the wretched people of Syria, from Assad, while he and NATO are in fact, the real threat to their lives.

The illusions do not end there, the average person is incapable of questioning those beliefs, which have been aggressively implanted in their brain, by those whom would further the aims of the Archon. The biggest lie of the Twentieth Century, must surely be the deception as to the conduct of the Third Reich.

The German people are condemned to accept that they are guilty of actions, of which they have no knowledge, many of which have been shown to be outright lies, because should they be vindicated, the so-called Allies, would be forced to face up to a reality, which would condemn them, as the greatest slaughterers of innocents in the history of Man.  Such is the pressure to maintain the belief in German guilt.

Even the version, with which we have been presented, of the Gospel of Jesus and his belief in The One True God, has been reinterpreted to suit the aims of those whom seek to destroy us. Jesus is most probably a man, whom was himself educated in the Gnostic tradition, which did not insist on such stupidities as the exclusion of women from the affairs of the Community. He extolled the same belief in the simple life, filled with warmth and love as do the Gnostics.

Not the modern “New Age” love, which it is impossible to describe but an unthinking, unforced, natural love, which is a form of respect for one another, and which demonstrates itself through an impulse to help one another, rather than an attempt to gain some form of personal advantage.

This is the way to repulse the advance of the Archon, whose aims will result in the conflagration of the planet.  They cannot stand the idea of kindness and co-operation, their philosophy is one of Ultimate Greed, where all and everything ends up under their control, there will be nothing left for the rest of us.

The reference to some interference in the human spirit, which is spoken of in ancient documents, and which is believed to have formed a part of the original Bible, probably speaks of those whom were called “The Watchers” or indeed “The Annunaki,”  whom most probably made slight changes to our genetic code, which has made us susceptible to a particular form of control.

The Roman Empire, would most certainly have been under the same control as are the current bunch of World Powers, whom are of such hypocritical depth as to be madmen. There does not appear to have ever been a colonial power, which has not decimated the people in the lands which they have stolen. Suggesting the existence of a malignant presence in world events which goes back a long way.

The model for the One World Government, which appears to be the aim of the Psychopaths, is The British Empire, which is most surely the bloodiest of them all. The British, have, are and always will be, prepared to slaughter whomsoever gets in their way. I am of the belief that the control centre of these entities, is the City of London, where an inbred group of Psychopaths, have most certainly, taken a tight grip on the most corrupting influence on humanity, money and the greed of those whom worship at its altar.


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