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The Banking Scam Goes On Unchecked.

The British Tax-man, has proudly announced the prosecution of a group of film-makers, whom had attempted to falsely, reclaim the Value Added Tax, which they had supposedly paid out during the making of a film, which had never been made, plus the false demand for a form of subsidy, which was available to encourage the production of films in the UK.

The Tax-Man warned, that anyone whom made false claims, which would fraudulently rob the British People, by claiming sums of money which they did not deserve, while deliberately avoiding the payment of Tax, would be severely dealt with. He praised the diligence of those Agents, whom had detected a whiff of fraud, in the figures with which they had been presented, and whom had relentlessly pursued the guilty. The guilty were gaoled for an average term of four years.

This was reported, without a trace of irony, on the same day that the Cypriot people, had been told that their savings had been stolen, in order to subsidise two banks, whom were claiming a subsidy, in order to service some unspecified debt, which they claimed was owed to some unspecified organisation, as a result of some unspecified investment, in Financial Derivatives, which had involved what has become known as “Toxic Debt,” which is, in any language, no more than another name for “Fraud.”

The British Tax-Man, has recently allowed the British voter to be robbed by the Bankers, despite the available evidence, from the two States which went to the trouble of investigating the Bankers claims, Iceland and Ecuador, where it was found that the claims had been deliberately generated, through the simple medium, of the purchase of the so-called “Toxic Debt,” from other branches of the same banking group. Both of these States refused to force their people to accept the responsibility of this false debt.Why did the British Tax-Man not smell a rat?

So where was the Tax-Man, when faced with the biggest fraud the world has ever seen?  When the UK, along with Europe and the US, was set-up by the Bankers, whom with the complicity of corrupt Politicians, set about robbing and destroying the lives of their own Peoples.  No need to ask, the Tax-man works for the Bankers,  every cent of Tax, goes into the pockets of the rich. HRMC is simply the Bailiff for the Central Bankers in the UK. That is why the Tax-Man did not smell a rat, he works for the rat.

It was clear from the word go that Cyprus was a test case. The Government announces they are going to “steal” from enough people to cause a riot. Parliament votes against the proposed measure. The Prime Minister creates another vote which will give him the power to do whatever he likes, without the need for another vote. Off he goes to Brussels, where he is interviewed by the Private Bankers.

The European Central Bank and The International Monetary Fund  are both privately owned and The European Commission,  is unelected and is if course controlled by the Central Bankers whom put them in power.

The Cabal will tell the Prime Minister of Cyprus what he is going to do. He may be shown a film clip, which involves himself, a donkey and a young child, who knows? He accepts a list of privatisations, which he is obliged to carry out and instructions as to how he is to force the richest investors in Cyprus, whom are mainly Russian, to hand over their cash, which will be paid directly to the Bankers.

He can then assure the Cypriot people, most of whom are relatively poor, that only rich Russians will be effected, rich Cypriots having been warned of what was coming,  will have made sure that their money was safely deposited in Switzerland.  The people will relax, the Parliament has been neutered and will be able to call foul, as if they are innocent and another criminal act will have been carried out under the eyes of us all and another group of people will have been sold into debt slavery and their most valuable possessions handed over to the Elite, as a form of ransom. Of course things could have been so much worse.

The debate has now moved on. The new Big Question is already being asked: “Which country in the EU will be robbed next?”  The real Big Question ought to be, “How long are the people of Europe going to stand by, watching the destruction of Europe, the theft of their wealth and their total domination by a group of  psychopaths, while still being told that The European Union is their best option, even as one European Country after another is being destroyed under a mountain of debt, which is not of their own making and being forced to repay this mysterious debt?”

The following Big Question, after that should be: “Why is there such secrecy as to the holder of all of this debt, in which these banks are drowning and why has there been no investigation?”  Perhaps Her Majesty’s Tax-Man might be asked to explain his apparent lack of curiosity as to the excuses, which were made by the bankers as to why they would be paying no Tax after announcing that they were broke?

It must surely, by now, be clear that we are all being robbed, nothing is safe, our paltry savings, our pensions, our homes, all are being stolen. Everything we own is being passed into the pockets of the richest people in the world. Why are we condemned to continue down this road? Why are our governments so determined to strip us bare, watch us living in tents, unable to afford even the bare necessities of life, all in the name of paying the Private Bankers.

This is an obscenity. When you add to this mix, the fact that the depression was intentional, a ruse which becomes necessary, when the debt situation has reached saturation point, when it is so enormous it can never be repaid, is the moment when the parasites snap up our possessions at bargain prices. Why do we allow this? Why do we continue to vote for those whom send us to war, for no better reason than to seize other people’s resources, to satisfy the gluttony of the super-rich?  Why do we continue to pander to their sickness?

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