A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

War Criminal, Communist Supporter Of Racist Israel, Milliband, Disapproves Of Fascism?

David Milliband, a man of Khazar origin, from a family of Communists, whom were in support of a series of Dictatorial regimes in Russia, where a deliberate genocide of some sixty-five million Christians, was carried out by a government whom described themselves as Jews, has resigned from his position with Sunderland Football Club, in protest at the hiring of an Italian, whom describes himself as a Fascist.

Milliband, whom has sworn his complete and undying support, for Israel, a State which more than any other, epitomise the description of Fascism, which has been adopted by those whom refer to themselves as Jews, in order to denigrate and obscure the system of Fascism itself, which does not involve any form of Racism or aggression, which is in any way different from the Fascism which is practised in Israel and indeed, Racism and aggression are not an integral part of the system itself, which is simply a system of political management.

Milliband, along with the rest of “New Labour” and indeed most of the Conservative Party, in a manner reminiscent of the lies which were used against Adolf Hitler, as an excuse to destroy Germany, supported illegal wars of terror, which have killed and maimed, millions of innocent civilians.

Having been part of this mass murder and his support for the cynical killers of women and children in Israel  is undiminished as is his support for the ongoing murderous attacks against other Muslim States, this hypocrite, of monumental proportions, has now landed a job for a Jew organisation, which assists refugees, whom are suffering from the effects of war. He refers to this as an opportunity to repay a family debt of gratitude, which is due after his father was obliged to leave Germany.

The British people are upset at the loss of this murderer, to the British Political scene. Such is the mass blindness of the British to the behaviour of their “Democracy” and of their complicity in the blood-letting, which for hundreds of years has been carried out in their name, bringing misery to millions.

When these Democratically elected Dictators come after whatever money you may have in the bank, I hope you fully appreciate and accept, that had the ideas of Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini, been put in place, all of this Austerity and widespread poverty could have been avoided, only Central Bankers would have lost out.

2 responses

  1. Don

    It is true to say that when Germany lost the last world war – fascism won.

    Milliband is part of the creed that perpetuates this fascism against the general populace of all nations. His new position is with a CIA cover organisation that advances the globalist agenda under the pretense of giving aid. You are mistaken however, when you say the British people lament his leaving. The British people consider him an irrelevance, yet another example of cronyism, a duplicitous, fidgeting, twitching, bundle of wind and piss, consequently only those within the small ruling clique consider him a loss.


    April 1, 2013 at 12:19

    • Hello Don. It was someone on the BBC whom said they would miss him dearly and all that nonsense. He should be arrested as soon as he leaves the UK. I thought it was supposed to be Einstein whom set up this job for him. When you say CIA is it them or Mossad? Did you see the article about anonymous revealing the names of 33,000 Mossad spies. I’m trying to get an instant texter thing going I left a note for you a few minutes ago, to see if it works.


      April 1, 2013 at 13:04

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