A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The Footballing Fascist And The Ongoing Deception Of The Poor Old Goy.

Paolo Di Canio, a gifted footballer and now manager of Sunderland Football Club, has excited the British bigots and other opponents of that much vaunted but seldom exercised right of man, the freedom of speech. Di Canio’s decision to open his mouth and utter a word which has been used as an excuse to justify British and American brutality since the end of WW2, could well signal the end of his career in the UK.

The triumvirate of evil, which was victorious in WW2, has been responsible, not only for the estimated death toll of one hundred million whom died a grisly death during the war but also many millions whom were slaughtered in Eisenhower’s concentration camps in Germany and an unknown number of victims in Stalin’s Gulags. These are the criminals, whom have deliberately altered the real meaning of ‘Fascism,’ into something which more or less resembles their own bestial behaviour and not that of the Fascists.

Those whom fought alongside Stalin’s bestial killers during that war, were very soon declaring Communism to be bad and initiated the slaughter of the poor and deprived people of Korea and Vietnam, with the odd million of tons of bombs dropped on Laos and Cambodia for good measure. This was to put a stop to the “Domino Effect,” which meant the creeping scourge of Communism across the entire region. This, after they had enticed Japan into war, giving them the opportunity to drop a couple of Atom Bombs.

The Communism in Russia was installed by agents from the US using funds from Wall St. and it was supported by US aid, all through the so-called Cold War, in the form of millions of tons of wheat, when the system of collective farming failed to provide food for the people.

There is growing evidence that the Chinese Communist Revolution was installed by the same means and by the same people, which is why it has suddenly become the manufacturer for the world. All of this was by design allowing the so-called creep of Communism to continue, while the alleged opponents of Communism the hypocritical US, is now encouraging and accepting its domination of the International manufacture of everything, while they are busy fighting their own paid killers Al Qaeda, in the Muslim World.

So what was it that those really, really, nasty Fascists were doing at that time. Well they were in fact fighting against Communism and its allies in order to preserve the freedoms, which are oft spoken of but which have never actually had a chance to flourish, in a world which has long been under the control of Money and Greed.

There is no evidence of Hitlers alleged crimes. The real war criminals were the Allies. The Fascists were the victims. The Fascists were tortured, raped and murdered by the million. The Allies were unrelenting in their savagery. When the fighting ended, the slaughter continued, there was no mercy for the victims of this unspeakable crime, which was instigated by the same group which had set up Communism in Russia.

The three Fascist leaders, Hitler, Mussolini and Franco, knew exactly what was coming. They had seen what had been done to Russian Christians. Franco managed to protect the Spanish people from a fate akin to that which befell the Peoples of Eastern Europe, which the disgusting Treaty of Yalta, passed into the hands of mass murderer Joseph Stalin, along with hundreds of thousands of those whom had fought against him on Hitler’s side, to be murdered out of hand.

As an exercise in sheer brutality, the Nuremberg Trials, have no equal in civilised history. This was of course a necessary part of the seizure of Palestine. There would be no survivor whom could possibly speak a word of truth, in opposition to all of the hyperbolic claims of German atrocities. Hundreds of men and women were hanged out of hand. Every man amongst them, had had their testicles crushed.

Now after a brief delay, Europe is completely under Communist control and soon the rest of the world will fall under the same yoke. The Politburo’s have already been installed and the old European Communists like Merkel and Borosso have taken their seats at the table. The North American Union is ready to go, to be followed by the Asian Pacific Union, which will include Australia and New Zealand.

Very soon the British people may come to understand what their favourite man of all time, the perverted Sir Winston Churchill meant when he stated that “They had slaughtered the wrong pig.”

In a strange twist of fate, the most bellicose group opposing the hiring of Di Canio, was The National Union of Miners, a group which itself  suffered a touch of brutality at the hands of Margaret Thatcher, whom was no more than a tool of the Communists in Europe, which we were told included the miners leader Arthur Scargill. It gets harder and harder to know whom is doing what to whom, does it not?

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  1. Don

    Do they not understand that a debt based currency system cannot be bailed out by creating more debt based currency with which to pay it? The only way to negate the debt is to instantly cancel it by pressing the same button as was used to instantly create it. The ordinary person understands nothing about finance. Most actually believe that banks loan them money taken from the deposits of others!

    To borrow more will have Spain in hock to the Rothschilds for eternity. Each nation needs to create and print its own currency to replace this parasitic usuary system.


    April 7, 2013 at 17:58

    • Cyprus will not even start to repay their bailout of 15 billion Euros for ten years. The interest is likely to be 6-7 per-cent, this deal will put them in hock forever. I see Hague is promising to keep going to the bitter end to put puppets in place in Syria. You are paying for all this slaughter. They are making sure that the Tories will lose the next election so that the Jews can be replaced by the Bolshevik Jews.


      April 8, 2013 at 08:52

      • Don

        It seems so. I count no politician loyal to Israel as a representative of mine.

        I don’t partake of the political sham any longer. I will not legitimise this one agenda puppet show by voting for them. They are threatening to fine me £1000 for my refusal to register to vote. Let them try what they will I will not validate them. The same with the BBC. I have refused to purchase a license in order to feed their disinfo and propaganda, let alone their paedophile tendencies. I am threatened with imprisonment for not paying for something that aids terrorism by falsely representing the facts. They claim the onus of proof has shifted on me to prove my innocence and that I do not use a tv, rather than on them to prove that I do, or have an intent to. They are turning everything on its head.

        I never visited the former East Germany, but it appears that it has come to visit me. I am currently engaged in a battle with several government departments over various issues, all who claim to hold absolute authority over me, yet none have been given it. Britain has become like Germany and others, an increasingly corrupt authoritarian state. I can’t win, but I will fight to the end nonetheless.


        April 8, 2013 at 09:46

        • Vote for an independent candidate Don. I can’t talk though I never vote either. But I do encourage people to shout as loud as they can the word Jew, at least ten times a day because we must not allow them to frighten into remaining silent.


          April 8, 2013 at 10:26

  2. Don

    Who thought it a good idea to allow members of the hated former East German STAASI into western government yet believe that their methods would not be repeated? Why would anyone forgive many years of fear and oppression at the hands of those people and not instead execute or imprison them?

    The Euro is soon set to collapse, as is the US dollar, bringing chaos to the west. Then we will see the true nature of those that have inveigled their way into public office. In the coming years we can expect no fairer treatment than those at Nuremberg, balls and all.


    April 6, 2013 at 23:16

    • Hello Don. The most ridiculous thing of all, in the recent past, Churchill and Roosevelt and of course Truman, simply handed Eastern Europe into slavery and nobody batted an eyelid. When the Hungarians revolted, nobody came to their aid, unlike Hitler’s little foray into Poland. Did you notice, when Harry Rednapp was asked if he understood what Fascism meant he apologised and said that he didn’t. The smug journalist would have provided him with the false version, with which he himself would have been contaminated.


      April 7, 2013 at 05:12

      • Don

        Harry Rednapp is symptomatic of Britain and western democracies as a whole. Ill informed, semi literate, intellectually stunted, and promoted into wealth beyond imagination. For sixty years there has been an unremitting campaign to associate fascism with Nazism, so much so that not only village idiots like Rednapp don’t understand the difference, but the smug, self satisfied chattering classes don’t either.

        I see global fascism increasing every day, yet nowhere do I see swastika flags flying. As in other areas they have many people fooled, and they will continue the deception until they have passed the point where any harm can come to their agenda, at which time they will throw away any pretense of democracy. Cyprus should be a wake up call to all, yet in Britain Simon Cowell starts another season of the ironically named ‘Britain’s got talent’ next week, so Cyprus and creeping fascism is forgotten.

        I feel angry, sick to my stomach, and disgusted at the apathy of many of my countrymen. I am in a position where I know and understand the Historical truth against the lies we are fed in school, I see the reality as opposed to the MSM false propaganda, and I have witnessed that which is neither spoken of or deemed to exist in the other field we spoke of recently.

        We live in a world of universal deceit, a world where nothing is as it seems and no-one has the full picture. Defined reality has become reality for the many.


        April 7, 2013 at 11:46

        • I find it hard to believe that the masses can not see a scam taking place in front of their eyes. I have yet to be convinced that there is any such thing as a bank which is in debt. It has been a fraud from start to finish. I heard today that banks in Spain are asking for nearly two trillion dollars in bail-outs. This is impossible. Where is the list of people whom are holding the debt? If these banks have paid out that much money for some sort of toxic debt, why are they not taking the people from whom it was purchased to Court? To sell rubbish as gold is a crime, why do they not set about recovering the money, who is running away with all of this loot?


          April 7, 2013 at 16:04

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