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Margaret Thatcher: Laying The Foundation Of The New World Order.

Margaret Thatcher, the first female Prime Minister of the UK, died today, after suffering a stroke.

She must surely be one of the most important players in the cast of characters, whom have been beavering away, to make possible the complete destruction of life as we know it, allowing the installation of the New World Order.

Today we are being fed a stew of how she stood up to the bureaucrats of the European Union, how single-handed she transformed the financial system of the whole world, introducing us to terms such as the Big Bang in the City of London and the Stock Exchange and of course how she and Ronald Reagan, brought down the Soviet Union.

She set about the destruction of the Trade Unions, claiming that they were obsolete and unnecessary, as most workers in the modern world, were making their own binding contracts, with the new breed of employer, whom would be more caring than had been employers in past times. How wrong she was.

She destroyed the coal industry and the life style which had grown up around the pits. No replacement has yet been found, which in any way compares with the closeness and support which these communities gave to one another, when times were hard.

This destruction of the coal-fields has also condemned the UK to import massive amounts of fuel of all sorts, which have replaced the coal which is abundant in the UK, putting the country into the grip of multi-national thugs, whom are forcing the price of energy through the roof and almost out of the reach of the average British family. She described the Miners Union and Arthur Scargill, as revolutionary terrorists on a mission to destroy democracy.

She introduced us to “Privatisation,” claiming that only private companies could deliver the most efficient services, all of which are now some of the most expensive in the world.  Rail, Electricity, Petrol, Water, Gas and soon the Health Services, which have already laid out the route map of the “Pathway to Death” are all failing to deliver affordable products.

When Mikhail Gorbachev, the man whom had been selected to oversee the Soviet Union, blend seamlessly into the Capitalist system, arrived on the scene, Margaret Thatcher announced that “This was a man she could do business with.” Well she was obliged too, this was all part of the “Big Scheme.”

The “Privatisation,” which she had been instructed to install in the UK, was to play a significant role in the transition of the Soviet Union into the mainstream, it was to be the means by which the Rothschild’s could take control of all of the major industries in the USSR, many of which they had been financing since the days of the Revolution.

When Gorbachev, glasnost and perestroika had set the scene for the transition, along came Boris Yeltsin, whom in a drunken stupor watched as the Oligarchs, divided the spoils.

Thanks to Thatcher and her insistence that the Free Market Rules OK, we are now in a situation where the Market has been used to deliberately destroy the whole financial system, allowing the criminal IMF to asset strip all of the Countries which operate under a fraudulent Central Banking System, using the Thatcher model of Privatisation to take control of any industry of value, on which they can lay their hands.

While the poor, for whom Margaret Thatcher did very little, are being robbed, they are still being assured that the rich must be allowed Tax reductions because the rich create jobs, while across Europe we are seeing jobless rates as high as twenty-five per-cent. The jobs which are created by the rich are in China and India and other areas which operate under a system of modern slavery.

Thatcher, like all psychopaths, allowed the “Hunger Strikers” in Northern Ireland to die, rather than accept their Human Right to be charged with an offence and given a fair trial or released from the Internment Camps, which were in fact a forerunner of Guantanamo Bay, apart from the fact that they were on the mainland, allegedly under the Rule of Law.

Having used virtually every cop in the UK to thrash the Miners into submission, Thatcher then thought she could force the Poll Tax down the throats of the British people using the same tactic.  This time she had overstepped the mark and was forced to abandon the Tax, which was installed by stealth at a later date.

Most of the War Criminal UK politicians, whose strings were pulled by the Shadow Government, of which Thatcher spoke so glowingly, claim to be her true heir, adding weight to the idiom, that it makes no difference for whom you vote, the government always wins.

To most people in the UK, it has become perfectly clear that certain Services should always remain in the hands of the people. The Rail System is a perfect example of the reality of the so-called Private/Public partnership, where the taxpayer pays for the most expensive part of the system, the upkeep of the Iron Road, while at the same time paying ticket prices way in excess of the same ticket, in those countries, such as France where the system is still in the hands of the State. The owners, of course, keep the profits.

Thatcher had every intention of Privatising The National Health Service, which will be catastrophic for the poor. The Pathway to Death is not a joke, it is already in operation across the UK, beneath the radar, as they say. The patient whom was forced to make a 999 call to the police, from hospital, where he was dying of dehydration, to get a drink of water, illustrates exactly what is going on in UK hospitals.

Thatcher’s idea that big is better, is a false premise. Big is only good for the money-men. When she spoke of the only way to get things done was outside of the democratic system, she was displaying her true Communist sympathies, to which her term as Prime Minister was used to further the aims of the group intent on installing a Communist New World Order, a task which her chum David Cameron, is continuing under the guise of Communitarianism.

Thatcher it was, whom spotted the young War Criminal William Hague, when he made a ridiculous speech at a Conservative Party Conference, I suppose there must be some form of odour which passes between this type, exposing the alacrity with which they can order the slaughter of innocent women and children with a smug grin on their face.

So all in all, Thatcher’s is a toxic legacy. She created the acceptance of greed as a political philosophy, which has led on to the huge chasm which exists between the working man, whom generates wealth and the speculator, whom robs from the system, while assuring us that to steal money through gambling on the Stock Exchange, is a vital part of the economy, when in fact it donates nothing to the benefit of the economy. It simply inflates the bubbles which will leave the unwary in despair when they are burst.

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