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Just Another Daily Dose Of Crap From Sky News.

The latest war zone for Sky News, is the ongoing war against the BBC. To the delight of the Sky team, the Beeb has been caught out, endangering the lives of a group of students, from the London School of Economics, by using them as cover to film life inside the Peoples Republic of North Korea.

Korea, according to Sky, much like Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan et al, has a repressive, murderous regime, which will kill whomsoever they choose. Unlike the USA or the UK,  where the Rule of Law reigns supreme.

Sky, in their eagerness to condemn the BBC, forgot to mention tiny details of reality, such as the fact that the last time that the US and UK were unleashed in Korea, not too long after they had finished mopping up the blood of German civilians, whom were eagerly slaughtered both in Germany and behind the newly installed “Iron Curtain,”  “Our Boys,” and “GI Joe,” managed to create, in Korea, a Blood Bath, comparable to the twenty million or so Germans whom had died during WW2. One third of the population of North Korea were murdered, which qualifies as a genocide. So let us keep things in proportion.

During their report Sky, ran a film of the unveiling of statues, dedicated to the first two leaders of the Korean Republic, in their usual scathing way, taking a side swipe at the regime which presented itself as supreme. Without a trace of irony, they then went straight into a report about the museum and library, which was to be dedicated to the achievements of Margaret Thatcher.

Should a team of journalists, from Korea, choose to make a clandestine film of  daily life for a large number of the population of the UK, they could soon find those whom are condemned to live in card-board boxes and seek nourishment at Soup Kitchens.

A young British Journalist recently died, while sleeping rough in the UK, while attempting to see just how hard life could be, for  marginalised, homeless people in the UK, without any apparent need of sanctions, such as those imposed against Korea. A fifty-three year-old homeless man, was beaten to death, for fun, by two brothers, whose elder brother was already serving a life sentence for a senseless murder, in the homely United Kingdom.

Korean journalists,  could in fact make a pretty good case, should they continue the investigation into Greece and Spain, concluding that life in Europe is little better than is life in North Korea. They might add, that Israel is making threats against Iran, on a daily basis, without criticism from the same Sky News, which never stops complaining of the stress which is caused by North Korea making the same noises against South Korea.

Stuart Ramsay was once again under-cover, investigating the Cyber War in South Korea, where in his usual hushed, conspiratorial tones, he interviewed the White Hackers, whom are being trained to take on those devilish little chappies from the other side of the Demilitarised Zone, the Black Hackers.

His chum, the award-winning liar, Alex Crawford, is engaged in yet another war, in far away Africa, The War Against the Rhino Poachers. While back home, Sky is reporting the new refugee crisis in Mali, chubby Lisa Holland, the journalist whom it was alleged, passed GPS positions to the Royal Air Force, whom were engaged in enforcing a “No Fly Zone,” which does not appear to have the same meaning in  “Banter” as it does for the rest of us, of the whereabouts of particular targets on the ground in Libya.

Meanwhile, David Cameron, is firing the opening salvo in the War Against Europe. In the manner of “The Iron Lady,” he is attempting to rewrite the EU Treaties. As it was for Margaret Thatcher before him, whom claimed to have reduced the UK contribution to the EU Black Hole, Cameron will find that he will be allowed whatever it is deemed necessary to enable him to claim to the British voter, that he has made a remarkable renegotiation, in their name, which will render a “no vote,” in any referendum, a seriously misguided choice, making the result of the coming rigged election believable.

Sky, in their eagerness to frighten parents into accepting the MMR vaccine for their children, in the areas where there appears to be an outbreak of Measles, warned that “a child could die,” in an immoral form of blackmail, when all studies show, that there is a far greater chance of dying from the vaccine, than there is from Measles. They insisted several time that Andrew Wakefield, the doctor whom had claimed a link between MMR and Autism, had been discredited and struck off the Medical Register and his research shown to be a fraud, without giving an opportunity of a response.

The one doctor whom offered an opinion, that the Health Authorities should make the Measles  vaccine, available and not the triple MMR vaccine, which would allow those parents whom were fearful of the MMR vaccine, the opportunity to vaccinate their children simply against Measles, was shouted down by the Sky Reporter, as being in some way suggesting that there was something to fear in the MMR vaccine.

He replied that he would not speak against the MMR vaccine as to do so would put his livelihood at risk, as it had that of  others whom had spoken out. He finished by suggesting that most doctors had been of the opinion that Measles was a minor illness, which did not merit being vaccinated against. Such is the fear of State reprisals against whistle blowers.

Sky gave no indication as to the number of children, whom had been vaccinated, whom had in fact contracted Measles.

Sky in its relentless campaign to have the BBC privatised, which would cut off its life-blood of the annual Licence Fee, managed to regurgitate all of the recent embarrassments for the BBC, including the Jimmy Savile fiasco, which it has been deemed as permissible to mention but not however, Savile’s connections to Margaret Thatcher.

Very little was reported of the ongoing massacre of the innocents in Pakistan and Afghanistan, where they suffer daily attacks from the Free Killing, US Drones, nor indeed of the continuing demonstrations in Bahrain, from where Sky will soon be transmitting commentary on the Formula One Racing Circus and they made no mention of the latest land grab in Palestine, where “Sweep Head,” Benjamin Netanyahu has announced his intention of building yet more illegal Settlements.

Such is the focus of BBC investigative journalism on the one hand and the avoidance of focus of Sky News on the other hand, no wonder these folk would like to take Press TV off the air.

5 responses

  1. Don

    I can’t defend the BBC.

    The BBC should undoubtedly cease to exist in its current form. The remit for which it claims its license fee funding from the public is no longer provided. Political objectivity is totally absent, it neither educates nor informs. It has also engaged a Stasi like organisation in Capita to visit houses, gain warrants when refused entry, and spy upon British citizens for profit.

    There can be no further pretense that the BBC is still the impartial organisation it once was. Currently staffed chock full of common purpose graduates with company expenses on credit card in addition to their wholly disproportionate salaries. Their main political pundit a closet bisexual and sex tourist, their second a drug addled philandering alcoholic that is now hospitalized through such self abuse. F*** the BBC.


    April 14, 2013 at 20:57

    • I don’t believe that the BBC was ever fair and impartial. They not only lied to the British people in the build up to the last war with Germany and despite having many correspondents, whom broke the news about the sick and dying in the concentration camps, not one of them came forward and denied the Jewish tales which surfaced at Nuremberg. In more recent times they misled the people over Libya, WTC 7, and now Syria, they are a disgrace. but who are Sky News? Should it be left to interested parties like them to call for the destruction of the BBC, will they change their current position of total support for the hoodwinking of the British? Take notice how Sky have latched on to this Justin Bieber nonsense about Anne Frank, everybody has been called on to add their opinion of him claiming that Anne Frank might have been a fan of his should she be around now, as if she is some sort of Diety. Her diary has been shown to be a fraud, which Sky has not mentioned, the same Sky whom were prepared to call Wakefield’s treatise on the MMR vaccine a proven fraud, to suit another agenda. The Anne Frank Diary was written with a Biro apparently long before the Biro was invented. She was not gassed as we are misled to believe, she died from tyhpus, as did many children whom never went near a concentration camp.


      April 15, 2013 at 07:29

      • Don

        These days I operate solely from the standpoint of what furthers my own beliefs. Therefore if it is Sky news that destroys the BBC then I needn’t praise sky news, but would still rejoice in the demise of the BBC. Just as if a virulent disease were to wipe out the British Royal family, I can hardly welcome the disease but still I benefit from its work.

        It’s the same with UKIP. There are few of their policies I would actually choose to support, but their avowed aim to destroy the Marxist EU suits me fine. I would therefore ally myself to UKIP until the EU is broken, after which UKIP themselves would have to be destroyed. That’s realpolitic I’m afraid. Just as I would ally myself to Muslims who privately consider me an infidel dog, if it meant weakening the Israeli global hegemony.

        Studying History has taught me well.


        April 15, 2013 at 13:57

        • I’m right with you Don, use whatever tools come to hand but I would prefer at least one channel on all of the mainstream media outlets, under the control of a publicly elected group whom would allow access to all points of view. Why should we have to pay to be lied to? Unfortunately Muslims will do nothing. They have no united voice and their leaders appear to be even more corruptible than are our leaders. Ukip are a bunch of frauds. They are being used to deflect the anti- Europe vote away from anyone whom may practice what they preach. We will have to take to the streets to take down Europe.


          April 15, 2013 at 15:23

      • Les

        Is the Diary of Anne Frank Genuine? by Robert Faurisson.


        April 15, 2013 at 21:11

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