A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The Truth About The Referendum And The European Union.

 A good proportion of the British Electorate,  could well be feeling just a little bit excited about the gains which have been made on the Political Front by UKip, the Party which is now promising an ‘in-out’ referendum on the UK’s position in the European Union.

They are the third Party to make this promise, a promise which it is already too late to fulfill. All of the leading Politicians, including Nigel Farage, and those others whom have bothered to read the Treaties, which have all been signed in the name of the People, fully understand that the control of the UK has already been delivered into the hidden hands of those, whom from behind the scenes, control the unelected Politburo, which now dictates the affairs of the twenty-seven member States. We are in fact, now under the control of the band of evil, which delivered Russia into the hands of Lenin and Stalin and perhaps the most evil of all Genrikh Grigoryevich Yagoda, a member of Cheka, whom purged Russia of Christians and other White Folk. This band of scum also managed to see to the slaughter of twenty-million Germans and an untold number of other Christians in the Eastern European Countries, which were passed into the hands of Stalin at the end of WW2.

The White race has been under constant attack ever since. The sinister truth is, that in every Western, Christian Country, more people are dying than are being born. This reality is being hidden through the means of immigration. In truth the population of the UK has been reduced by ten million in recent years and yet it carries on growing, which is why there has been no attempt made to curtail immigration.

The United Kingdom has been sold down the river, by politicians of all parties and by the Queen herself, whom has signed all of the Treaties which have made this destruction of the UK possible.

The UK has already been carved into zones, which are designed to destroy the integrity of the UK, which is why the Independence of Scotland is being allowed by the EU, because Scotland no longer exists, it has been lined up to be part of the zone, which includes Norway.

It has already been decided that the Conservatives will lose the election in 2015, so they can promise a referendum on Europe without fear of ever having to allow one.  The Socialists, whom will win the election, have already stated that the have no intention of holding such a referendum.

The normal course of events have now been thrown into disarray, with the unexpected success of UKip, in the recent elections.  Should UKip Politicians be given the quantity of Television exposure, to which they would be entitled, with at least a quarter of the vote, they could well expose the treachery of the three main parties, none of which want to leave the EU and whom have been in league ever since the paedophile Prime Minister, Edward Heath, betrayed the United Kingdom, by lying to the people about the true intentions of the “Common Market.”

All that remains to be done is for the European Commission to announce this reality to the people of Europe.

This list of members of François Hollands Socialist Government has recently been released by Le Figaro:


*(Do not forget that this is the same GODF Lodge which accused The Grand National Lodge of being too close to Sarkozy)

Les Franc-Maçons membres du Grand Orient de France (GODF) dans le gouvernement Hollande / Ayrault

François Hollande, un Président aux ordres du Grand Orient de France (GODF)

 Président de la République

 François Hollande (Président de la République) , franc-maçon membre du Grand Orient de France (GODF) et « Young Leader » de la French American Foundation

 Ministres et Conseillers Franc-Maçons

 Jean-Marc Ayrault (Premier Ministre) : En 2008, maire de Nantes, il fait voter une subvention de 400 000€ destinée à la rénovation et à l’agrandissement du local servant aux réunions de 7 loges maçonniques

 Manuel Valls (Ministre de l’Intérieur), franc-maçon membre du Grand Orient de France (GODF)

Christiane Taubira (Ministre de la Justice), franc-maçonne membre du Grand Orient de France (GODF)

 Pierre Moscovici (Ministre de l’Economie et des Finances), ancien membre de la Ligue Communiste Revolutionnaire et « Young Leader » de la French American Foundation

 Najat Vallaud-Belkacem (Ministre des Droit des Femmes), « Young Leader » de la French American Foundation

 Arnaud Montebourg (Ministre du Redressement Productif), franc-maçon membre du Grand Orient de France (GODF) et « Young Leader » de la French American Foundation

 Michel Sapin (Ministre du Travail), franc-maçon membre du Grand Orient de France (GODF)

Vincent Peillon (Ministre de l’Education Nationale), franc-maçon membre du Grand Orient de France (GODF) et ancien communiste membre du Comité Communistes pour l’Autogestion

Jérome Cahuzac (Ministre du Budget), franc-maçon membre du Grand Orient de France (GODF)

Jean-Yves Le Drian (Ministre de la Défense), franc-maçon membre du Grand Orient de France (GODF)

Stéphane Le Foll (Ministre de l’Agriculture), franc-maçon membre du Grand Orient de France (GODF)

Marylise Lebranchu (ministre de la Réforme de l’État, de la Décentralisation et de la Fonction publique) franc-maçonne et ancienne communiste membre du PCMLF (Parti communiste marxiste-léniniste de France)

 Anne-Marie Escoffier (Ministre déléguée chargée de Décentralisation),franc-maçonne membre du Parti Radical de Gauche et membre de la Grand Loge Féminine de France (GLFF)

 Fleur Pellerin (Ministre Déléguée chargée des Petites et Moyennes Entreprises, de l’Innovation et de l’Economie Numérique), « Young Leader » de la French American Foundation

 Benoît Hamon (Ministre délégué à l’Économie sociale et solidaire et à la Consommation), franc-maçon

 George Pau-Langevin, (Ministre déléguée à la Réussite éducative), franc-maçonne

 Michèle Delaunay (Ministre déléguée aux Personnes âgées et à l’Autonomie), franc-maçonne

 Frédéric Cuvillier (Ministre délégué aux Transports), franc-maçon membre du Grand Orient de France (GODF)

 Marc Mancel ( conseiller de la ministre George Pau-Langevin), franc-maçon membre du Grand Orient de France (GODF)

Christophe Chantepy (directeur de cabinet de Jean-Marc Ayrault), franc-maçon membre du Grand Orient de France (GODF)

Alain Simon (contrôleur général au ministère de l’Economie), franc-maçon membre du Grand Orient de France (GODF)

Alain Vidalies (Ministre en charge des Relation avec le Parlement),franc-maçon membre du Grand Orient de France (GODF)

Aquilino Morelle (conseiller de François Hollande), franc-maçon membre du Grand Orient de France (GODF) et « Young Leader » de la French American Foundation

Cédric Lewandowski (directeur de cabinet de Jérome Cahuzac), franc-maçon membre du Grand Orient de France (GODF)

Victorin Lurel (Ministre délégué en charge de l’Outre-Mer), franc-maçon membre du Grand Orient de France (GODF)Renault Vedel (directeur adjoint de cabinet de Manuel Valls), franc-maçon membre du Grand Orient de France (GODF)Alain Bauer (conseiller officieux de Manuel Valls), franc-maçon ancien Grand Maitre du Grand Orient de France (GODF)Yves Colmou ( conseiller de Manuel Valls), franc-maçon membre du Grand Orient de France (GODF)

 Echantillon des francs-maçons au Sénat et à l’Assemblée nationale ( liste non exhaustive)

Les Franc-Maçons du Sénat

François Rebsamen (président du groupe PS au Sénat), franc-maçon membre du Grand Orient de France (GODF)Jean-Pierre Sueur (sénateur PS du Loiret et Président de la Commissions des lois), franc-maçon membre du Grand Orient de France (GODF)Claude Domeizel (sénateur PS des Alpes-de-Haute-Provence), franc-maçon membre du Grand Orient de France (GODF)Gérard Collomb (sénateur maire de Lyon), franc-maçon membre du Grand Orient de France (GODF)Michèle André (sénatrice PS du Puy-de-Dôme), franc-maçon vice présidente deFraternelle Parlementaire et membre du Droit HumainRobert Navarro (sénateur PS de l’Hérault), franc-maçon membre du Grand Orient de France (GODF)

 Les Franc-Maçons à l’Assemblée Nationale et dans les Colléctivités Locales  

Henri Emmanuelli (député PS des Landes), franc-maçon membre du Grand Orient de France (GODF)

Christian Bataille (député PS du Nord), franc-maçon membre du Grand Orient de France (GODF)

Pascale Crozon (députée PS du Rhône), franc-maçonne vice présidente de la Fraternelle Parlementaire

Pascal Terrasse (député PS de l’Ardèche), franc-maçon membre du Grand Orient de France (GODF)

Oliver Dussopt (député PS de l’Ardèche), franc-maçon membre du Grand Orient de France (GODF)

Brigitte Bourguignon (députée PS du Pas-de-Calais), franc-maçonne

Odiles Saugues (députée PS du Puy-de-Dôme), franc-maçonne

Patrick Menucci (député PS des Bouches du Rhône), franc-maçon membre de la Grande Loge de France (GLDF)

Paul Giacobbi (député PRG de la Haute-Corse), franc-maçon membre de la Grande Loge de France (GLDF)

Jean Le Garrec (ancien ministre PS),franc-maçon président du Cercle Ramadier, membre du Grand Orient de France (GODF)

Philippe Guglielmi (premier secrétaire fédéral du PS de Seine-Saint-Denis), franc-maçon ancien Grand Maitre du Grand Orient de France(GODF)

Jean-Jacques Queyranne (président de la région Rhône Alpes), franc-maçon membre du Grand Orient de France (GODF)

Philippe Foussier (rédacteur en chef de la revue de la Fédération national des élus socialistes et républicains), franc-maçon membre du Grand Orient de France

 Jean Glavany (député PS des Hautes-Pyrénées), franc-maçon membre du Grand Orient de France (GODF)

 Jean-Marie Cambacérès (député PS du Gard), franc-maçon membre du Grand Orient de France (GODF)

 Jean-Michel Baylet (sénateur PRG du Tarn-et-Garonne), franc-maçon membre du Grand Orient de France (GODF)

 Jack Lang, franc-maçon

 Daniel Vaillant (député-maire à Paris), franc-maçon

 Harlem Désir (Premier Secrétaire du Parti Socialiste), franc-maçon membre du Grand Orient de France (GODF

All of the above are Freemasons and many of the are Jews. Sarkozy was Jew and his government included many Jews. François Holland is a Jew, as are many members of his team.

Research into the Political Parties in the UK would deliver a similar result. It is a fair assumption to make, that Freemasonry exerts incredible influence on British politics. During the Dunblane Massacre inquiry, the whole farce was in the hands of the Masons. When they ordered a one-hundred-year secrecy notice, on the findings of the inquiry, they were not only carrying out a cover-up of the alleged involvement of George Robertson and Peter Mandelson and other members of the Cabinet of Tony Blair, but also their own involvement. Masons should not be allowed to investigate themselves any more than should the Police.

The French people, even those whom do not pay too much attention to politics, are feeling just a little uncomfortable, when faced with this reality. It may explain how the Socialist Government of Tony Blair found it so easy to conceal their perversions and how it was possible to conceal the truth about The Dunblane Massacre and The Lockerbie Bombing. Not to mention the fondness of high ranking members of the Scottish Judiciary and Police for sex with young children, without fear of prosecution.

Members of the Blair Cabinet, were allegedly members of a group of paedophiles, which was linked to the Speculative Society, a secretive Masonic Lodge.

see P2 and the Speculative Society

5 responses

  1. Don

    I don’t believe the EU will exist in its current form after 2016. As for the British ruling classes I’m fully aware of their vile sense of entitlement and the dirty tricks they will stoop to to keep it. But the public aren’t. Our aim is to wake them up, point the finger, and bring about change by equating our current ills not to some accident of the financial markets but to the deliberate manipulation of the people.


    May 6, 2013 at 09:31

  2. Don

    As I said before, the best laid plans of mice and jewish men…

    There isn’t the ability to correctly predict every outcome when engineering future events which is why I said that the elite can only work on the presumption of what might happen then manage the outcome.

    For example the so called clash of cultures that enforced multiculturalism was supposed to engender. What if the actual result was that Muslim and Christian’s reached an understanding and united instead against a common foe? Same for engineered opposition parties. UKIP have caught the popular mood which shows that the general public aren’t quite as daft as we think. They know something is rotten in Westminster and Brussels, and are now voting accordingly. I heard Farage say this morning that people were tired of a commons front bench staffed with people who have never had a proper job, and in that he’s right.

    What none of them can predict however, is how many independents may stand in future due to the repeated disillusionment with the political class. The elite manipulate events then control outcomes, hence Farage’s invitation to see Murdoch and the cartel he represents. They will offer greater media support and coverage in exchange for… ?

    They manipulate events but in doing so may actually create for us certain unforseen opportunities, and it is up to us to seize upon them and use them to our advantage. For many years the political class have been playing chess, while the the public played checkers. This is changing, as those of us who are awake are more than able to turn the tables and tactics of the elite against themselves. In certain martial arts you are taught to use your opponents body weight against him and therefore to your own advantage, we need to develop a political equivalent of that strategy.

    One man had just twelve disciples, while more recently another honest man started out in the small back room of an inn with just seven, and yet both went on to throw out the money changers. 😉


    May 5, 2013 at 14:34

    • Well he threw out the money-men but look what happened to his people as a result. But then that is not strictly true either, his country had already become the target before he came along. I’m surprised that you found anything to comment on in that tale. My computer went wild last night, bits and pieces of different posts were flying around all over the place. When I read it back I could hardly make sense of it myself. The French part was for France but it ended up where it did so I left it. Frightening stuff though, is it not? Sarkozy was no different, he is a Mason and he grew up with a top CIA man as his Step-Father. I had a look at the Ben Fellows tale. It would be a little difficult to make a complaint like that stick without corroboration, particularly if Roger Cook did not back him up. Cook is a bit of a prat really, I thought he was a guy who knew what was going on, but after listening to a podcast, of him doing nothing but whinge about being sacked, I changed my mind. Farage will be the same, He was on Alex Jones and he had it all explained to him about the money system and the Central Bank fraud but should push ever become shove, we know where he will be standing.


      May 5, 2013 at 15:25

      • Don

        Farage? I’ve no doubt about that – meet the new boss same as the old boss. But here’s a man that will at least deliver at least some deviation to the plotted course which has to be good for the rest of us.

        The Zionists now want the oil reserves in the caucuses, which is why I believe they framed the two Chechens in Boston. perhaps they will frame a deal with Russia? Give them a free hand in Syria and they will keep out of the Caucuses.

        The thing that interests me is where the powers that be now see their threat as coming from. In America they are shifting the emphasis from external Muslim terrorism in favour of domestic Christian fundamentalists. They are also positioning themselves defensively against the so called Sovereign citizen movement.

        They are fully aware that under common law a sovereign citizen is ruled by consent, and therein lies the chink in their armour. If a popular movement came about to assert our sovereign rights then government would have to either lawfully comply use force to break it – and thus act unlawfully. Once a government has acted unlawfully it has lost its legitimacy, and must drop all pretense of same. It becomes a dictatorship.

        We’re not talking pointless protests here but a movement. One which will grow as word gets around and its principles are explained and understood by the great unwashed. The mass media can and will villify any such movement of course, but how can government possibly maintain its credibility when the truth is told and laid there for all to examine?

        It’s about forcing their hand. They spend billions on media propaganda with which to frame public perception, so they need to be forced into committing acts that will alert or awaken public perception to their real aims. As for what happened to Germany. I can honestly say that given a choice between living a servile existence with vile creatures as our masters, or fighting back thus risking complete destruction, then the latter course is always the most noble. I am very proud of those legions of brave men that went down that route before us, and to simply lie down and take it now would negate all they fought so bitterly for.

        It’s never over till the fat lady sings 🙂 The dishonor lies not in losing the fight, but in never fighting at all.


        May 5, 2013 at 19:21

        • The British Government has never obeyed the law. The war against Iraq was illegal. What they did to Libya and now Syria was illegal. WW2 was a War Crime. Setting up Israel was a travesty. Allowing Israel to carry with its current agenda, while presenting yourself as a Friend of Israel when what your friend is doing is a crime, surely makes you a criminal. The people don’t give a toss, look what has happened to Canada in the last few years, they are on the rack and yet they vote that piece of vermin Harper into power, what is it three times now? The Irish showed us how to do it. It takes a lot of guts, the British are pitiless, when the sun goes down they will cavalry charge school children on a demo. What happened in Ulster is the same model that s used now, the UK plants the bombs and blame the IRA, now they are still planting bombs in Iraq and Syria. Israel is fighting alongside Al Qaeda, which is no surprise, they helped the CIA set up Al Qaeda, but in terms of working alongside the enemy in Syria, has provoked questions by Sky News of all people. Hague said that Israel is entitled to defend itself against a perceived threat, You couldn’t make it up could you? How many Brits watched him say this, without batting an eyelid. I heard a spokesman for Georgia, who is determined to take Georgia into the EU saying that it is Russia who has made all the claims about the Boston Boys being trained in Georgia, he said it was all a false flag. Why would anyone want to join the EU? It’s a death sentence.


          May 5, 2013 at 22:05

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