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Soldier Beheaded:The First Taste Of Life In Syria, Hits The Streets Of London.

In recent years, we have been subjected to nauseating video clips on YouTube, showing images of the mutilation and murder, in the foulest of fashion, of those whom have fallen into the hands of “terrorists.”

Men like Ken Bigley an Englishman in Iraq was beheaded as was Daniel Pearl, an American Journalist in Afghanistan. Sadly the “terrorists,” whom were carrying out these attacks, turned out to be under the control of Western Governments.

In Syria, where the West is carrying out a proxy war, against the regime of Bashar Assad, Al Qaeda, a group which even the BBC has pointed out, in one of its documentaries, is an asset of the CIA, which did not even exist as an entity in its own right but was simply a list of names, which could be called on, when a little touch of terrorism was necessary, is now being openly funded by Israel, the UK, US, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and France, to force the Assad regime out of power, at all cost.

This group of scum, has recently posted film of itself, on-line, throwing people from the roof of high buildings, slaughtering prisoners out of hand, forcing a young lad to chop off the head of a man, lying on the ground, in an attempt to frighten the people of Syria into submission.

The Western bully boys have drenched the streets of the Middle East with blood. They are now trying to provoke, quite deliberately, a religious war, between the various Muslim groups and other religions across the region. They will use whatever tactics are necessary, however foul they may be, to destroy the very fabric of the Muslim world.

Quite suddenly, out of the blue, a couple of young Muslims have delivered a taste of life in the nightmare of the Muslim world, which has been massacred, without pity, on a daily basis, ever since they were blamed for an attack in New York, for which they were not responsible.

A British soldier was beheaded in the London district of Woolwich, in broad daylight. The perpetrators, presented their reasons, for their atrocity, to spectators on the street, explaining that in their lands, they suffered such acts on a daily basis, which were carried out in the name of the West.

They then, showing tremendous courage, waited for the police to  arrive, by whom they were shot down.

There is no adequate comment to make on this act, which is in no way worse, than those acts which were quite clearly carried out by “Our Boys,” in Iraq and Afghanistan, where millions have died in conflicts which were illegally, engaged in by the British.

The British, whom in recent times have been using the strongest of language, against Assad and his regime, which is being blamed for the insurrection in Syria,  have allowed any atrocity to continue, using the foulest of means, in order to get their way, are now howling foul, having brought the same mentality into the lives of their own people.

We are now being faced with the hypocrisy of the British Establishment,  which could put an end to the bloodshed in Syria in an instant, by calling off the paid, psychopathic killers, whom kill at will, with British weapons, men, women and children, while Little Willy Hague, smugly watches it all take place, telling the Syrian People that this slaughter will in their best interest.

Perhaps he should now explain the same thing to the British People, instead of using this event to lock them down into an even more rigid Police State, he could say, that this is good for Democracy, we deserve this, we cannot blame the people whom carried out this attack, fear and murder and the smell of death in the streets of London, will, in the future, after the Civil War, which is on its way, has routed out the malevolent sections of society, the vestiges of the British will be overjoyed with the devastation which has resulted.

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  1. Don

    I don’t think this a false flag at all but something that was inevitable. An event that has been eagerly anticipated by those who will use it for political gain. Within moments of that young man’s death government sources were claiming that these two men were ‘radicalized on the internet’. What proof they had for this wasn’t mentioned. The government will let no crisis go to waste, I see the long expected internet censorship looming?

    This is the same government that are currently promoting the wisdom of exposing five year old children to pornography so as to prepare them for possible online sexual encounters by the way.

    It was the Ismailian Muslims who were known as the original ‘assassins’ and perhaps they, like Israel, could use that technique today to great effect. Our western leaders aren’t great men, nor even brave, they are in the main weak, corrupt, and despicable cowards. In the abstract any concerted campaign of individual assassination attempts held against Politicians or their families would very quickly yield results. To attack our soldiers misunderstands the British psyche, because the soldiers are drawn from the common people, politicians for the most part aren’t.

    There is a disconnect. Kill a politician and the chances are 90% of the British public would shrug it off or think they deserved it, but kill the son of a common man and you have indicated that you are at war with the common people as a whole not merely the politicians. This in Britain has an odd tendency to unite rather than divide, and will be expertly seized upon by the propagandists.


    May 24, 2013 at 16:11

    • Don

      By the way, speaking of false flags. A recent story regarding recent failed terrorist attacks in the US revealed that of 17 attempts ‘foiled’ by the FBI, all 17 were actually fomented by the FBI whilst undercover. It would be a simple matter for MI5 to radicalize a young poorly educated black man to carry out a deed like this. There are no shortage of gullible subjects, and our governments do seem to care so little for ‘collateral damage’ these days when it comes to shaping public opinion.


      May 24, 2013 at 16:18

      • Just like the first attack on the WTC. In the UK 7-7 was a false flag as were a lot of the IRA stunts. This latest could be another out of the same mould.The three countries with the worst record of brutality in recent times are France Great Britain and the USA all of which are controlled by Jews. The other two mass killing states China and Russia are also controlled by the same folk. There really is no reason for us to labour the point.


        May 24, 2013 at 17:37

      • Did you happen to catch the last texto that the murdered soldier sent to his Mum. Talk about prophetic last words,You could not produce a clearer more fitting last message to Mum if you hired Croft and Lloyd to write it for you.


        May 25, 2013 at 07:31

    • Don I live in the town which is the headquarters of The Foreign Legion. When you see the Military up close, you know you are dealing with another mind-set. When my son saw the look in the eye of a Legionnaire Policeman, he was so frightened he ran around me so that he could hold my other hand. Take my word for it these are not heart-warming, lovable people, who light up the room when they walk in. These people would kill their granny for a cigarette. When they are allowed out, they are obliged to wear their uniform and they are under constant surveillance.

      These killers are not defending anyone they are an attack force. Did you see the reaction of the cop on the short clip of the London killing? Talk about psychopath, it was written all over him. I firmly believe that they are seeking psychopaths for all of the “defence” forces. When push comes to shove we are in deep, deep, trouble.

      In the two recent events, Sandy Hook and Boston, I am convinced that nobody died. We have seen no evidence of blood or bullet holes at Sandy Hook and now they are talking about demolishing the school. In Boston, take a look at the explosion, in a instant there were people filming. It was actually a small explosion and there is no sign of injured people, You can clearly see a wheelchair which was already in place. Like Sandy Hook we have been given no access to the families of the dead and injured.

      In London the “killer” waited to be filmed before being “shot” by the police and like the Boston Boys, taken away. So it could well have been a set-up. As with Tamerlan X, he will be buried and we will never know for sure if he ever existed or whether he was just an actor whom was cleverly replaced by a dummy, which the police were very keen to keep onlookers well away from.

      Tell me who do the people around where you are, believe to be responsible for the beheadings and other killings which are taking place daily in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan. I have only one friend who is prepared to blame Israel outright, most of the others believe that Assad Saddam and Gadaffi were bad people and deserved what they got.


      May 24, 2013 at 17:32

      • Don

        If you look at the American special forces, the Israeli special forces, the French legion, the British Para’s, and so on each of them are indoctrinated to believe that they are the best of the best. Their role is to kill efficiently and unquestioningly. Those without the mental capacity for reason are usually the very type of individuals that are attracted to such careers in the first place, after which they are honed to be ruthless and without conscience.

        That they exist is without question. It’s the same in the British Police force which has become increasingly para military in both nature and attitude. Round where I live there is a phenomena where criminals keep vicious dogs which they bait for aggression. They walk the streets with these dogs which have become a in effect weapon, and a weapon they are prepared to unleash.

        Our politicians mirror this practice with their own pit bulls in uniform. As with the common criminals these elected criminals unleash that weapon on those who don’t respond to intimidation. But as with the common criminals their dogs are few and we are many, and If it breathes it can be killed. Not all the combatants are mentally deranged, just the Politicians that deploy them.

        They (America) are now rumored to be producing so called ‘super soldiers’ which are a mixture of anabolic enhancement, psychotropic inducement, and trans-human modification. What sort of mentality can conceive of such a creature? And what sort of life is there left for that individual at aged 40+? They are designed to be expended before then of course, so they are robbed of their humanity, individuality, and for want of a better word their souls.

        How quickly this future is unfolding. A few short years ago both George Orwell and Aldous Huxley were considered mere writers of fiction, now they have become prophets.


        May 24, 2013 at 18:28

        • Stanley Kubrik showed us how the indoctrination works in Full Metal Jacket. When you saw what the effect was on Balleine, I don’t know what he was called in English, there was bound to have been unseen psychological effects on the others as well.Gordon Duff has just published an exposé of the criminal organisations which have taken full control of the whole wide world, it makes horrifying reading.


          May 24, 2013 at 19:04

  2. Don

    I watched this unfold and began to think of those many champions of multiculturalism, this indeed must be their finest hour. A black man with a London accent tells his fellow countrymen to ‘leave our lands’. One can only wonder why such people don’t do likewise?

    The resultant pantomime violence by the EDL was equally feeble in it’s reasoning.

    I’m puzzled that they didn’t target a politician. Killing members of the armed forces to make a political point is surely not as effective as targeting the politicians responsible for supporting these wars for Israel. To behead William Hague for example would have been far superior in value than a single soldier who the British establishment have always been prepared to throw away by the tens of thousands.

    I think it was Kennedy that said all it takes to assassinate someone is for an individual to be willing to trade his life for yours. Despite the security measures that fact has not changed. The actions of a few poorly educated young dupes will never trouble the politicians until it is the politicians and their families that start to do the dying. When Churchill commented during the blitz that ‘We can take it’ the irony was noted that it wasn’t him or his class that were ‘taking’ anything, therefore they wouldn’t be dissuaded from their course of action.


    May 24, 2013 at 12:19

    • Hello Don. The same methods have been used since time immemorial. First you forcibly people from their own country into another, such as Australia, New Zealand or the USA, then you promise the immigrants land of their own, just so long as they can take care of those whom already hold it. The Irish, shamefully, helped the Elite in this pursuit, having suffered from the same thing themselves. Unfortunately they were not bright enough to understand that the likes of Rockefeller and other bankers, would in turn take it from them. Europe has now been primed for exactly the same experience. This time Muslims are being forced from their lands and sprinkled all over Europe. It should be no surprise that acts such as this, will be used to stir up a xenophobic response. It is already being suggested, that the London beheading was a ‘False Flag.’ I am not sure that it is, I am more inclined to ask the question, ‘Why has it not happened a dozen times already?’ I agree that it would have made a stronger statement had it been Hague, however in view of the Sergeant Bale event, when he and his team raped and murdered women and children, virtually without any action being taken against them apart from the usual claim of PTSD or some other excuse for psychopaths behaviour. The British Taxpayer is funding all of the massacres abroad at the moment, and when people like you and me attempt to explain the error their ways, they scoff. No matter how difficult it may be, it must be pointed out to these folk, that “Our Boys” are not ‘over there’ defending the streets oif the UK, they are over there taking care of the Bankers business. They are in fact no different from the paid scum, whom are in Syria, straight after shafting Gadaffi.


      May 24, 2013 at 15:10

  3. Great article, a lot of good points mentioned here. This media focus on Muslims is largely perpetuated by the Zionist-dominated media. My recent article on 9/11 is partially relevant to this, particularly in the latter half, but I think you’ll find it interesting, either way:


    Feel encouraged to share if you agree. Kind regards.


    May 24, 2013 at 08:26

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