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Clearing The Decks On 911. The Hijackers Escape Route.

It is quite clear to those whom have bothered to inquire into the events of 911, that nothing that happened on that fateful day was as it was reported.

From the happen-stance of the attack taking place at exactly the same time as dozens of other “Drills and Exercises,” which were an integral part of the success of the attacks on the World Trade Centre, to the incredible feat of aeronautical expertise, which was displayed by men, none of whom had any experience of flying anything more than a single engined, light-weight training plane.

The waters are muddied, even by the Alternative Media, which assures us that Israel was monitoring the “hijackers,” proving that they knew in advance that the attacks were going to take place.

This is pointed out to prove that the Neo-Cons and Israel were  involved in a carefully planned, “False Flag” event, which would generate an excuse to declare the “War on Terror.”

This is a lame excuse, which will not hold water, if it was either one or the other. Part of the scenario involves the belief that Al Qaeda planned the attack, which was uncovered by the Security Services, who then made use of this plan, by “allowing” it to take place.

Should things have actually unfolded in this manner,  what purpose was being served by monitoring the “hijackers?” Surely the CIA or the FBI would have been taking care of that. There would have been no problem for them in this process as the “hijackers” were being well looked after by the US Military and the FBI, there is irrefutable evidence of this. Plus the fact that the alleged attackers were deliberately given Visas to enter the US.

There is a documentary available on YouTube, called “Zero” in which it is pointed out that most of the alleged “Suicide Bombers” were in fact still alive, the BBC has also presented evidence of this, so how can this be explained? Were those whom were allegedly being watched by Israel, part of an Al Qaeda/Osama Bin Laden financed operation or not?

The notion that this totally confused set of interwoven events, could be transformed into a result, which presented the Elite with a perfectly formed excuse to declare war, on several fronts and the invasion initially of Iraq and Afghanistan, quickly followed up by igniting the whole of the Middle East into a killing zone of endless war, is pretty flimsy.

I have now come to completely dismiss Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden from the operation, I have always had doubts about the truth of this hypothesis. No evidence has ever been produced, linking (I have trouble talking of Al Qaeda as an entity in itself. It is simply a list of hire-able killers working for the CIA.) Al Qaeda to the attack, so there is no need to accept it as truth.

The fact that a passport was found, undamaged, in the remains of the World Trade Centre, was never a convincing piece of ‘proof of presence’  in the plane, which struck the buildings. We have nothing better than the word of the Bush administration that the “Terrorists” had boarded the planes in the first place.

So what in fact happened to the hijackers?  How can it be that the BBC and other News organisations can track them down and find them to be still living, while the might of the CIA, MI6 and Mossad have failed to do the same thing?

Well it could well be, that the answer is staring us in the face.  On the day of 911 all flying was forbidden, to make sure that anything that was airborne, could be considered as a threat. One of the outcomes of this was the discovery of Global Dimming, which was reversed by the prohibition on flying.

We were informed that in fact only one flight had been sanctioned, that was the flight which took the Bin Laden Family, out of harms way, before it was announced that they were implicated in the atrocity, through the action of Osama.

I would suggest that this was a nonsense, this was the flight which was transporting the “Patsy” hijackers back to where they had come from, Saudi Arabia, having served their purpose, both for the Jewish controlled  Gulf States and the Neo-Cons in the US. It all adds up, does it not?

These same Gulf States are still providing and paying Terrorists in order to destroy the Muslim Middle East, making it possible for Israel to spread its form of hatred of all and everyone, across the entire region. Not to forget the control of a huge amount of the worlds oil.




One response

  1. Don

    Ex-CIA now admit they knew beforehand. And also explain why Iraq was invaded as a result. I don’t know how honest this witness is however, so much is spun these days.


    May 24, 2013 at 22:57

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