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How Stupid Are The British And How Callous Is Their Government?

Do the people of Britain, genuinely believe that the death and destruction, which has been wrought in Syria, under the guise of saving the Syrian people from a “Dictator,” by the rancid scum which have been elected to serve the British, can in any way be justified as anything other than a War Crime.

All three of the main Political Parties in the UK have shown themselves to be capable of lying to the electorate and willing to launch aggressive illegal wars against States which have posed no threat whatsoever to Britain and the British people.

When Adolf Hitler was falsely accused of an aggressive attack on Poland, that was excuse enough for the British to slaughter millions of Germans and to completely flatten Germany. Now of course the boot is on the other foot and where are the British hypocrites? Why at Wimbledon.

A commentator on Sky News this morning claimed that today there was no News, only Andy Murray. Eddie Izzard, working for the warmongering United Nations, was in Iraq, checking out the Refugee situation. Hundreds of thousands of people from Syria  have fled there, while refugees are still fleeing Iraq after the British scum and their allies had saved the Iraqi people by destroying both them and their culture.

How much more of this barbaric behaviour can the British people accept? When is enough, enough? The rather nice British people have been dishing this out to weaker people and rejoicing in it for Centuries. They in fact consider themselves to be Great, for behaving in this way, while claiming at the same time, that it is not their fault, it is the government, which they continue to vote into office, which is responsible.

Well you get what you deserve and apparently what Britain deserves is Blood on the Breakfast Table. A daily report from the Front-line. How are “Our Boys” doing.  They are of course the real “victims” of all this slaughter which is taking place. The poor darlings with their PTSD and sore fingers from their trigger happy killing of women and children.

The murder in Syria could be stopped in minutes. All it would take is a decision in the Elected British House of Commons, to call off the Hounds from Hell and it would be over.  But no, that is not what the British want is it? They manipulated Syria into this conflict and they will continue it until the last Syrian is dead. This illustrates perfectly the Greatness of the British and the propensity of the British people to toast themselves with the blood of others.


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  1. Don

    What’s coming to Britain and the US is an inevitable financial collapse. When it does there will be no turning the other way so as not to notice, or watching Pop idol to momentarily distract from the reality. There will be cuts, there will be homelessness, and there will be anger. Their hands will be forced.

    My step son has been denied unemployment benefit recently due to mistakenly signing on on the wrong day after they changed it. For this they removed his entitlement for a month. We have had to pay for his food, electric and utilities, phone etc for the duration. If anything else it happens the benefits are withdrawn for two months I believe, and in that case I will not offer him a penny. I will advise him to shoplift for his food, and default on his utility payments. Should he be caught it gives him a chance to go on record in court as to why he was forced to do so in so called modern Britain.

    That’s just one person. Imagine when tens of thousands do the same. As I said to the jobsworth who sanctioned it at the jobcentre, if in order to survive people must mug others or burgle their homes then that is exactly what will happen, and who do they imagine will be the ones who are mugged and burgled? Well those out at work will most likely be burgled, like jobcentre staff for example .


    July 11, 2013 at 18:48

    • Things are not much better in France. After a short period you are no longer eligible for unemployment money, you are put directly on to a Social payment while you look for work. Younger people normally fall through the sieve and get no help at all. In the South of France there is virtually no productive industry whatsoever so kids with excellent education diplomas are forced to take a part time job, seventeen hours a week in a supermarket or McDonald’s. They get no health care paid for, they are not entitled to holidays and no payments are made for a future pension. This is the future for Europe, the Trade Unions will be sadly missed very soon. The working man has not been so isolated since the days of the Industrial Revolution. Workers greed destroyed the Unions just as greed will very soon destroy the World. Obama has prepared the US for the same treatment with his Obama Care Plot. which is already leading to part time work saving the bosses their share of health care. See you in the Gulag.


      July 11, 2013 at 19:08

      • Don

        It’s inexorable, and inevitable. The entire western world is regressing. Those that deny what is to come by comparing their own threshold of morality with that of those in power will be in for a rude awakening.

        It wasn’t that long ago they had women and children in coal mines, the mill and mine owners who benefit from it were often also MP’s who actively blocked social reform.

        Now we have MP’s who work as consultants for the financial institutions and who help block investigation into their activities. Too big to fail and too big to jail, so where does that leave the rule of law? It has become a sham and a very dangerous game. How must the IRA feel to have fought the British for so long for independence only to be in hock to the Euro banksters? Was that result worth all the years of struggle?

        I now begin to think that Blair’s ‘peace deal’ was nothing more than a ploy to disband and unarm any possible future resistance to the Banksters. Once the Irish people realize that they have been duped there’s nothing they can do about it. Blair also removed our right to hold weapons after the Dunblaine killings which were orchestrated by Scottish rite freemasonry. Weapons are the key, they don’t want the populace to have any chance of redress.


        July 11, 2013 at 19:44

        • Hello Don. The killing business in Northern Ireland was always in the hands of the British SAS. Most of the B Specials worked hand in glove with the Loyalist groups in the evenings. Blair called for the Good Friday Agreement, because he knew that the “Muslim Threat” was coming and he did not want any confusion as to who to blame for the bombs which were still placed by the SAS. He was a perfect piece of………..! Most of the bombs in the UK were SAS. The IRA always gave a warning. In Birmingham there was no warning and no one was arrested apart from the ‘Patsies.’ The IRA had a conscience the SAS did not.


          July 12, 2013 at 07:26

  2. Don

    The British people are willfully ignorant, and the British establishment evil. Even when one attempts to enlighten the British on matters of concern that are directly attributable to their own government, they either refuse to accept the evidence put before them or feign disinterest in order to prevent themselves having to face the truth.

    “The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists” So said J Edgar Hoover, and such is the reaction of the man in the street when faced with the actions of the British state. How many times have I heard the words “Nah, they wouldn’t do THAT!”

    Where the British establishment are concerned then yes I’m afraid they would, they would do anything at all if they saw a profit in it.


    July 11, 2013 at 17:02

    • It has become clear to me Don that we have been missing the point, they do understand what the Government is up to and they simply don’t give a damn. It is as simple as that. If they cared; something would have already been done about it. Today they are out in the street for the funeral of the paid killer drummer, because in that area of Manchester the people are proud of their Military Men, whom have in fact not been involved in any war, during the last hundred years or more, which was in any way in defence of Britain. The British are using tax payers money to train Mercenary Murderers, to destroy Syria and I believe that the average British man sees the Syrians in the same way as they see Pakis’ as a legitimate target.There are sixty million people in the UK if they chose to they could put a stop to anything which they didn’t like. There is a panic going on at the minute because the Egyptians have kicked out their Government, if that takes root it could finish them all off.The whole idea that you elect people who have no intention of carrying out the agenda which they promised but they have the right to stay in office and do what they like for the coming four years, when they can be replaced by another group promising the same thing, is so stupid as to be beyond belief, however in the UK they are already getting restless waiting to vote the Jew lead Labour Party back into office to replace the Jew lead Tories and this is called Democracy.


      July 11, 2013 at 17:43

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