A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Who Are You? I Am Whitey And I Plead Guilty. Hang Me High.

There is no end to the screeching and bawling about Trayvon Martin. The main difference between him and hundreds of other black victims of crime; his killer was white.

While listening to the uproar after the verdict was announced that George Zimmerman was innocent, was beyond belief. Not one of the protesters had witnessed the crime, so they therefore were in no position make any judgement on the rights or wrongs of the events which took place on that night.

For these racists, all that mattered was the fact that Zimmerman was part white. He was of course also part black, so he qualifies to be numbered amongst those, whom like Obama can make a claim of racism over whatever suits. Obama, of course, qualifies because his blackness is more evident than is his whiteness.

The fact that Martin’s death has already been avenged, by two black men, whom attacked a white man whose head they beat to a pulp with a hammer, not too far from where Martin met his end, after aggressively attacking Zimmerman and attempting to do similar things to his skull against a concrete pavement, which was witnessed by people at the scene.

The attack against the white man was ignored by the media. That would be the same media which edited the 911 call which Zimmerman made to the police, in an attempt to make it appear that Zimmerman had racially profiled Martin, which he had not, which the unedited version of the call made clear. This was undoubtedly an attempt to stir up some sort of racial response.

There were other cases of Black on White crime around the time of the Martin incident. A white couple whom were kidnapped by a gang of Blacks, the woman was gang raped and had parts of her body severed, her companion was tortured and killed and then dismembered. This too was unreported by the media.

A third incident involved an 85-year-old woman, who was gang raped in front of her 91-year-old husband, by a gang of blacks, she died after the assault, her husband was badly beaten and died soon after.

During the scant reporting of all these incidents apart from that of Martin, the colour of the assailants was not mentioned, to do so  is now illegal. So keen were the media to announce what is in fact a rare white on black crime, despite what you might have been led to believe, they failed to check out Zimmerman’s roots.

All the cries of “Justice has failed.” and “White is right.” and all of the other clichés which the pack howled in protest, failed to acknowledge the 43,000 rapes per year of white women by blacks and indeed the fact that many more black youths are killed by other blacks than are killed by either the Police or white killers.

White people are the target of this media onslaught, in which they are attempting to stir up racial hatred and discontent against the wrong target. Just a glance at the white community, would deliver evidence enough that the whites are and have always been no better off than are the blacks. Zimmerman is part black and looks like a Latino, which would make his life quite difficult.

The US Government is still demonising the Muslims, whom were brought into the US for that very reason. They are now trying for a three-cornered fight which will allow the introduction of ever more Draconian measures to keep the peace.

The whites are in fact the real victims at the moment. They are being blamed for all and everything. The white middle-class has already gone. Worthwhile jobs are becoming a thing of the past. Cheaper and cheaper imports are being used as a deliberate method of destroying the value of US made products. The public expects to pay Chinese prices for everything, which is all part of the war against Whitey.

Sadly for the rest of the immigrants, it was Whitey and his ingenuity, which built the USA into a super-power. What is now being called for is a land of slaves, prepared to work for nothing. To expect no adequate health-care, holidays or pension. The way things are going all that the average US citizen will be able to afford is a Big Mac twice a day.

A sad figure has emerged, showing that just a few short years ago, white people represented 30 per-cent of the world’s population, we now represent 8 per-cent, that is a measure of the speed of advance of the White Genocide which is taking place.

There are already groups of Whites, calling for the right to their own homeland, where they can live their own style of life, without having to accept an incoming group which will force them out of the land which they created.

The blacks in the US should consider a return to Africa, before they too are decimated. They may have failed to notice that black families are a rarity these days and abortion is automatic for black pregnant women.

As I said before, Whitey is the wrong target. We are all in this together, we have a common enemy and we need to unite against him.


8 responses

  1. Don

    I think that American agencies like the CIA and others have morphed into something that really only serve their own interests rather than the interests of the American people as they are supposed to. The facts regarding Obama’s fake birth certificate have been locked away by the CIA citing ‘national security’. Were they to be functioning correctly the opposite would be true and Obama would be exposed and impeached.

    I don’t often watch Alex Jones, but when I saw his guest was the Police officer investigating the fake birth certificate the other day and the conclusion they reached was that America has suffered an illegal coup I had to agree.


    July 16, 2013 at 21:58

    • Can point to any government in recent years which gave a toss about its electorate? These people are psychopaths, they don’t even understand the concept of caring about others. Which is why I am filled with doubt about Iran. We are expected to believe that they have escaped the overwhelming power of money and greed.


      July 17, 2013 at 15:31

  2. Don

    I know of no none Rothschild banks other than in those countries that – purely coincidentally I’m sure – are invaded and overthrown only for a Rothschild bank to be installed. The only English bankers that were perhaps outside Rothschild control were those who set up the Bradbury pound, something we should do again today.

    As for the comments. There is a great irony in the most vocal supporters of liberal western democracy who advocate the throwing of people into prison for their beliefs. Alas such irony is totally lost on them. The chap who recently diagnosed me as mentally ill wasn’t a doctor of course, although he may once have applied an elastoplast to a cut knee which obviously qualifies him in his mind as a psychiatrist.

    He used the same approach to history. He claims that he did a political thesis on Hitler as a student in the 1960’s, and has also read the notes from the Wahnsee conference. This he imagines, qualifies him not only to be able to state quite categorically that the six million figure was true, but to do free psychiatric health checks on those who’s opinions differ. I wonder if he’d be willing to match his student thesis against the fifty plus years of first hand interviews, and extensive archive research of David Irving?

    Perhaps not, much easier to pronounce irving mad too.


    July 15, 2013 at 19:42

    • Come on Don, you are living amidst those for whom the Greatest Englishman whom ever lived, was cross-dressing pervert and high executioner for the Realm, Winston Churchill. If people actually believe what they were told to believe about that animal, there truly is no hope. Sky News tells me that you are all on tenterhooks waiting for the Royal birth and that you will hardly have time to regain your breath before Zara Tindall gives birth birth to a Rugby-Man. Such an exciting place to live the UK with an excellent News output.If you hold any other views you deserve to be locked up.
      Have you seen the “I am not Trayvon Martin” rubbish. Black people are being told not to leave their homes because Whitey will be killing them indiscriminately, now that Zimmerman has been found not guilty and getting let off.
      I watched an interview with David Irving recently and to tell you the truth he seems to be going off the boil. Have you watched the Hard Talk episode with Tim Sebastian? You can find it on YouTube, it was not a good performance.


      July 15, 2013 at 20:40

      • Don

        Perhaps age is catching up with Irving? He has the knowledge, often gained first hand via interviews. However, he more than anyone knows that telling the truth in the 21st Century is harmful to both career and liberty, and at his age another vindictive prison sentence isn’t something to relish. Speaking the truth today is akin to being an early Christian in that you are almost certain to be fed to the Lions.

        As for the ‘Royal’ births I appear to be very poorly informed on this topic. I put that down to not watching TV, listening to radio, or buying pap newspapers and magazines. You would think that in this case though I still might have picked up on the buzz of excitement when walking through the streets of Britain, but I mustn’t be walking the same streets as those journalists.

        Race war erupting in America would be the answer to Obama’s propaganda prayers. His popularity is slipping as is his mask, so ‘something’ needs to be done. He would then become ‘the man who re-united American society’ while simultaneously destroying the constitution, removing their rights, their firearms, and filling the FEMA camps. That’s an almost Churchillian feat of duplicity. Subsequently he must surely go down in American History as a greater man than George Washington.

        By the way, there is an article on Makow regarding the mistake of attributing ownership of various banks to the Rothschilds. What they do is influence those they don’t own, and their influence is everywhere. It is a mistake to speak of ‘Rothschild owned banks’ when they may not actually be owned only Rothschild influenced, which pretty much covers them all as none escape that influence.


        July 16, 2013 at 08:27

        • I think you may have guessed by now that I do not trust anyone. I listen to Sky News daily, just to keep abreast of the distractions which are being used while the World burns I also watch Press TV in an attempt to spot the issues on which they appear to agree with Sky. I was astonished by their coverage of the Libyan aggression, which was one hundred per cent in line with Sky. Their team, which was British, Nick Jones and Johnny Miller. was embedded with the Mercenaries, where they must have spotted that they were all speaking English, though they made no mention of it.
          They have since made a couple of Documentaries, both filmed in Benghazi, neither of which presented the case of the numerous Gadaffi supporters
          They presented the Sandy Hook incident as real. They have made no attempt to present the huge number of impossibilities, in the tale, despite having reporters on the ground whom could have tried to trace the alleged families which are supposed to have lost children, none of whom were actually on any school register or indeed any teacher called Soto who was allegedly killed, but who has been spotted still living. Like Obama and Sky, they have been howling for gun control in the States. Like Obama and Sky, they make no mention of the crime which is stopped through the use of legally held firearms. They are now screaming race over the Trayvon Martin killing despite the fact that the accused man is a half caste like Obama. They certainly did not mention the opening of a Central Bank in Libya, by the Western, controlled Rebels. They allegedly still have their own Central Bank, but appear to charge interest on loans. It is becoming hard to avoid facing up to the fact that these are the folk whom held on to the US hostages to make sure that Carter was not re-elected, while at the same time doing dirty deeds with Oliver North in the so-called Iran Contra Affair. What do you think?


          July 16, 2013 at 20:39

  3. Don

    If I were a cynic (and I am) I might get around to thinking the Obama regime would quite like to inflame racial tensions, possibly even enough for rioting and murders to occur. The distraction is needed to take the eye away from the many unconstitutional executive orders he is signing, and his birth issue. Riots could also justify a speedier slide into martial law.

    Then again what do I know? I have just been told by a self proclaimed intellectual that I need psychiatric help and I need it soon. This for merely commenting that more Russians died under Stalin than the famed ‘Six million’ we must eternally remember.


    July 15, 2013 at 18:36

    • I have often been advised to seek help myself. A character left a comment today suggesting that if I used my real name on my blog, I would and should be gaoled for my illegal views on the holocaust. He has apparently visited any number of Concentration Camps and he has seen all of the evidence for himself. He believes that the Jews were forced to pay for their passage on the trains to the Death Camps. There truly is no hope Don.Tell me Don have you ever come across the names of Englishmen who owns a Central Bank which operates outside of the Rothschild system?


      July 15, 2013 at 19:09

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