A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The Taking Of Egypt.

It is becoming clearer by the day, that the Muslim Brotherhood, the enormous “Sleeper Cell” which was established by the British, in the Masonic Lodges of Cairo, in the early years of the Twentieth Century, are now being used as the excuse to provoke a Civil War in Egypt.

As in Syria and Libya, groups of demonstrators are being used as cover, for paid killers using sniper rifles, to kill and maim dozens of people, including a Journalist from Al Jazeera and a cameraman from Sky News, in order to brand the Military Government as being out of control, which will make possible an attack by NATO, to “save” the Egyptians, while allowing Israel to grab whatever they can lay their hands on.

A spokesman for the Egyptian Government, which now finds itself in the position of the Assad regime in Syria, of having to deny claims which have been made by the controlled Western Media, illustrated its claims, that as in Syria, terrorists were shooting indiscriminately into the crowd of demonstrators, by showing film clips to journalists at the Press Conference, Sky News would not allow the film to be broadcast, as “They would prefer to watch the film before making it public.” a position which speaks for itself. This is, after all, the Channel which aired the propaganda which was posted by Stuart Ramsey, from Syria, to justify the unleashing the “Mad Dogs of War” against the Syrian Government.


These images are so reminiscent of Syria, where all such attacks were blamed on the Regime, that it is difficult not to arrive at the conclusion, that as in Syria, the last people whom would behave in such a way, would be those whom had the least to gain.

Sky News immediately stood by the Muslim Brotherhood, which is only to be expected, the Brotherhood is, after all, the preferred choice of the British. The fact that journalists appear to have been deliberately targeted, by the snipers, is in line with similar events in Damascus, where a Press TV reporter was shot dead, so for Sky to suggest that their man was killed by the Regime, without evidence, has the stench of using a tragedy, to make political gain and Sky should be ashamed of this cynical use of the death of a comrade.

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  1. Don

    There is no such thing as ‘The British’.

    There are only the establishment crime families and the gullible masses they swindle. To class them as one and the same entity would be incorrect. Just as a Scot is a Scot, an Englishman is an Englishman, yet neither feel kinship for their ruling classes whatever their professed nationality.

    I must admit to feeling ashamed of my fellow countrymen, primarily for their reluctance to rise up in anger against those slippery swine who inhabit Westminster. I therefore disassociate myself from the term ‘British’. I am not British, and most certainly not of their number regardless of my being a natural born Englishman.

    I would no more find the the term ‘The British’ a viable one to encapsulate and describe the inhabitants of this land than I would consider the various inhabitants of the African continent be adequately described as ‘The blacks’.


    August 16, 2013 at 14:58

    • Hello Don, I think we’ve been here before. I’m still amazed to hear that Labour has taken the lead in the polls, to win the next election. It is becoming difficult to find adequate excuses for people whom appear to be so stupid.Without taking the City of London apart nothing will ever change in the UK and even when that is achieved the people will, like Hitler’s Germany, will find themselves accused of some fault or other which will allow an all out attack, by “Our Boys.”


      August 16, 2013 at 16:28

      • Don

        I think it’s gone beyond that now.

        The excuses for word wide illegal invasions and/or activity that are clearly against international law are becoming increasingly transparent. It is illegal to supply arms to a nation where a military coup has taken place for example, so the United States simply says that it has made no pronouncement of what went on in Egypt, and can therefore still supply arms.

        Western Governments have become akin to those ‘Mr loophole’ type lawyers employed by celebrities to circumvent the law. I sincerely believe that the old left/right paradigm is still only being pushed at the gullible as a transitional phase, before they are re-educated via the media that it is now obsolete.

        Law, whether domestic or international has become something that exists in principle only, and the rule of law is upheld selectively by an increasingly para military police force. We are witnessing the logical conclusion of any system run on the Jewish usuary model. It is a perversion of humanity in which financial interests dominate human need, and legal principles are ignored for the benefit of the wealthy. Ultimately we reach a point where once again ‘Might is right’, thus removing centuries of human cultural development.

        I remain absolutely convinced that the money changers are a cancer that feed off and blight humanity. What we are witnessing today are the steps that lead us to hell on earth, and the best one can do to avoid it is to withdraw both consent and co-operation. I am an artist, I find and create beauty on canvas, yet my reward is to constantly struggle to earn enough money to live. Were I a money lender, or should I open a pawn shop I would prosper from the misery of others, buy a large house and be declared a ‘success’.

        That is not a world nor a mentality I want any part of. Hence when I say I am not British, neither am I affiliated with anything or anyone who follows this usuary based sickness. I have absolutely no doubt that there is no place for such as I in the coming world, but the only thing of value to me is my integrity, and should all else be taken that will remain.


        August 17, 2013 at 09:44

        • One only need look at Bangladesh and the child labour which is being used to bolster the profits of the richest people in the world, who are, of course, successful, to realise what a morass of filth we have fallen into. All the talk of sharing the wealth of the world with the poorer Nations is a joke. They will simply take our money to so say, carry out this promise, which will force us to the bottom along with the poorer Nations. This is called Communitarianism, which is designed to make us all equal under an International Law, what is missing from the spiel is that we will all suffer a loss of wealth, apart from the super rich, who will kindly give us all a minimal level of existence as the new Serfs.


          August 17, 2013 at 14:42

  2. Today on Kittys blog, the interesting article on British weapons,some 17.5 million pounds of arms reaching Egypt, including assault rifles and sniper rifles and other IT stuff, how do the British get away with such evil, they must have developed this aspect over centuries that it comes as a second nature.


    August 16, 2013 at 08:30

    • I don’t know whether I’ve sent you the title of a book, “Union Jack” this is the closest you’ll come to understanding the British.


      August 16, 2013 at 13:36

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