A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The Egyptian People Are The Meat In The Sandwich.

While Mubarak was being taken out of power, Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood were in London, holding talks with Al Baradei,  the Egyptian Army Generals were holding talks in the US with the Pentagon.

All of these forces have played a role in the current chaos in Egypt which is almost certainly being stoked up by NATO operatives. Sky News and the BBC are, as usual, presenting total propaganda, all of which is aimed at the Military Government, which came into power as an inevitable result of Morsi’s ridiculous edicts, which gave him and his government, immunity from the Egyptian system of Law and his general unwillingness to carry out his election promises.

Speaking from London, Lisa Holland, cynically presented shadowy figures, who were shooting indiscriminately into the crowd of protesters from rooftops, as “plain clothed Military men,” without the slightest piece of evidence to back up her claim, while Sky News refused to air film which was shown to journalists, as evidence that these rooftop killers were not in fact military operatives.  Holland has been named, along with other Sky “Journalists” one of several journalist who were caught out passing GPS positions to NATO during the murderous attack on Libya,  which essentially makes Journalists a legitimate target as Spies.

The pressure is mounting for the UN to take action against the Military in Egypt, which is well-known to be under the control of the US, which has been funding it with billions of Dollars for years. We are now meant to believe that this Military machine has  left the Reservation and is, surprise, surprise, providing an excuse for the invasion and destruction of Egypt, which will no doubt allow Israel to take control of the Suez Canal, which it has been attempting to do since nineteen-fifty-six.

As usual the British and American Governments, are starting to get agitated over events in Egypt while seeking an opportunity to save the people of Egypt, by murdering them and then slicing Egypt itself into little pieces which will serve the interests of those whom have drawn up a map of the Middle East, which will cede parts of Egypt into their own hands.  There are already desires being expressed to create a buffer zone in Sinai.


I watched that strange British character Lord Christopher Monckton, on Russia Today, making the bizarre claim that the vast majority of the Iraqi people were content with the “Liberation” which the British and NATO bestowed upon them. This claim was made even as paid Western killers were laying bombs all across Iraq, in an attempt to ratchet up inter-communal strife, in order to justify the re-installation of an American lead task force, to save the people of Iraq all over again. He of course made no mention of the theft of Iraqi oil reserves, which are being sold to BP, which is partly owned by Queen Elizabeth and her friend and confident Lord Rothschild at two dollars a barrel.

While Monckton was making these weird claims about the benefits of the destruction and contamination of Iraq and the murder of in excess of one million of its people, back home in the UK, the Gosling group in Bristol is desperately looking for the Nazi connection to events in Egypt, by referencing  Kristallnacht, in 1938, during which four people lost their lives, in retaliation for the murder, by Jews, of the German ambassador in Paris, during the time when World Jewry had called for a complete blockade of Germany, which had already led to the death of many German citizens as did the blockade against Iraq, which killed one million people. So let us not be too hasty in naming the guilty.

The original uprising in Egypt was used as the excuse for an attack on Libya, which was itself generated through the use of paid gunmen in Benghazi, who carried out murderous attacks against civilians, which were in effect the very last thing which Gadaffi would have ordered, just as are the current attacks in Egypt, the last thing the Military Regime would have ordered.


Footnote: Sky News expert, Tim Marshall, inadvertently admitted, on air, that the Muslim Brotherhood, which has been controlled from the City of London, from the day of its inception, was in fact exactly the same creature as the Turkish, Justice and Development Party, which is led by Tayyip Erdogan, who is a Jew. Making it even more apparent, that whatever is going on in Egypt is between two parties, the Military and the Brotherhood, both of which are controlled by Zionist interests. The intervention of the Jewish Royal Family in Saudi Arabia, announcing its support for the Military action against a perceived terrorist threat, from the Brotherhood, which is working for Israel, illustrates the level of propaganda, with which we being deluged. Sky News is now proudly using its very own Arab Language Channel, to spread its lies.

4 responses

  1. Don

    It is with reference to the Jewish obsession with equating every modern occurrence as somehow pertaining to the ‘Nazi’s’, when in reality it is they who are responsible for those heinous acts and crimes today that they historically attribute to the Nazis.

    The bogey man status created around Hitler and National socialism in the minds of the public merely to deflect inquiry as to who the real culprits are simply grates on my nerves. I am tired of the perpetrators of vile crimes against humanity holding up Hitler as an example of evil. I see all the ‘crimes’ that national socialism is condemned for openly practiced by Israel today. Apartheid, expansionism, militarism, a doctrine of racial supremacy, eugenics, and the extermination of its captives to name but a few.

    This is not even questioned let alone challenged by western governments. Those same western governments teach in their schools all about the evils of nazism, but somehow manage to transform those very same ‘evils’ into perfectly acceptable practice when done by Israel.

    I have at most another ten to fifteen years left on this planet, but during that time I will do my utmost to educate young people of the truth, so skewed has it now become. If they don’t – or won’t listen, then Hitler was right once again in that the best of us have already fallen and the remainder deserve their fate.


    August 18, 2013 at 12:02

    • Don I was recently involved in a long and fruitless discussion about the War, the Jews and everything else, with a bunch of idiots, who insisted that there was proof all around us, confirming the crimes of the National Socialists, that is until you asked for an example of this proof. I asked for the justification of the Allies, who fought alongside the Greatest mass murderer of the Twentieth Century, Stalin, and a good reason for why Eastern Europe was handed over to him, including Poland, in whose name a World War was declared. There is no convincing these people Don. All is lost mate. All that remains is “The Pathway To Death.”


      August 18, 2013 at 19:36

  2. Don

    I have left a link in the quick reply box above. It leads to a page containing a wealth of information regarding both the current and historic political situation as viewed via the Hegelian dialectic. The quote that initially caught my eye was this:

    “Step by step, I have arrived at the conviction that the aims of Communism in Europe are sinister and fatal. At the Nuremberg Trials, I, together with my Russian colleague, condemned Nazi Aggression and Terror. I believe now that Hitler and the German People did not want war. But we {England}, declared war on Germany, intent on destroying it, in accordance with our principle of Balance of Power, and we were encouraged by the ‘Americans'{Jews} around Roosevelt.

    We ignored Hitler’s pleading, not to enter into war. Now we are forced to realize that Hitler was right. He offered us the co operation of Germany: instead, since 1945, we have been facing the immense power of the Soviet Empire. I feel ashamed and humiliated to see that the aims we accused Hitler of, are being relentless pursued now, only under a different label.”

    Quite so.


    August 17, 2013 at 16:07

    • I don’t quite get your meaning Don. I can’t access the quick link you speak of, however I have had the Shawcross quote in my side-bar for some time, is this what you are referring to?


      August 17, 2013 at 17:15

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