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This Is Just A Judgement Thing, But Aren’t British Politicians From The Swamps?

After the last inspection by the United Nations, of the goings on in Syria, Carla  Del Ponte reported that there was overwhelming evidence that the alleged chemical weapon attacks had been carried out by the paid terrorists.


This was not the required response, so second time around they have been ordered not to name the guilty but to simply report whether there had in fact been a chemical weapon attack, which had already been blamed on the Assad regime, apparently whether it had happened or not.


So  this muted response from the investigators is not to discover the truth, but to simply state whether there had in fact been an event, with which to blame Assad, what sort of stupidity is this?


The British Parliament, during a discussion of the proposed attack Syria, failed, during a long section to which I listened, to even mention the fact that there were several terrorist groups operating in Syria, all of whom had been armed by the West, and whom the British government, had armed with whatever weapons they had been able to get away with, including various missiles with which to attack aircraft.


It was repeatedly claimed that only Assad had the means to launch an attack, using shells or rockets or whatever, because the terrorists did not possess such armaments. This is rubbish, the terrorists had been provided with an unknown variety of advanced weapons, from Benghazi, in Libya, which had already been supplied by NATO, to the terrorists, whom had been used to murder Gadaffi and rape Libya.


What is more, the attack took place in an area which was under the control of the terrorists, so would they not be able to simply release the gas, without need of a sophisticated delivery system? Which would account for the dramatic shortage of dead terrorists.

Most of the information, from the murderers is being passed through Médecins Sans Frontière, which is an arm of the French Government. In France it is considered to be a branch of the Security Service, which is financed by many Elite organisations.


The two Jews, Cameron and Milliband, both of whom were, in effect, proposing the same thing, were helped along by Jew Malcolm Rifkind, who had been totally convinced by the word of paid terrorists in Syria, whom had already been found guilty of the use of chemical weapons themselves, to the point where he wanted an immediate response, to show Assad that he could not do in the future, that which he had not been proven guilty of in the past.This is a judgement thing.


Lord Paddy Ashdown, a former leader of the Liberal Democrats, is “ashamed,” of the reaction of the British Parliament, to events in Syria, being one of the architects of the War Crime in Bosnia, he would say that, would he not? He would have preferred an immediate devastating, crushing attack on the people of Syria, to save them.

He is also a spokesperson for the Royal Institute for International Affairs, also known as Chatham House, which is an organisation which was set up by a certain Lord Milner, along with Cecil Rhodes and Baron Rothschild, with the intention of taking control of all of the Earth’s resources, what a surprise!


This gaggle of Jews must now tread very carefully, because the paid murderers in Syria, have just claimed that Assad has now used White Phosphorus against his own people. We are now being shown images of burnt children, which we were ever shown, when the people of Gaza were showered, on film, with this illegal weapon of mass destruction. Is it now going to be claimed that the British paid murderers in Syria do not have access to this substance, when it is quite clear that Israel, which certainly does have plenty of it, has been delivering weapons, through Turkey, to the various terrorist groups in Syria?


Will the British Parliament ever take the necessary action against the Apartheid, Racist, belligerent, rogue State of Israel? I doubt it.


The most disappointing spokesperson, in favour of an attack against Syria, was Andrew Gilligan, the journalist who was sacked by the BBC for exposing the “Dodgy Dossier,” which was concocted by the alleged paedophiles, in the Blair Government, as justification for the illegal war against Iraq, who has now decided that unlike Iraq, Syria does have weapons of mass destruction. Is that right Andrew? So unlike the attack on Iraq, another illegal attack can be justified, with or without the acceptance of the now obsolete United Nations. Well what do you know?


Gilligan is of course the man who is pushing the false image of Al Qaeda, as a Muslim terrorist group, when he must be as aware as I am that Al Qaeda was an invention of the Jewish controlled Mossad and the CIA; he is at the moment pushing the fear factor to the limit, by accusing British Muslims of attempting to install Sharia Law in the UK.


There has evidently been a spanner thrown into the works of the British Dogs of War, which necessitated the throwing in of the towel, during a debate on the possibility of an attack against Syria. Something must have happened behind the scenes, to which we are not yet party. Perhaps a significant threat from Russia or China; No matter, for the moment the British are off the case, we will have to be patient and await events at the week-end, a propos the Americans.


3 responses

  1. Don

    In an age where western politicians are showing increasing disdain for the views of their constituents I was surprised to see Cameron and little Billy no balls voted down on this. Perhaps our MP’s, most of whom intend to suckle on the public teat indefinitely, feared the reprisals not only from Russia and China, but from the British electorate also. Martial law would not only harm the populace, but remove the cushy existence of many an MP.

    One has to remember that in the main, no – almost exclusively, the political class consists of gutless, tell-tale, ex school prefect type characters who have neither backbone nor personal conviction. Perhaps they don’t have the stomach for what would inevitably follow a ‘Yes’ vote?

    I shall take note of those who voted yes, for in the coming months and years they will be constantly reminded of their eagerness to throw the world into murderous turmoil and death. I become so weary of all this insanity it is occurring to me that mutual assured destruction might not be a bad outcome, for I’d hate to think the only ones left after WW3 were the very ones who caused it.


    August 31, 2013 at 11:08

    • The only thing with which I would disagree with Don, I believe that the whole of Parliament fully understood that their debate was based on a false premise from the word go. The result was not a refusal to go to war based on lies, there was hardly a voice raised in protest at the condemning of Assad without proof, there was no mention of PNAC and no mention of the fact that the war in Syria could be quite quickly brought to an end if Cameron and Hague called off those whom have committed the vast majority of War Crimes in Syria, namely those whom are fighting for the UK in Syria.


      August 31, 2013 at 11:21

      • Don

        Such questions would quite obviously occur to and be raised by the likes of you or I were we in that position but are completely taboo to those who have designs on keeping their cushy position within the political framework. Talk about an Elephant in the room!

        Tony Blair, Jack Straw, Kinnock, Prescott, and a whole host of others see the political process as a profitable family business to be enjoyed then handed down to their offspring. Those new politicians with designs on doing likewise tow the line, it’s sickening.

        It is quite clear that this current insanity is once again at the behest of Israel, and world Jewry in general. It is also equally certain that my posting such a comment will have instantly added me to a US government list of ‘undesirables’ who will perhaps meet their fate at some future point. Opinions are no longer allowed.

        I am absolutely convinced that we are at the mercy of a global cabal of evil, and to expect a group of witless, gutless, limp wristed, self interested, former pencil monitors to stand up to it is beyond even the most ardent optimists wildest dreams.

        Wait until the financial time bomb explodes (as it has too) and then we’ll see not only war abroad but savagery at home. Successive politicians have brought us to this by concentrating not on politics, but instead on feathering their own nests. It is my fervent hope that they will all find – as Gerald Celente is fond of saying, that “Payback is a Bitch”.


        August 31, 2013 at 13:34

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