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What Is The Collective Term For A Bunch Of Liars?

Has a genuine threat been made against Israel, which has led to a reassessment about Syria, or is there a long game going into the second period?

We seem to have genuinely passed into the Dream Time, where, in front of our eyes, the President of the United States, claims that the world is a better, freer place, thanks to the timely strategic interventions of the United States Military.

Obama’s latest proclamation against Syria and the use of illegal Chemical Weapons, was made without a trace of embarrassment, by the man who condones the use of Drones, all across the Middle East, in pursuit of regime change in those States which are not yet subservient to the rule of the Elite Banking Mafia.

While Obama was delivering his excuses for having to change his mind about an attack against Assad in Syria, his Secretary of State, John Kerry, a man who can talk endlessly without conveying the slightest piece of cogent information, was on his way to a meeting with Sergei Navrov, the Russian Foreign Secretary, who was late for the meeting, as he had been detained in Kazakhstan,where Rothschild has built his new headquarters.

Kerry, in his speech, was attempting to undermine the Russian solution to the Chemical Weapon problem in Syria, by suggesting that he had already discussed the possibility of taking control of Syria’s Chemical Weapons,with the Russians, as if he was quite oblivious to the fact that his Chief, Obama, had quite deliberately trumped-up the entire tale of the use of these weapons, in order to provide an excuse to bomb Syria to a pulp, bringing an end to the preferred regime of the Syrian people, just as he had in Libya.

Wild Willy Hague, the British excuse for a Foreign Secretary, in London was explaining how he was now in favour of a political solution in Syria, as if he had played no part in the deliberate manufacture of the original use of violence, during a peaceful demonstration, for more democracy, during the false hopes, generated by the “Arab Spring,” in Syria. A Demonstration which had actually lead to enormous changes in Syria, followed by an election in which sixty-five per cent of the population participated, which was of course ignored by the slightly gay Englishman.

Hague managed to cram at least a dozen lies, about Assad,  into his speech, ranging from him being intent on carrying out the genocide of his own people, to an assertion  that Syria had the largest stock of Chemical weapons in the world and that Assad had used them at least fourteen times during the conflict, against his own people. He also sprinkled such adjectives as “brutal,” liberally, throughout his speech, apparently forgetting that the British were guilty of dozens of War Crimes, torture and the use of illegal weapons, in Iraq and Afghanistan, not to mention the historical misuse of Chemical weapons.

Sky News Foreign Correspondent, Tim Marshall, was thrown into confusion, when a burly News Crow accidentally asked him, if Israel was one of the five countries which had not signed the treaty against the use of Chemical Weapons. His immediate response was to lamely mutter that he was not sure, that he could not remember, then, realising that he sounded stupid, admitted that Israel had indeed, not signed the treaty.

Israel is of course exempted from the rule of International Law, as a result of some exaggerated tale, from which they have not only gained Israel but billions of dollars in aid, which has enabled them to carry out a whole catalogue of War Crimes and other criminal offences, far in excess of anything which can be laid at the door of Assad in Syria, including the use of illegal weapons against civilians in Gaza.

Stuart Ramsey, the Sky News Hound from Thames House, is reporting events in Syria from the safety of Turkey. He peppers his reports with tales of huge bombs, which are allegedly being dropped from Assad’s helicopters, to deliberately kill villagers. He reports the use of Scud missiles against these same innocent people. Assad, in fact appears to be totally absorbed with the eradication of his own people, with barely a moment left over to take a pot-shot at the hired killers working for the Coalition of Filth.

2 responses

  1. Don

    Good post eno.

    I wonder how William Hague would define slander?

    In today’s Britain, where the recent response to the allusion that McAlpine might just be linked to child abuse was to cravenly throw him several hundred thousand pounds of public money without ever going to court, how should William Hague’s assertions regarding President Assad fare I wonder.

    I’m sure Mr Assad has other things to worry about at the moment, but wouldn’t it be nice to see some form of legal action taken against Wild Willy for his slanderous accusations and blatant disregard for the truth? In ordinary life you cannot defame someone without there being consequences, there must be proof to what you say.

    Why should it be any different for Politicians? In fact I’d go as far as to say that any Politician caught lying to the public ought to be tried, imprisoned, stripped of any pensions and accrued wealth, and the proceeds given to the victim of those lies. Otherwise are we all free to say as we wish? If that is so then I’ll be the first to say that I know for a fact that little Willy is an disingenuous zionist pillow biter.


    September 20, 2013 at 16:27

    • Little Willy was out of his mind when a few truths about his own behaviour hit the headlines. He was scuttling around all over the place complaining about the reports. I think that just about sums up that little creep whom apparently, according to the manager of the hotel in which he shared a bed with his driver, was glowing with satisfaction when he and his “friend” ate a hearty breakfast together.


      September 20, 2013 at 18:39

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