A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

United Liars Organisation.

When War Criminal Miranda aka Tony Blair was asked if he had vaccinated his children with the MMR Vaccine, he claimed that the question invaded the privacy of his family.


When politicians are asked if they have ever used illegal drugs, such as “Pot,” they regularly use the same defence, of course those whom have never used an illegal substance say no straight out.


Serial Rapist Bill Clinton, when asked if he had smoked “Pot,” his response was yes but he had never inhaled, that of course is an admission of a crime.


Are we now to believe, that when Slightly Gay, (though ashamed of it,) Little Willy Hague, sits in the United Nations, inferring that,  UN inspectors have presented evidence, that Bashar al Assad’s regime was responsible for a chemical weapon attack in Syria, that if this was the truth he would simply say so, without the need for inference and prevarication.


Are we on the other hand, forced to accept, that all of the representatives in the chamber, including the Secretary General, whom is listening to Hague declaring that he, the Secretary General, has declared the act to have been a War Crime, which it is quite clear Hague is laying at the door of Assad, with no conclusive evidence in support of his claims, are allowing Hague to twist the evidence of the report on the gas attack, to suit his own agenda, without calling a point of order? The silence of Ban Ki Moon is evidence of his complicity.

A report by UN weapons inspectors into the atrocity in Damascus is “damning” and “fully consistent” with Britain’s assessment that Bashar Assad’s regime was behind the attack, William Hague said.

The foreign secretary spoke out after UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon presented what he said was “overwhelming and indisputable” proof that chemical weapons were used on a large-scale.

Although the team was not mandated to establish who was responsible for the use of the banned weapons, Mr Hague said their findings backed the West’s claims it was government forces.  Huffington Post.


I believe there to be a psychiatric explanation as to the conclusions which Hague has arrived at, based on the above extract from the Huffington Post.


Had the group of inspectors found such conclusive evidence in support of their agenda in Syria, they would have shouted it out to the heavens. As did Carla Ponti, after a previous investigation.


Do these people believe us to be so stupid as to not understand, that the reason the UN was forbidden to reveal the identity of the culprits, was because the very same Little Willy, was paying the guilty party, yet the culpable UN was helping the very murderers whom had committed the act, to avoid the justice which they merit.

Everybody knew that there would be evidence of a chemical attack of some sort, so to now allow the blame to be placed on the innocent, is reason enough to disband the United Nations, once and for all.  Unless of course they allow the evidence, whatever it is to be produced.


The Coalition of Scum, know already what is in the report, as they are the ones whom are responsible for ordering the strict secrecy, which was imposed on the findings. Yet more proof of the insincerity of the British and their accomplices, in the Coalition of the Dogs of War.




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