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Red Eds Under The Beds.

I spent a few minutes listening to Obama blathering on about the perpetual problem of the debt ceiling and the refusal of the Republican Party to allow Obama Care to be foisted on to the American people and other such nonsense, which is just a pantomime designed to give the impression that there really are two Political Parties in the US, each with their own distinctive manifesto, when in reality, there is no detectable difference between Bush and Obama, as far as the main issues are concerned.

His claim that the US is climbing out of the deep hole in which it has been deliberately buried, that it is on its way to be once again, the worlds largest producer of energy and that the auto-mobile business is on the up and up, is sheer rubbish. Unemployment has reached such a level in the US that politicians dare not tell the truth to the people. Fifty million people on Food Stamps, is a figure which speaks for itself.

While the Middle East is in turmoil, Obama is desperately trying to give the impression that he is unhitching his pony from the Israeli wagon, all the shenanigans in “The House” are part of this massive effort to make sure that the evidence of Israel’s participation in the attempt to destroy Syria, does not receive too much attention in the News

Over there in the UK, The Daily Mail had the temerity to suggest that the leader of the Socialist Party was sired by a rabid Communist, Ralph Miliband, whom is described as a Holocaust survivor, even though he was never incarcerated in any camp. He professed a hatred of the British and its archaic feudal system, etc. This has created a furore in the UK.  The fact that it is the truth appears to be of no importance, despite Ed Miliband’s own claim that his  father had an enormous effect on his political outlook.

This is as close as we will ever get to the truth of what is taking place in the UK, where the country is being governed almost uniquely by those whom will soon be able to claim a pension from Germany as children of holocaust survivors.

Miliband senior claimed to be on the side of the workers, in the manner of the Soviets, whom he so admired. He apparently endowed his son Ed, with the same caring attitude, which is why the current leader of the Labour Party, whom was educated, as was the Queen of England, by the Fabian Society known  as “Red Ed.”

The Fabian Society was funded, as were the group of Jews, whom carried out the Revolution in Russia, by the family of the Queens crony and financial adviser, Lord Rothschild. Vladimir Putin, addressed this issue in a recent interview, when he asserted, that the Government in Russia after the Revolution was 85 per-cent Jewish. He named Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky and Beria as Jews. These demons, murdered 65 million Christians. So much for caring for the workers.

Miliband senior failed to explain how Communism had helped the working man, in view of the life of misery and despair which was the lot of millions of souls in Russia and all across Eastern Europe. The Miliband family, helped in the destruction of British industry, passing most of the means of production to the virtual slavers in China and the Indian Sub-Continent.

The Daily Mail was not prepared to explain all of this to its readers, many of whom, in ignorance of the truth, expressed concern for the feelings of “Poor Old Red Ed,”  They also moderated one of my comments to the dustbin. However The Jerusalem Post has now played the anti-Semitic card, when in fact the Mail, as far as I am aware, did not make use of the fact that like David Cameron and George Osborne, Red Ed, is a Jewish Communist, because let’s not beat about the bush, we are all Communist now.

The Editor of another UK rag, The Daily Express, was dragged in front of the British public, to take a pot-shot at the rival Newspaper, by reminding the world that The Daily Mail had supported Hitler in Germany and Mosley in the UK. in the nineteen-thirties of the last century.  He made a remark, which was completely out of order, that the Mail had supported Mosley’s wish that the British would do to the Jews, what Hitler was doing to them, which implied that the Mail had supported the alleged gassing of Jews. This is completely untrue and should be retracted.

However, while we are on the subject of Hitler,  it would be useful should the British government make use of one of Hitler’s lesser known policies, his desire to make home ownership a right for every German family. He pursued this idea, by issuing loans, interest free to those whom wished to purchase a home.

This, in contrast to the current situation in Britain, where the cost of a home in London has risen to the extraordinary price of half-a-million pounds, which would involve a purchaser, in receipt of the average salary of twenty-five-thousand pounds, in a death deal which involved the payment of his entire salary for forty years, leaving nothing with which to feed his family.

This is the result of a form of Fascism, which is anathema to those whom firmly believe that the Market Rules, as long as the idea of Private/Public partnerships, which is of course Fascism by another name, is there to make sure that the workers pay the bulk of the outlay, while Private side, banks the profits.

This is called “privatisation”  when every worthwhile public company, which was built using public funds, is sold off at a fraction of its true value and snapped up by the ghouls, whom rely on the infrastructure being maintained by the Public, while they rob the consumer blind, claiming to be delivering a service, superior to a Nationalised company.

Huge companies depend on a shortage of homes, in order to ensure a continuing demand, which will deliver huge profits for building companies, which can build home cheaply, while profiting from a deliberate shortage, which creates ridiculously inflated prices. After WW2, Germany was flattened but they built a new Germany in just a few years.  Why then, has the UK found it so difficult to build adequate housing for the British people?  Why are homes in the UK, so expensive that most people live and pay, just long enough to spend a couple of years in an old folks home, which will cost the value of their home.  This is what the Miliband’s call,  looking after the working man.

3 responses

  1. Don

    I don’t agree.

    I believe the Zionists do intend to totally enslave us, it is after all their mission. Their vast wealth ensures them technical if not numerical superiority, and their control of finance, media, and politics puts both public opinion and judicial instruments at their disposal.

    neither can you attribute to them any capacity for logic or reasoning. For example, most Zionists don’t believe in God, but believe he gave them Israel!

    The entire world is ‘virtually’ enslaved as we speak – electronically speaking, and those nations who by nature of their unsophisticated infrastructure are not yet thus enslaved are currently being eradicated.

    Our saving grace will, I believe, come from above. A meteor strike, sunflare, or similar occurrence that has the capacity to wipe out the electrical grid for a prolonged period of time would seriously hinder their ability to govern. Drones, satellites, camera’s, biometrics, and all that they set so much store in as the tools of governance would become defunct overnight.

    Failing that we have only the possibility of a few decent honest people finding their way into key positions within the military and government, disobeying orders and and attempting a coup. I sincerely hope that this is what happens soon in America


    October 4, 2013 at 20:14

  2. Don

    None of it matters. We are living in the very last days of the old world financial and political order. The US Government debt is unpayable, so they will continue to raise the debt ceiling once more which is akin to paying off one credit card with another credit card.

    The various world governments have allowed them selves to be influenced and infiltrated by organizations who do not have the interests of those host nations at heart, so the decisions made by those governments, and heavily propagandized in the press, have no bearing on what is good for the host nation of those unfortunate souls that reside within it.

    Red Ed Vs Cameron is yet another Punch and Judy politics display to entertain the masses. Wouldn’t the British people be better served by enquiring how and why our supposedly cash strapped nation can still afford to contemplate military campaigns, or pay out billions in foreign aid? War is financed by debt. Shouldn’t the American people be questioning why a modern, highly armed state such as Israel receives 3 Billion dollars a year in aid? All of which is paid from hard earned tax dollars? Do the French not ask who must pay for their African adventures?

    The only way for humanity to move forward is to default on the current debt owed to the embezzling central banks, and to re-instate a debt free national currency system. Those who have put us in this dreadful situation will not allow this, and have openly referred to the ‘Samson option’ should they not get their own way – which is to enslave the whole of mankind.


    October 4, 2013 at 11:41

    • They cannot enslave the whole world Don. They may be dumb idiots but even Bankers know that there are limits to what they can do. All of this talk about when things get really bad everybody will willingly accept the NWO, is a nonsense. I think they are in for a surprise when they become the target. We may end up with something which is no better than what we’ve got now but at least it may be a more amenable form of psychopath in control.


      October 4, 2013 at 18:08

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