A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

London Calling! London Calling! Here Is The Early Morning Cup Of Crap.

This morning, I sleepily switched on the Wireless, to listen to the early morning dose of poppycock, from the highly paid, merchants of drivel, at the BBC. I was truly astonished, on hearing a report from a British Doctor, whom had spent five weeks in Syria, helping to treat the casualties, of the ongoing War Crime, which was launched by the British, French and US factions, of the International Zionist Mafia, against Syria, a country which had been the victim of a murderous assault, comparable to the ongoing attacks against Gaza, and like the people of Gaza, they are being accused of aggression.  This is a form of New Speak.

The role of this humanitarian, was to illustrate the extent of the violence, which is the daily curse of the embattled victims of the Zionist financed barbarity, which has drenched Syria in the blood innocent victims, most of whom have been slaughtered by groups which were constructed, controlled and financed by the West.

This merchant of disinformation, reported his tale to The Times, and it was taken up by the rest of the British media, including Sky News and the BBC, making sure that every faction in the UK received the recommended dose.

We were informed that there is some form of competition, amongst the snipers, whom are targeting members of the public, as they try to go about their dreary daily life. This man, during his time in Syria, detected “trends,” in the murderous attacks which are a daily feature of life. Some days there were only those whom had for example, been shot in the groin. The following day, a spike in the numbers shot in the upper body and most serious of all, the days when pregnant women were the selected target.

This character, admitted that he had no way of telling which group was carrying out these attacks, however……..he had been told that the Regime, had seventy-six snipers, all lined up on the rooftops, patiently waiting for a pregnant woman to cross the street below and paying the piece of scum, whom shot her first. He did not mention any cases of a pregnant woman, with multiple  bullet wounds, so there could not have been a fusillade of fire as each killer tried to win the jack-pot.  As is the way with the British Press, they accept only reports which claim that any atrocity, was the work of the Regime.

This nonsense was only a part of the morning news, all of which appeared to be a subtle means of creating a fear of imminent Muslim attack. We were treated to a reminder of the alleged Taliban attack on the young Muslim girl, Malala, who was campaigning for the right of an education, for Muslim women.

High ranking British Muslims were wheeled out to announce that they had come under threat of attack from militants, simply for criticising the killing of Gunner Rigby, which was in all probability a False Flag” attack. They were now under police protection against a Muslim terrorist attack. No one is now safe from these people.

We were informed that British Muslim Militants,  in Syria, were not there to aid the Syrian Regime, in their efforts to evict the infidels, no they were there to help the Zionists. So at this moment, I have to admit to a breakdown in  comprehension. On the one hand we have senior British Muslims, in need of Police protection against, alleged Muslim militants in the UK, while another faction appears to be fighting for Allah, against the Muslims, in support of Lucifer, in Syria, while the widow of a Patsy, who was murdered by the British, Samantha Lewthwaite is helping to fabricate an excuse, for the invasion and destruction of Somalia, through the medium of al Shabab, yet another group, which is controlled by the same purse, which pays Al Qaeda. I freely admit, I may have misunderstood some part of this state of affairs, no matter, I hope you get my drift.

Sky News pulled all of these strings together, in their week-long inquiry into immigration into the UK.  Having listened to the various reports from all corners of the country, including London, where it was casually announced that it is no longer a British City, as the indigenous white population is in sharp decline and is already a minority, it would be quite a difficult proposition to find a majority of the same indigenous population, whom were overjoyed at their new reality, but Sky, to its credit, managed this feat, with yet another supreme victory for deception over truth.

Through the use of the lighter side of life, as does Agenda 21, which talks of saving butterflies and creating cycling trails, while never mentioning details like imposed communal living and the prohibition of private transport etc, Sky News presented immigration as a joy for the British, as they could now listen to Bulgarian Folk Music, being played in Manchester, instead of having to visit the source of the music, in Eastern Europe, where their vacation could help the country retain its people.

They will also become accustomed to the ubiquitous group, which has seized control of the distribution of those newspapers, which discuss homelessness, as they try to touch you up for a contribution in the UK, they already control Europe. I have contact with many members of this group, none of whom are homeless, as they mostly live in “posh” caravans, equipped with generators, TV and most creature comforts. During the last twenty years or so, they have never sought a job or accepted one, despite being the owners of large vans, which are a means of earning good money.

I am aware that my views on immigration leave me open to attack, by those whom have been conditioned to believe that the  world would be a better place, if we were all a light shade of brown.  This nonsense can be quite easily exposed for what it is, by asking the question, why are slightly brown people, from the Middle Eastern Region of the planet, prepared to accept the Yankee Dollar, to murder their own folk?  This is where the greed starts.  Where it ends is in a State like Palestine,  to where Hitler was ordered by the British and American Jews, to expel German Jews.

Palestine, was once the sovereign country of the Palestinians.  It is now called Israel.  Jews were incrementally shipped off to Palestine, in order to create a large enough presence to over-run the indigenous people. This has been achieved.  The British Establishment  was responsible, through the Balfour Agreement, which was written by a group of Jews in the City of London.  The UK has now been placed in exactly the same position as was Palestine and the invaders are taking control.  That is the way these things work. The British have done exactly the same thing to many Peoples, in Australia, Canada, New Zealand etc.  That is the way of the world.

This same system is now being used to destroy the White Peoples.  The genocide in the UK is almost complete. The people are fed innocuous statistics, which their common sense, should tell them cannot be true. If London already has a majority of foreign Peoples, how long can it be, before these people whom have a superior birth-rate than do the British, take control?  The same applies to the US, where millions and millions of refugees from the Drug Wars and other US inspired terrorism, in Mexico and other countries in Latin America, are arriving, through deliberately open borders, into the US.

When they arrive, they find themselves treated like kings, while the average US Citizen is already in need of Food Stamps, to feed their families, and are about to be destroyed by a Health Care system which was written by the insurance companies,  all of which will make a fortune from its installation, while poor Americans, that is at least the fifty million whom already have need of help, will have to rely on charitable Health Care.

This is so obviously a deliberate policy of the destruction, of the population, in both the US and UK, that to be called Racist or Xenophobic, by Liberals, in an attempt to discourage any real discussion of the situation, is a sign that the Liberal opposition is being paid to oppose and dismiss reality as fearmongering.

Why, for example, did the British and American governments, find it so simple to export millions of jobs to China, while encouraging immigration into both of their own countries, at a time when there was no work? Why did all of the investment go to China? Why was it not shared amongst those countries in the Maghreb for example, which might encourage the young to remain there, instead of coming to France? Or indeed in Mexico, which will soon be empty, as a result of “The Drug Wars.”

If it was not a deliberate policy of the “dumbing down” of school-children, what has caused the complete collapse in the standard of education, to the point where it has become necessary to find those with sufficient skills, to hold down a decent job, in the UK, from abroad?

While hundreds of thousand of people, whom have lost their homes in the US, through the deliberate policies of the Government, live in tents, millions of homes are being Bull-Dozed. This is because, as is the case in all countries which have had the system of Fractional  Central Banking and Compound Interest, imposed on to them, a sufficient housing stock is forbidden. Housing is a “Cash-Cow” for the bankers.  Shortages cause the price to rise continuously, until the point is reached, as in the UK, where it has become impossible for those whom earn the average salary, to repay the debt or Mortgage, on their home, during their lifetime.

This is the measure of the theft, which elected politicians either so choose or are paid, to accept. They could change this in an instant, should they so desire. That is apart from those whom are being blackmailed, as a result of their “Dark Desires,” which accompanies their love of children.

The forces of Zion; which is term which is used as a means of including non-Jews into current events and warfare, giving the impression that all is not the fault of a single group of people;  are deliberately creating havoc in the Middle East, North Africa and the Indian sub-Continent.   The refugees fleeing this chaos, are being invited into every State with European ancestry.

Even in the Arctic Circle, where Winter is a nightmare of alcohol inspired dreams and a fight against the impulse to commit suicide, in the never-ending darkness of Winter, we now find Muslim Communities, attempting to find refuge from the Depleted Uranium and other poisons, with which their counties have been contaminated, with the help of those very countries, which now find themselves being over-run with immigrants. Does this sound like common sense, or are you like me, dumbfounded by this carry-on?

Why is the UK importing workers into a country which already has a shortage of housing, a dysfunctional health system and a massive number of unemployed?  I am very sorry to be the barer of bad news but this is a genocide against the real British, Dutch, Swedish and all other white Peoples. This is White Genocide.

The next step down the road to this extermination, is being called, innocuously,  Communitarianism.  Communitarianism, does not simply sound like Communism, it is Communism.  Communitarianism, like Communism before it,  has a Manifesto.  This manifesto is based on the same tenets as was Communism.  Principle amongst them being “Property is Theft.”

This theft, does not of course apply to those whom refer to themselves as the Elite.  They will continue to live, with a drastically reduced population, in the comfort to which they have become accustomed. Theft, to the Elite, will mean that portion of the planet which does not fall under their control or ownership.

Communism has always been this way.  Communism in Russia was set up by Jewish Families, by whom it was controlled, until the day that the Jew Gorbachev melded the USSR with the Capitalist West and Boris Yeltsin, passed all of the “Nationalised” industries into the hands of the real owners, the Banking Elite,  whom had controlled Russia from the start.

The “Free West,” is now in the process of selling off, at “fire-sale” prices, the cream of the Public financed Utility Companies, such as Water, Energy and Airports into the hands of the new Dictators, the Zionist Bankers. They will soon have a strangle-hold over every aspect of our lives.

The International Monetary Fund, which is itself privately owned, is, through the use of a false debt and its paid agents in government, forcing countries like Greece and Ireland to destroy Public Services and in some cases taking control of the very Patrimony of these countries. The opposition to these changes, from the people, is being ignored while elections are rigged.

The people of Greece are being forced to accept “bail-out” funds, which do not improve the economy but which are paid, directly into the leading banks, which passed this “funny-money” as real and simply paid it to themselves as interest on previous loans.

The British people have just been put through Austerity Measures, as have most countries, however should you choose to ask a Member of the British Parliament, to explain in simple language, to whom the “debt,” has been paid, they would not have a clue, any more than would the man in the street, or should I say, the person in public?

That is the measure of the deception, to which we have been exposed.  We are fed terms like the “Sub-Prime Scandal,” or the “Derivative Bubble,” or “Credit Default Swaps,” all of which are going to create a catastrophic  financial disaster, when they come to term.   Like for example, should Greece default on its debt.  Apparently, all of these Derivatives will come due, should such an event occur.  Well isn’t that just too bad. Should Greece default, those whom are waiting to be paid will just have to be told NO!  You’ll have to wait. Take it up with whomsoever you paid for these derivatives and simply ask for your money back. Go to Hell, why should the planet have to collapse to pay a few more Sheckles to the richest people in the World?

We were informed that there is already a Syrian Community, in London, as a result of the vicious, British paid war in  Syria, which is designed to assist Israel, in its demonic desire to take control of huge swathes of the Middle East, which will allow them to sell off the Oil Reserves of the region to their own advantage. The criminal government in Israel, is apparently, financed by a Mafia Godfather called, Sheldon Adelson. Strangely, it was Adolf Hitler, whom suggested that the “real” purpose of the State of Israel, was to give shelter to International Criminals, in order to protect  them from the Rule of Law.

Adelson-Led Billionaires Spend Cash in Israel Elections ..


9 responses

  1. Les

    You are not being paranoid, enochered. Have a look here to see what I mean –
    http://islamversuseurope.blogspot.com Islam and Judaism have a lot in common as they both want to dominate.


    October 20, 2013 at 21:24

    • Thanks for that Les. Has the new man kept his promise about Carbon Tax?


      October 21, 2013 at 08:39

  2. Don

    It can’t be considered paranoia to accept the evidence of your own eyes Eno.

    What mankind needs to understand is the edict not to eat Pork came not from ‘God’ but was instead a practical and often life saving abstention. In hot climates poorly cooked pork contains many potential parasitic organisms.

    The same goes for so much of the so called word of God.

    If God, Jehova, Allah, or whomsoever he be called gives Instructions to “smite thine enemies and slay their children” then that line of thinking sounds distinctly human in origin to me. If such an almighty existed who routinely gave such encouragement then it would be entirely possible for a decent human being to hold a higher moral plane than god himself!

    I’m reminded of supposed messages from aliens in which the phraseology or syntax are distinctly American. Perhaps then the entire universe speaks with an American accent? Or perhaps it’s all tosh for stupid people who also believe their God gave them license to indiscriminately slay innocent women and children.

    Unfortunately there are a lot of such stupid people, many unquestioningly so, and it is those hoards of willing assassins who would gladly throw away their earthly life for the promise of paradise that we now face.

    If mankind would but notice that the least spiritual of us but the most material, the ones who go to extreme lengths not only to cling to this life but to live luxuriously while doing so are the very same ones who advocate that everyone else die early and go to ‘paradise’.


    October 20, 2013 at 16:58

    • It is strange how God demands that people bow down to him at frequent intervals every day. Also, just like the bankers, he supports both sides in War. Could God really be that stupid? Is he having a laugh while he watches dog eat dog and spiders wrapping innocent insects, alive, into a ball of fluff, to eat later. If any of this is true, God must be malevolent.


      October 20, 2013 at 17:34

      • Don

        The concept of God is clearly a man made construct. He is a vengeful and ugly god, thus reflecting accurately the character of those who created him.

        Why is it I wonder that whichever religion men follow they are each convinced that ‘their’ one true god tells them that he is on their side alone. It’s laughable if it wasn’t so bloody dangerous.

        To find who are behind the hoax look to those who cherish materialism above spirituality. Indeed they who cherish earthly rewards above all else! Then ponder why other peoples are fooled into believing that their rewards come only after death, while those that fabricate this myth believe that their reward from their God is to rule here upon earth.

        If enough people can be convinced to either die needlessly for ‘God’, or renounce all earthly goods and pleasures when alive for him, it makes it much easier for that third party to fulfil the role they believe to be their own, which is to rule upon earth as gods chosen people.


        October 20, 2013 at 19:29

  3. Don

    Spot on with all of the above. There seems to be a tendency to use a tried and trusted methods. The reasoning of the elite goes along the lines of ‘if it worked once it will work again’.

    This is why the Dunblaine outrage where the shooting of primary school children was used to confiscate all British guns, was later used as the model for Sandy Hook. Or the old chestnut of ‘weapons of mass destruction’ was again raised when attacking Syria.

    The balkanization of nations (including the west via immigration) into warring sectarian factions is another fingerprint of the Zionist Jews, henceforth only Israel is allowed to be a racially homogenous land, something they are working toward by the constant genocide of the indigenous population. This method of land stealing worked well with the aborigines, and latterly the American Indians, and is now working on the Arabs of the middle east.


    October 20, 2013 at 11:33

    • Hello Don, There is one thing which is beginning to disturb me just a little bit. Have you noticed that everything which has taken place since 911, has involved a lot of participation from the Muslim Community? They may well be “patsies” on the one hand, nevertheless on the other hand they are providing the excuse for more and more restrictions being forced on to the rest of us.
      Did you take a look at the link to Adelson? I was not joking about him being Mafia, he is apparently the heir to Lansky and Luciano, Spiegel and all the rest of the Jewish Mafia. During the past twelve years, not one distinctive Muslim voice has been raised in anger at atrocities which have been carried out against virtually all Muslim States.

      The Arab League justified the attack against Libya and were silent about the attack on both Mali, Syria and of course they have not intervened in Bahrain or Yemen, never mind Saudi Arabia. We are well aware that the so-called Arab Kingdoms are probably all Jewish, It would now appear the the Front Men for the Bankers are quite openly Mafia, otherwise why would Rothschild allow criminals to finance elections in Israel, which is of course his domain.

      I have just posted an article on my page for France. The Muslims in France are calling for Sharia Law. The article is from a Radical Newspaper similar to Private Eye. I think it will translate well enough to make sense. It is a rare criticism of the Muslims in France, where there are enormous numbers here already, and thye still have the right of entry as they were part of the French Empire.

      There is much evidence that Islam was designed by the Jews and it was they whom forced many Christians to adopt Islam. The article this morning associated the Muslim slaughter of animals at Eid, to Abraham, who was of course a Jew. At the same time Sky News was reporting that Muslim prisoners in the UK were trying to force Islam on to Black prisoners.

      You know as well as I do that all of the main religions in the West, come from the same source. Rome is already controlled as is Mecca, not to mention London Paris Berlin Moscow and Washington All of this is making the distribution of Muslims whom have a grudge against us, amongst us.all the more sinister. We’re in the middle of Tempest at the minute, which cuts off my connection. I was in the middle of saying something when it cut and I can’t recall what it was.


      October 20, 2013 at 12:13

      • Don

        If the term Mafia is taken to mean an organized gang that uses criminal methods for its own advancement then of course we are ruled by a Mafia. Far from the popular image of sharp suited Italian mobsters however, in reality it consists of pencil necked, business suited Luciferian financiers.

        On the night of my last visit where we discussed among other things the McCanns and secret advanced technology my computer was attacked. It wasn’t just the work of some wannabe bedroom hacker either, my firewall was expertly evaded and all documents and downloads destroyed. They even managed to enter the bios and change things around to make rebooting impossible. I’ve fixed it now, but many gigs of information were destroyed.

        That was an illegal act, one of many criminal acts committed in order to restrict information and silence the truth. So again – just like the Mafia.

        As for the Muslim problem. All religion is BS, which is why I adhere to none, nor show respect for any. Historically it has been and is still today used as a means of psychological manipulation. The many masses of ‘Muslims’ will unthinkingly obey the edicts of their Immams Mufti’s or Mullah’s without question, which makes them a formidable force with which to destroy a society from within. Imagine if the French wartime resistance had consisted of a five million strong ideologically driven death cult. What a time the Germans would have had in quelling such people!

        It’s a simple matter to insert a bought and paid for religious leader who can then command an army of faithful unto death Muslim followers, all of whom are being duped and used by the very people they believe they are fighting against. Mass immigration was the prelude to this.


        October 20, 2013 at 13:47

        • The Mafia is the Mafia. It is controlled by the same families as is the Banking system. The Mafia bosses are simply “front-men” as is Rockefeller.

          As for what I was getting at about Islam, I was expecting the order for Civil unrest to come from the so-called Elite, however if you include Islam as an integral part of the scheme, that means that we are in fact under attack on two fronts.both of which have very similar beliefs and the need of cruelly slaughtered animals, wont eat Pork and eat Kosher or Hallal food. It all starts to look a bit creepy or am I paranoid?


          October 20, 2013 at 15:35

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