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The Tragic Victims Of British Humanitarianism Seek Shelter In UK.

While the British Government chooses to ignore the results of their illegal wars, the survivors, forced to leave the wastelands, which the British and their friends created, in order to save them from a relatively peaceful and prosperous life, are now going through hell on the high seas, in an attempt to escape the ongoing slaughters, which the UK is  continuing to finance.

The British are not only prepared to persist in the illegal activities, the excuses for which were deliberately generated, they are at the same time seeking an excuse to expand the slaughter into other Middle Eastern States, all in the interests of Israel and are even now eyeing up Africa, where there are huge reserves of oil,copper, gold and many other resources, which must be captured for the controllers of Chatham House ie. The Royal Institute for International Affairs ie. The Committee on Foreign Relations. This is a group which was formed by Cecil Rhodes with the money of Lord Rothschild.

The British, who were actually responsible for most of the serious War Crimes, during the Second World War, for which they managed to blame Germany, while at the same time, ignoring the slaughter which was carried out by the Jewish controlled Russian government, are now trying to blame the likes of Gadaffi, Saddam Hussein and Bashar al Assad, for provoking problems in the Middle East, problems for which they carefully laid the groundwork as long ago as 1917.

The Balfour Declaration — History.com This Day in history…

The British, whom are still providing the cannon fodder to fight Jewish inspired wars, continue to mislead the British Public as to the reasons or excuses for these ongoing slaughters. In all three wars, against Iraq, Libya and now Syria, the British, whom  quite viciously and deliberately, carried out these murders, without concern for the millions of casualties and the total destruction of all three countries, are now whining because refugees from these War Crimes are arriving in the UK, those that is, whom are not drowned in the process.

The British People, apparently feel pride in the efforts of their criminal governments, to improve the lives of those poor people over there and having had  their countries turned into  waste-lands, they should be content to stay there, under the gun of the British financed Al Qaeda and the other affiliated groups, all of whom are controlled by either the West or Saudi Arabia and all dancing to the tune of Israel.

When the lives of UK Citizens have finally been reduced to that of the Third World, the British voter might just wake-up to reality. A small island can only cope with a certain number of immigrants, so why did the Socialists, quite deliberately, allow up to ten million immigrants to enter the UK?  More seriously, why are they even considering voting for these people ever again?  What needs to happen, to make these poor people wake up to the fact that all three of the main Parties in the UK are  working together, controlled by Jews, whom have declared their first allegiance to be to Israel?

Is it too hard for the average British Citizen, whom thanks to their good education, can no longer provide a work-force with an adequate degree of intelligence, to handle a job, any more exacting than that of a factotum in McDonald’s, while the Government brings in more intelligent workers from Muslim Countries, to fill the stupidity gap? Whom, I wonder will help them tie their shoe laces should immigration be stopped?

Perhaps these lovers of Reality TV, have failed to notice that there are already large communities of refugees, from those countries, which the gullible British Citizen believes to have been saved, by British interventions, in Afghanistan, Somalia,Iraq, Syria, Libya, not to mention the huge numbers of Polish, Hungarian, East German and other refugees, whom arrived in the UK, to escape the Jewish Communists, whom with British complicity, had been given, Eastern Europe, to do with as they wished.  What these Jewish Communists wished, was to torture, rape and murder as many as possible, as quickly as possible.

This is much the same fate as befell the people of Palestine, when it too was passed into the hands of these same Jewish Communists.  The British of course, simply did not notice that Palestine had many millions of inhabitants, when they announced that they were giving “A land with no people, to a people with no land.”  Such a silly little mistake, “no matter all’s well, that ends well, wot!”

So perhaps the British people might ask their leaders, just what these people, whom are in fear of having their hearts cut out, by British Agents and eaten on film, for those users of Facebook, with a love of “Twilight,” are to do. There is nothing left of their lives in their homelands, thanks to the murderous British and their masters in the City of London.  So to where should these poor souls escape?

Is it any wonder that they are not prepared to integrate, in the UK, to suit the needs of the filth, whom destroyed their homeland, stole the oil reserves, which they are selling to China at 2 Dollars a barrel, which, when refined in China, is being sold in the West at nearly 2 Dollars a litre, or 120 Dollars a barrel.  Money, which in the day of Saddam Hussein, made it possible for them to lead a relatively prosperous life.

The new reality for the people of Libya is  no better. Syria is now on its way to same miserable fate.  The British are of course Humanitarians of high degree. Unfortunately, their interpretation of Humanitarianism, comes from Hell.

Having spoken to many British people, asking why they allow this state of affairs to continue, despite the fact that there is much evidence  close at hand, as the English have terrorised, even their closest neighbours in Wales, Scotland and Ireland, the British people,  have failed to notice.

They still have derogatory names for all of them, Paddy, Jock and Taffy and they are of course, stupid, mean or thieves, while Britain controlled the largest Empire the world has ever seen.  A task carried out like Gentlemen, of course.

The British people themselves, are never to blame. It is always the Government. So much for the Democracy,  which is being forced onto the Middle East. If there is nothing to be done about the leaders, to what does it amount? I sometimes wonder, if the people whom tells us that Democracy is the fairest system are being totally honest. To me it appears to be the most corrupt of all.

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  1. With a summary of the article, On the tragic victims of British humanitarianism, the British establishment required a sub class of human beings that was designed as a process, that included no education other than enough education to be indoctrinated, with propaganda as with the Jewish connection in the media such as Rupert Murdoch, subtle manipulations of the mind set for the nourishment of the British people, this program also included bad dietary conditions, and programs, such as Coronation Street, as a cultural model of normality, as noted enochered your frustration with socialism is all part of the conditions that over some considerable time the Establishment created this mind set, that makes it virtually impenetrable to get through, here in Australia, our leaders, Abbott and the opposition leader, having gone to Afghanistan for the celebration of terminating this war by Christmas, for Australia, having cost seven and half billion dollars, only 40 Australians dead and hundreds wounded and in a state of trauma further costing hundreds of millions for the taxpayer, Abbott, giving speeches to the troops on safe guarding our values, it seems all about materialism that benefits the few, what is wrong with these leaders? and the general public that seems to swallow human tragedy along with the next bit of trivia becoming all part of the soup of normality.
    I note Murdoch, is now off the hook and is also now a celebrated hero, it appears he is beyond the law, a cunning bastard who has friends in high places.


    October 29, 2013 at 10:55

    • You remarked about Lou Reed being a Jew, for God’s sake even Elvis was a Jew. You talk about Murdoch’s friends in high places, they’ve all got friends in high places. Just about anybody you can name in show business is a Jew and who own the media, lock, stock and barrel, why the Jews do of course.
      For what its worth they also own Socialism. The UK is controlled by Fabian Socialists, the same folk whom educated the Queen.
      What we refer to as Socialism in no way conforms to the ideas of those who control it. They have never been looking after the interests of the working man.
      The UK is in fact Fascist, but they call it Private/Public partnerships. A good example of this is the current problem with Utility costs. Power providers, which have been privatised, pay dividends to those whom invest in their shares, while the taxpayer pays the cost of the Grid. The extortionate cost of privatised energy, does not include this hidden charge that the taxpayer has to shell out. The same with the Railways, Private/Public, Water, the same thing.
      People should be outraged and insisting on re-Nationalisation, but they are too dumbed down to understand.
      The Socialists down here are just like the Milibands, Cameron and Clegg, all Jews. Hollande has just issued an order, that teachers in schools will be obliged to teach in Arab, for the benefit of those who don’t speak French. They will also be obliged to hold lessons on the Coran. There are some areas where the schools are virtually 100 per-cent Arab. They are no longer encouraged to integrate. This is Jewish Socialism in action.
      Did you have a look at the videos I posted? This crime against White People never makes it on air. We are being hunted down like animals. We are in fact even being attacked by our own people, whom believe that when the end comes, they will be spared. Some hope.


      October 29, 2013 at 12:46

  2. I am not sure what you mean enochered by ba -ba’s? I think its a reference to sheep? I would like to look at the hippies from two points of view, after the 60s their was a significant change in attitudes, that meaning it was less judgemental and thus less condemning, the hippies had a correlation with greater tolerance, for say human frailty, I think they contributed to ending war such as Vietnam, and had the Paris upheaval and protests in college and university sit ins and so on, it is hardly deniable the ending of the 50’s were a different ending in the 60’s, having said that, the enemies of the hippies, the import of foreign gurus, this onslaught of new philosophy and ideas threw the general direction of the hippies, in to submission of esoteric philosophy and was difficult to assess what this stuff was really about, you will note figures such as R.D. Laing and Richard Alpert, and Timothy Leary, and the Beatles were just a few of those who embraced this eastern idea, for some time I would of thought the guru’s from this import are all but history and other than a few freaks such as Muktananda, Rajneesh, have all had their day, Satcha Sai Baba, who reputably had and still has millions of followers, who I met in 1971, was a real case history, not only did he attract millions of Indians but also had a western following and many were professional people and scientists, turned out to be a child molester, the psychiatry profession and devotees were all part of the destruction of the hippies, also the CIA, MI5/6 all contributed to this destruction, within the hippie movement that in part had a slogan of make peace not war was noble enough at first sight, this course of action would become a problem for the hippies, within the movement were inherent problems, the attraction of the perverted, the corrupt and the insane, here I suggest the CIA, and other organizations as such, were able to use basket cases to do their dirty work, that is as for example the CIA killing of John Lennon, President Kennedy, King and so on this would be through the process of mind manipulation of suitable candidates that came under the watchful eye of the CIA, this is how organizations such as Tavistock, connected with these people.
    The same techniques are used by British police, the noted killing of Duggan in Totenham, was orchestrated by police to create riots and unrest of youth, this came about as the police were to have a reduced police force as crime was slowing down, the police did not want cuts to the force as they police had mortgages to pay and the victim chosen was of a foreign look and also a drug user which would all contribute to him being dispensable, and also from lower classes, as on looks at film footage of these riots, you will note a group of men with rifles shooting people, this would all be part of police dressed up as rioters, you will also see the police allowing rioters to go for it without police intervention, the set up of virtually all terrorism is aided and abetted by police, such as the bombing in London’s underground and the bus incident, these so called Muslims, would all have been under police surveillance and most likely infiltrated this group with a mole and supplied explosives, one has to ask the question that in the propaganda of police and military that is linked with financiers, as to whether any one is safe from becoming a victim of violence, that is all part of what may be called friendly fire or a sinister society that creates fear and terror for those who desire to stay in power
    It is obvious a detailed account of the theme I am writing about cannot embrace all aspects of this history, such as the cultural indoctrination of the individual as to the culture imposed upon them, this aspect requires a dismantling and a reductive process that in particular if born in Britain with a legacy of historical data, is a formidable journey, this would not be a journey for those such as Britain’s Prime Minister would embark upon, on the contrary, his mindset would be only to affirm one thing, that history be observed and the dictates of the State are complied by, that is you should know your place and be obedient to the cause?


    October 28, 2013 at 02:10

    • Hello there. The problem with all of this, including the Ba-Ba’s, is your perception. It has nothing to do with sheep, it is short for Ba Ba Cool, which was a association with “Stoned out of your mind, Man” The “Real” Hippies were “Soixante-huitards” which referred to those whom started the revolution in 1968. The Ba-Ba’s are now those whom have become the Alternative Intellectuals, mostly Upper Middle Class, for whom it was all just posturing. The “Soixante-Huitards” became similar to the “Peace Convoys,” but have more or less fizzled out.
      There are those whom believe that Lennon was an undercover agent for the Tavistock Society. They claim that most of the Beatles songs were composed by shadowy characters from The Frankfurt School. “Imagine,” is pure NWO tripe.
      I watched the reporting on the riots in London and it was clear that it was controlled. Even the Sky News reporter was taken by surprise. He saw hundreds of Police vans, all parked up in streets not too far from the scene and he asked the question live on air. “Why are the Police standing by doing nothing?”
      The same with 7-7, London was crawling with Cops on that day, if you or me turned up to plant bombs, we would certainly have made sure we did not do it in places which were teeming with Police, when there are hundreds of other targets of equal value.
      I now believe that the “Hippies” were just another CIA construct. At the time they were being used to destroy the “Peace Movement.” Ordinary folk had already taken to the streets to protest the Vietnam War, when they were suddenly swamped by a more or less, fully fledged, group of strangely dressed, long haired “activists,” whom turned the peaceful protests into a violent affair, which gave the police an excuse to attack.
      Most of the “Leaders,” turned out to be Jews, Alan Ginsberg, Jerry Rubin, Bob Dylan et al and they kicked off the “Gay” revolution and introduced the paedophiles to the public at large, in a manner which suggested, “Well if these people are doing it what can be wrong with it?”
      Large numbers of these people were lodged up in and around San Francisco and Los Angeles, where all of the paedos like John Stewart were shagging their own children or “loaning” them out to friends. There was a lot of action taking place in the Hollywood Hills at the time. Why even the Stones and the Beatles were mixed up in it.
      At the week-end, I stumbled on to a site, which was discussing a newish documentary film, I can’t watch clips with my connection, so I was simply interested in what the film was about. It turned out to be about the Elite and all of the usual stuff, 911, WTC7 Monsanto etc. One of the subjects was Chemtrails, to which I made a remark, I was actually annoyed at the time because all my batteries were flat after several days of rain and on the first clear day, the sky was filled with chemtrail clouds, blocking out the sun.
      Well I was deluged with criticism, because apparently, The Science is Settled” on Chem Trails and you are not even allowed a joking reference to them. You are obliged to read the sites which have been selected as proof of the innocence of Chem Trails and the stupidity of those whom insist that there is something sinister about them, before making a comment.
      This is what we are up against Don. I took a look at the site which several people advised me to visit, to be educated as to the reality of Chem Trails. It was a long exposition explaining how vapour can be generated by the wings and tailplane and the local climatic conditions, which we all understand perfectly well. We were told that it would be impossible for any additional tanks to be installed, which could be filled with something or other with which to spray the atmosphere, without being discovered. So it follows from what these people have been fed by this site that there are no such thing as Chem Trails, they are simply Con-Trails.
      Well back here on earth, in the real world, as they say, where things matter and they are not just a talking point with which to make a claim of some sort of superior knowledge, I could not properly charge my batteries, as a result of clouds which had been artificially generated, whether with a hidden agenda or simply as a by-product of something else. That is reality for those whom still have a real attachment with Nature.
      By the way, I hope your in good spirits and have not been troubled by the fires which I understand are still raging.


      October 28, 2013 at 07:46

      • Hi enochered, to start with your last comment, I live in Daylesford, 1 hour NW, of Melbourne, I have been in a sort of open air prison for the past two decades, its a sort of tourist or destination town for Melbourne, workers, at the weekend, the town is noted for spas, and also it is a gay town, with rainbow colors exhibited outside shops, a couple of years ago the fires were on the doorstep of Daylesford, say a couple of kilometers away bush was burning, the fires are in the hills behind Sydney, a distance away, I have no fear as far as I know of fire and little concern as with snakes and so on, which surround this area, having been involved with hot glass and furnaces, and glory holes running up to 14 hundred degrees or so, fire is not my neurosis, although I have had a share burns.
        I have not heard of the soixante-huitards, before, just read a bit of Chris Hitchens on this, I suppose the time of 68, was a time of general upheaval, like Czechoslovakia, this time seemed to question the culture we were living in, the establishment, did not like what was going on regardless, which then created the housing inflation of big money going to property, creating a sort of pseudo wealth, that meant for years eventually people would be paying off big time mortgages, and paying for education that would create a artificial cost but would end ideas such as freedom, I refer to Haite Ashbury, as a group who got the flowers from markets that were to be discarded, they were middle class drop outs, but the symbolism was refreshing, at some point progress is a problem in say money spent on infrastructure, I think you mentioned this highway going up North of Britain, or England if you like, my point is why do we need to get to places faster? the agricultural land sacrificed for this, is it worth it?
        I do not think the chem trails are based on anything other than ideas, as you say, but I do not think John Lennon would be involved with the CIA, they may have tried getting in to his circle, he was from a art school I was at a art school at the same time, his involvement with LSD, would not be useful to the CIA.
        With your list of Jewish people named as Ginsberg, Bob Dylan, you left out Lou Reed, I did not think about this until I checked him out, also bi, one way or another, if you are Jewish and even if you deny any allegiance, you still have a advantage over the rest, what ever you call them gentiles, gentiles are involved with individuality rather than a group and the Jews have connections that the others do not, getting back to L Reed, I was playing LPs of the Velvet Underground in my restaurant Manna, in 1967, brought back good memories until the police arrived to close my restaurant down.
        I have a contact in France cannot remember where he is, was my chef at Manna in 1967, Robbin Bunnett, I think his name is, rang him out of the blue, was some relief to talk to someone I was associated with, my call was 45 minutes, do not know the cost, you have to be in a recluse position in France, as you are not connected with the electricity grid? Bon Voyage. Don.


        October 29, 2013 at 02:10

        • I knew a guy down here called Robin, he was an Organic gardener. I don’t know any family names, apart from McGregor’s, he was the geezer who helped set up Camden Lock.
          I have a profound problem, I take things very seriously. I was a Vegan for years. The 1970’s were an enormous disappointment for me, I thought we were in the middle of a huge cultural change after all of the uprisings at the end of the sixties.
          The Irish started the ball rolling in Ulster, when the world was made aware, that there actually people whom were supposedly British, who were not allowed to vote. The British responded, by sending in the troops to “protect” the Civil Rights marchers but quickly turned the guns on them. They then set-up the “enemy.”
          This is the same blueprint as the Al Qaeda project, which is ongoing. They are in panic at the minute in Ulster, because of signs of unrest, which will muddy the waters, which they want to reserve for Muslims.
          The same blueprint was used in the US, during the demonstrations against the Vietnam war. They sent in the “Hippies” to generate violence, which justified turning the guns onto their own people.
          I was just an impressionable kid at the time and I thought that these people were some sort of evolutionary jump, who spoke of love and peace, they lived in idyllic communes, they sang and danced all the time, while I was an outsider, I did not understand that these folk had simply adopted a style and they were crass enough to start talking the “far out” “too much” ” I’m having a flash” rubbish. They had all adopted Zen, as their preferred religion, while I was too stupid to understand what Zen was. When I then discovered that all of the Hippy Movement was like Feminism, a construct of Tavistock and the Frankfurt school, I was not at all surprised, which is why it finally came to an end and they all cut their hair off to become “Punks”
          I started on my own path, I spoke very little about it, to avoid ridicule and to also keep away from those who played the “game,” without a true connection. I am as you say, a sort of Hermit, I live on a diet of raw vegetables and nuts. However, now that the last of my kids has left, for the first time in my life, I am working for myself, so I am rich, in relative terms and I can now consider myself as a verifiable example of someone who carried the torch, to the end of the road, for what it’s worth.
          As for “Flower Power” and San Francisco, it was all a load of rubbish. Have you ever heard of the Wrecking Crew? Take a look at the musicians, who played on all of the sixties albums, you’ll see names like Hal Blain, Leon Russell, James Burton, they were the real band, the likes of Jefferson Airplane and the Byrds could not play their instruments, they were all constructs. They were practically all the children of Military families, people like Mama Cass and Jim Morrison were at school together. Morrison’s father was the Captain of the ship which was used as the excuse to kick off the Vietnam War, in the Gulf of Tonkin. I was all a farce. All of the well-known names were in it together, Zappa, Mamas and Pappas The Doors. Crosby and Stills, Jackson Browne.
          All the best.


          October 29, 2013 at 07:52

  3. A salient appraisal yet again, the problem with enochered blog, is people having so long comfortable with indoctrination and propaganda to corruption, are no longer able to grasp what enochered is saying, the history of the British, as mentioned in this article with regard to the Balfour Declaration, is plain to see the collusion, of the British establishment and the Jews, this cozy relationship with Jewish financiers and the British elite, enabled financing of wars at the cost of British sovereignty, which eventually the British tax payer would be grateful to pay for, via the Government to the Rothschilds, as repayments for the WW.2 ending around 1957, this brief freedom of the British from late 1950s to around 1967, approximately ten years came to a end as the establishment felt they were losing control, Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, headquarters in the East End and a annex in Hampstead, that had finance from Rockefellow, in 1947, to study psychology for mass indoctrination, and control, the figurehead of this institute being Sigmund Freud, operating as a front for family counselling, but also having directives connecting up with MI5/6, and the CIA, that promoted and distributed LSD, as a program, known as MKultra, this program was created to terminate the hippie movement and so called new freedom to that of a economic straight jacket through debt as with housing loans, and unemployment reducing wages, in essence to manipulate and control the public at large through police presence such as the use of guns and to be seen with guns, also the infiltration of any groups such as environmental or religious affiliations, by MI.5, and creating war abroad as a collusive enterprise with America, for the amalgamation of a society at home and to plunder assets abroad.
    The 1% do not have to control the many that much, as the control comes within the group and is maintained by the group, thus saving the elite as being a identifiable group that polarizes them as becoming a target to be overthrown.


    October 25, 2013 at 02:46

    • Hello there donwreford, The Balfour Declaration was typical of the collusion between the political classes and the would be Kings of the World. It was written by a clutch of Jews, which included Lord Milner who along with Cecil Rhodes raped Africa. Hitler hit the nail on the head when he explained that the Jews wanted Israel, not as a State for the Jews, it was as a lair, with sufficient Jews to justify calling it a State, so that they had a headquarters, from which, with Jewish politicians and other gangsters they could rob us all, without fear of International Law.

      All of the institutes like the Tavistock and the Frankfurt School were all Jewish productions as was Freud and his nephew Bernays. However the real killer punch was radio and television. To brainwash the people, you need access to their minds. The media provided that.You were right about the ten years of relative freedom after the war; They soon put an end to that, unemployment had already started to show its head in the sixties and the motor car put an end to small town life. In some strange manner people drove to pubs in one town saying they were better, while the people from the other town came the other way.

      Quite quickly Pubs started to close, after that local Cinemas and other amenities and quite suddenly the Churches emptied and the large numbers whom regularly sang Hymns together, knowing all of the other people in the church, where children laughed at other children’s parents whom sang too loud and all of that quaintness, vanished. Overnight Sunday was destroyed, by design.

      By the end of the sixties, youngsters who had jobs were giving them up and “signing on” because it was more in keeping with the “Woodstock” philosophy, which sadly, as you point out, was all part of the MK Ultra scheme. The British quickly stirred up trouble in Northern Ireland to provide “The Enemy.” An enemy which they invented and controlled in exactly the same manner as they now do in Syria and Libya. When you say that the Elite are an identifiable group, I am not too sure about that. Every time I think that I have nailed one of them down, another name crops up.

      What is certain is that all of the dreams of the sixties have come to nothing. Even the riots of 1968 were a controlled event. Where are they now the hordes of Hippies? Down here they call them “Ba-Ba’s” and they are pretty much the same mentality as their predecessors, take as much as you can from the State, while earning what you can on the Black, is still the rule they live by.


      October 25, 2013 at 09:23

    • Don

      It is increasingly apparent that the many seemingly deserve their fate. It’s no wonder that the Elite plunder them, their politicians betray them, and the corporate CEO’s rape them financially. Where is the outrage? Where is the demonstrated political will of the nation?

      If as Eno says the opposition rests only in the lazy pseudo counter culture then the elite have nothing to fear. There’s much talk of ‘dumbing down’ the populace but our elected officials are apparently similarly affected. How they have the effrontery to claim an 11% pay rise while freezing the pay of others is but one example of their confidence, or their bald stupidity.

      We are now a nation possessed of just 19 ships to represent the once proud Royal navy, yet we currently employ around 15 Captains and 2 Admirals for EACH of those ships. In the Army there are 256 Brigadiers and Generals governing a force that is soon to be reduced to a mere 82,000. One general for every 390 soldiers. Similarly, the RAF now has more commanders than aircraft.

      Even a fool must see that this is not only unsustainable, but fundamentally flawed, and as the tax base declines the system must collapse. Each of the above are involved in nest feathering at the expense of the public, and if the public remain silent then they deserve the fate that awaits them. Never have direct and indirect taxes been so omnipresent, and paid by so many, to fund so few.


      October 25, 2013 at 11:29

      • I have already written a lengthy reply to this comment Don, it vanished in front of my eyes, not for the first time either.I wrote about the reduction in the Military Forces. This is all to plan, the idea is to enlarge NATO, so that when the time comes it will be foreign troops whom break the heads of the British.

        You should know by now Don that there is always enough money for whatever they want to do. Talk of deficits and debt is a nonsense. The Bank of England is hiding the so-called debt. All the bits and pieces of paper, simply pass from the Treasury to the Bank and back again. There is no debt. We are simply being robbed and kept down and out.

        If Osborne was being whipped to death, screaming Yes!Yes: I would pay for him to whipped a little faster so that he would not have time to enjoy it. I would line up Boris and Dave and the rest of the Eton boys and give them all the same treatment.


        October 26, 2013 at 16:04

  4. Don

    S+M whipping boy George Osbourne said recently that there will have to be further ‘painful’ cuts to the UK budget to reduce the deficit. One would think that one such as he who allegedly pays prostitutes for Cocaine fuelled beatings would rather like to share our pain, but no, the financial hardship will rest wholly on the general public.

    In some ways that’s a good thing. It’s only when they can’t afford the Electricity to watch Simon Cowell’s new TV show that the British public might start taking notice of what’s going on.

    They might want to question why deficit reduction still allows several billion a year to be spent abroad on foreign aid and 50 billion on the EU, or why at 16 billion we can’t afford to build a nuclear power station, but can easily afford the rumoured 80 billion for the unwanted HS2 line?

    They might also begin to wonder why we are still importing millions of unskilled immigrants when the existing workforce is reduced to mainly part time or zero contract positions. It’s only when shit and fan collide at home that the reality of what those bastards in Westminister have been doing will hit home for them. Lets hope it does, and let’s hope there will be retribution on a grand scale.


    October 24, 2013 at 16:26

    • Sadly Don, they tell me that when the shit does hit the fan, that the sheeple will in fact beg for a World Government. Fortunately only one monarchy will remain, that one being the Rothschild controlled British one. So relax, go back to sleep, leave George alone, after all he was in the company of one of the new Royal Family, the last time he was whipped. After a Sauna with a Hedge Fund Manager and an Oligarch I believe.


      October 24, 2013 at 17:22

      • Don

        Celente reckons it’ll be March/April next year when the dollar enters it’s inflationary death spiral after which the West’s house of cards will fall.

        Western governments have been secretly preparing for it for some time. It was eight years ago that I learned that British traffic wardens were quietly issued with power of arrest cards and told to put them away for a future date when ‘the Police will be too busy with civil unrest’.

        At present the few can only rule over the many with the help of the many, that is until their artificial intelligence machines are perfected. If the many don’t rebel now while they still have time then they deserve their Orwellian (or perhaps as you infer Huxlian) future.

        In that case I may even change my own viewpoint, and shall go from socialist supporter and defender of the common man to predator of same due to their apparent stupidity and their willingness to become prey. They will have become the Eloi of the 21st Century.


        October 24, 2013 at 19:51

        • The US has been in a state of bankruptcy since 1913. The debt was a deliberate ploy. It was a well understood result of compound interest. There is a myth floating around that it is to do with Fractional Reserve Banking. This is not strictly true. Things have never been different.
          If you borrow from me, even if I charge you a token pound for the service, there is already not enough money in your pocket to pay me back.

          Nowadays they say that we have inflation because there is too much money in circulation, you can’t have it both ways. Inflation occurs when there is a shortage of things to buy, at the moment there is a surfeit of things to buy. People who now claim to be broke, are rich, the problem is that there are too many things to pay for. There is no way that I could have paid for a portable phone for all my kids. Nowadays even the poorest of the poor have two or three per family.

          There is oil dripping off the earth into space, we are drowning in oil, so why is it so expensive? Because the price is being manipulated, that too is a ploy. I see all the utility charges are sky-rocketing in the UK, why is that, when there is so much gas available that producers don’t know what to do with it? The problems are being caused because too much money is being taken out of the system by those whom do not produce, in the way I do for example, as much as they take out.

          A form of slavery is the problem Don. Every time you go near them they rob you. People are paying high interest on their mortgage for years to a Banker, who will keep their money and claim the house when they lose their job. If he chose to do so, Cameron could issue millions of pounds and distribute it equally amongst the people to spend, with no interest, which would give a boost to the High Street etc and nothing would be harmed from this act apart from the Bankers cut.

          Where are the true patriots, who should be going after the real criminals not the midgets like Assad. Celente has been predicting catastrophe for some time, he is bound to be right sooner or later. He upset me when he did not predict that he was about to lose his own money in a banking scam. We are all working to pay a debt that only exists because politicians allow it to exist. It is all owed to the same people, who should be gaoled, which would wipe out the debt at a stroke, it is a fiction. that’s why nobody can tell you to whom it is owed. They talk in generalities, we never get specifics.


          October 25, 2013 at 08:17

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