A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Barack Obama: The Ultimate Patsy.

While the USA is awash with violent crimes against white people, crimes which include, a multitude of rapes by Blacks, against white women and many brutal, black on white, racially inspired murders, Barack Obama chooses to speak out against a man, whom was still awaiting trial, in a manner which suggested that the man was guilty, while at the same time remaining silent on any crime which is committed  against a White.

Obama is a trained Lawyer, so he fully understands the seriousness of his ridiculous diatribe.  So why would an intelligent man make such a crass remark and more seriously, who authorised it to be scrolled in front of him on an auto-cue?

By whom was the débâcle in Benghazi organised, an event which resulted in the apparent demise of the career of Hilary Clinton and which it was suggested to be an October Surprise, designed to assist the re-election of Obama in November?

Did Vladimir Putin, face Obama down in Syria, resulting in the embarrassing withdrawal of an aerial attack, against the Assad regime, for which the excuse of the handover of chemical weapons was shamefacedly dreamt up?

More seriously, was Ed Snowden, deliberately supplied with secret files, in order to present yet another weak excuse for the leaders of several European countries, to express their astonishment at the antics of the National Security Agency, (NSA,) antics which must surely be the most open of secrets, as even the makers of electronic devices have kindly provided the NSA with a “back-door” through which they can spy on whomsoever employs one of these apparatus.

These apparent glitches in the comportment of Obama, are being presented as a sign of the demise of the US Empire. Saudi Arabia, a staunch ally of the USA and to its central controllers in Israel, has also disentangled itself from the States, adding to the impression  of a catastrophic collapse of the US hegemony in the Middle East.

When all of these things are put together, the acts of Man-Woman Wiggins and Ed Snowden, could well be described as the nudge which was needed to explain, the deliberate destruction of the US, as nothing more than the historical fate of all Empires.

The many inexplicable actions of Obama, such as the decision to leave all of the border crossings between the US and Mexico open, even during what was described as a disastrous epidemic of Influenza, can now be seen as being part of the disinformation, suggesting that the Pandemic was a fraud, while the flooding of the US with immigrants, was more important.

The reality of all of these disclosures of US transgressions, remains unchanged, not one word has been released as to the behaviour of Israel. The NSA, should in reality, be holding a million documents concerning Israel, where are they?

Back home in the US, it is clear that there is trouble looming.  Like the UK, they are cheering the end of the depression, on the strength of a few jobs flipping hamburgers, while planning to cut off food-stamps for the fifty million souls,  whom have no other means of survival.

In the UK, the government lost a Court Appeal, which  should they have won, would have been used to force people to work for nothing, which would no doubt have been used as yet another excuse to reduce the real numbers of the unemployed.

Obama has yet to announce to the people, that a Treaty has been signed with Canada and Mexico, two countries, which like the US, are under Jewish control, a Treaty which has dismantled the Borders, making it perfectly legal, for the entire population of Mexico, to set up home in the US and demand to be housed , fed, educated and to have access to health care.

This will signal the end of the American Dream, which was actually announced some years ago, when Maurice Strong, criticised the extravagant use of resources, by US citizens, which was way in excess of the average European, he expressed his intention of changing this situation and of making sure that no other country would be “allowed” the same extravagance.

It is now beginning to look as if Barack Obama, has been selected to oversee, the final destruction of the US as a World Power. The Elite, while attempting to deny US Citizens the right to a lavish life-style, has already set-up a new middle-class in China and India, which show exactly the same amount of greed and selfishness, as did the middle-class in the US. However, there is a vast difference in the populations of these two expanding economies, so little will change, so what is the hidden agenda for the USA?

My personal belief is that the US, which is in fact virtually empty, is to be the model for future development. The immigrants will be directed into large cities, where they will be forced to remain, while huge swathes of the US will be re-wilded, after which a new paradise on earth will be established for the ruling classes, while the Serfs will serve their Masters, with access to a minimum of resources for everyone.

The new American Dream, is coming straight out of the New Communist Manifesto, Agenda 21, it will be overseen by a man, Barack Obama, the son of a Communist and a Jewish CIA operative, the first Black President of the USA and sadly,  a carefully selected Patsy.

The above video, makes it clear, that any suggested problem between Vladimir Putin and Obama, is all a charade.  There is an attempt being made to create a “New Cold War,” this will be used, as was the original Cold War, to take control of States, which would otherwise go their own way. This was the policy after the end of WW2, when all of Eastern Europe was simply forced through the Russian/Jewish mincing machine.

The result of which was a wholesale, indiscriminate slaughter, a crime which has never been discussed thoroughly in the West, nor has there ever been an attempt to track down and prosecute the Jews, whom were responsible, as was done by the Jews against the remnants of the National Socialists.

I was interested to read an article in Haaretz, discussing the teaching of the Shoa, to five-year-old children, asking the question, would this form of education, while too young,  not  inculcate an idea, into the minds of the children, that they may be vulnerable to a racist attack at any moment. The article also discussed a tour, for adolescents,  of all the Polish Concentration Camps, which they infer, without supporting evidence, to have been “death camps.”

Why, one wonders, has no effort been made, to explain to these Jewish children, that the genocides, which were carried by the Jews, whom controlled Russia and Eastern Europe, far exceeded anything which may have been carried out by the Germans and why not create a Tour of the Jewish Gulags’.

We are never likely to discover the reality of all of the horrors, which took place in Russia, nor indeed in China, under Jewish Communist control, however what we are told of the behaviour of the National Socialists against the Jews, is based on “Eyewitness” evidence. This “evidence” has been catalogued in a video museum and is presented as being conclusive.

During my research, for this article, I happened to fall on a tale, discussing the assassination of JFK, whom allegedly upset Israel, Eyewitness evidence of events was summarily dismissed as being “Notoriously  unreliable.” Should that be so, it would be disastrous for a certain house of cards.

However, I digress, Obama was no casual choice. He was trained, for most of his life, in readiness for his current role. His mother was Jewish, his father Communist, his “pretend” father Muslim, so the young Barry Soetoro, grew-up with his foot in many camps.  In the true sense of the word, he does not exist. As with all of the historical  Patsies, he is difficult to pin down.  One wonders whether he, unlike the 7-7 or Boston Marathon Patsies, or indeed Oswald,  has come to understand the danger he is in, or will it dawn on him, as with the others, when it is already too late?


Indeed, when will we wake up?  Or will we, like the condemned in Russia, wait until the doors of our homes are kicked down?

2 responses

  1. Don

    The UK Govt didn’t entirely lose in court, only on a technicality. The premise that enforced labour was not a breach of human rights was upheld! Why Germany must pay any further wartime compensation is now a mystery given that slave labour has now been legalized, and is deemed moral.

    Here’s an interesting post from the TAP blog.

    Men are being medically redesigned to be less aggressive and less assertive, through food, vaccination and water. Women to be more assertive. Peer groups are programmed to dissolve the family, with teenagers hyper-sexualised and unable to form pair bonding relationships.

    The wars are resources words. The accounts of the wars written for the children to learn are nothing to do with the wars that actually happen.

    Cecil Rhodes left all his money to Lord Rothschild.

    Jesuits are mentioned. Rhodes said ‘we’ll copy the methods of the Jesuits’.

    Breeding of the elites. Money is a means of control throughout history. Getting others into debt. Elites always work through lenders and merchants. Marriage for the elites is always arranged by the merchants, who are the real bosses not the politicians, between people of equal wealth, with equal ruthlessness and greed.

    Politicians are just front men. They issue fake domestic stories about their family lives. The elites spend a fortune on schooling, using private tutors. The ruling elites are becoming a separate species. They never need fear poverty.

    The elites have affairs but mustn’t breed outside the marriage.

    China is also financed by the same financiers as all other countries.

    Education for most people ensures you don’t find out any of this. The higher education you have, the peer pressure to belong, overcomes any thinking, and tendency to reject the indoctrination in the education system. The brightest children according to Bertrand Russell, are recruited, taken away from their families, and they are made into ‘one of us’. If the child works out the system and rebels, then says Russell, they must be eliminated. The very brightest children are often not selected, as they are more likely to realise who they’re working for, and a top stream but lesser intellect is preferred.

    In politics there is the outer party, which claims to be idealistic, and there is the inner party, which tells you just to obey, like the Freemasons.

    All psychopaths are good actors and very charming. They don’t feel normal emotions but they study others and learn how to act the emotions they witness in others.

    We’re already completely global. Society is completely dysfunctional. The Club Of Rome, a top Think Tank of the elites, said democracy will never work. Therefore we have to train the public into an authoritarian system. People must adapt to survive. Everyone must be completely predictable, to be easy for the psychopaths to control.

    Fear is the primary weapon to make you give up your freedoms. Terrorism. 9/11. The oldest game in the book.

    People are divided amongst themselves, so they can’t act together in unity. Strikes are always broken.

    They give you heroes to follow. Politicians pretend to speak for you and disarm your tendency to rebel. Power must be maintained. They find out who’s questioning the system, and lead them up the garden path.

    We’re all profiled. Everyone is profiled by The Pentagon, and their behaviour is predicted.

    Is there any hope? Will there be any rebellion? To do that you need a common culture, but we don’t have any common cultures any more. They always kill the people who tell the people to live together in peace and harmony.

    The United Nations ran the Cold War. It’s all fake. It’s a great plan if you’re a psychopath bent on maintaining power. Exposure of the system offers a glimmer of hope.


    November 1, 2013 at 12:18

  2. Whilst to touch on John Kennedy, having not researched this aspect of him for some time, I recall him taking over the Bank for America, meaning to take control as a sovereign nation the autonomy of the paper money being centrally controlled by America, for America, I think his main crime of signing his death warrant, is to to get the controller, Rothschild’s, out of the money printing authority as the dominant central power that controlled the American money market, if this is what you mean by upsetting Israel, this would be it
    The same as Britain, the Rothschild’s, controlled Britain’s money manufacturing machine, what ever they now say I suspect the same organization is at work here, as you know the camouflage of the big finance guys, set up, is endless institutes, their are so many, no one can keep up with this array of deviant boards and executives that is a sort of a protection army that defies critical examination other than the cutting of the Gordian Knot.
    That no Man has the courage to cut.


    November 1, 2013 at 06:48

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