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Remember The Dead, Not Only The Killers.

The closet Jew, David Cameron, bestowed a Plenary Indulgence over the massed hordes of murdering British soldiers, whom now have his personal benediction and permission to shoot injured men to death. Just so long as the victims are described as Terrorists, Insurgents, Rebels or indeed, should you find them in one country while not in another, Al Qaeda or Al Shabaab.   However they must never be described as Freedom Fighters, Resistance Fighters or Opposition Troops and most certainly not, “Brave Young Lads.”

The recent “False Flag” attack in the London District of Woolwich, which was allegedly carried out by two “radicalised Muslims,” whom quickly recited a prepared statement to a cameraman, whom “just happened” to be on hand to record the event, were condemned out of hand by the same dispenser of Indulgence, Cameron, as  Cold Blooded Killers, whom must be dealt with, using the full weight of the Law.

This from the government which declared themselves absolved of any crime, after WW2. It was decided by them, that only Germans committed War Crimes. Such is the arrogance of those whom ordered the appalling Fire Bombing of Dresden and starved five million Bengali people to death.

The cold-blooded, savage murder of a badly wounded young man, was more or less dismissed as an act, which might possibly occur in the heat of war, though judging by Iraq,  Libya,  Northern Ireland,  Afghanistan, it might possibly, quite frequently, crop up in the ranks of the psychopathic scum, whom litter the ranks of the Professional British Military. This fact was, of course, quickly swept out of sight, so as not to interfere too much with the Victory Celebrations, which take place annually, in the name of the dead Military, of past wars.

The British will be celebrating, as will the Russians, the defeat of yet another group, whom had the temerity to stand up to Jewish dictates, and whom were forced to fight a war in order to preserve the morality and freedom of their country, from being swamped by filth and immorality.

The wholesale, murder, rape and torture of twenty million Germans, during the Second World War, is now referred to, by the British and the Coalition of Killers, whom helped them to carry out the murder, of up to  one hundred million souls, a “Good War,” a “Just War,”  in fact by any name, which will convince the British Sheeple, that they are innocent and deserving of Lord Cameron’s Plenary Indulgence. Despite it being something, which only The Lord God in Heaven may bestow.

Nobody is obliged, to kill another human being and should they do so,  they are a murderer and nobody, not even a Jewish Prime Minister, can absolve you of guilt.

The British Minister of Terror, Philip Hammond, today, from the scene of the crime,  is still claiming to be fighting Terrorists in Afghanistan.  He assures us, that unlike the terrorists, the British Killers, operate under a strict standard of behaviour and despite several thousands of examples, contradicting this claim, he says the recent murder in Afghanistan, was an isolated incident.   So the British can relax, there will be no listing of British atrocities, on this day of all days.

The British people are apparently already calling for a lenient sentence for the actual executioner of the young Afghan, while ignoring the bad feeling which was apparent amongst his comrades, when they were not allowed, to carry out the killing, so that he could gleefully, carry it out himself.

So is this an instance of a group of isolated deviants, similar to the group in Iraq, whom pummelled an innocent Iraqi to death?  Or perhaps the Platoon of scum whom slaughtered Civil Rights marchers in Northern Ireland. I could go on as this list of isolated incidents is endless.

So on this Remembrance Sunday, let us, just for once, think about the millions of innocent people, whom were culled by the Jewish financed war machine.   A debt which has only recently been repaid, and just a little bit less about the paid killers, whom carried out the slaughter.

Phrases such as “Our Freedom is always in danger and we must do whatever is necessary to protect it,” while at the same time praising the dead Military, as those whom were prepared to take that extra step, to protect their, hamlet, village, town or city and must never be forgotten, is verging on Blasphemy.  It must of course never be mentioned, that not one of these deaths, was necessary to save anyone in the UK.

(Otto Skorzeny was a remarkably brave man, whom was declared innocent of any crime at Nuremberg.)

The UK and US,  have both contributed the maximum possible assistance to this never-ending slaughter, while they have never been under any real threat of invasion, they, are the invaders.

Hitler, in the above clip, explains quite succinctly, how the “Allies,” did and still do, compile  coalitions, which spreads the blame, no one is innocent, while at the same time, as they recently did in Libya, Syria and  Afghanistan,  install the same form of “Government” which is composed entirely of politicians whom they control, in exile, if necessary.  Nothing changes.

The German people are still not allowed to remember the gallant men and women, whom in fact,  gave, their lives, in an attempt to repulse a cruel invasion.  Today, the Barbarians are congratulating themselves, while the people whom they destroyed, are still being forced to pay the costs of the filth whom slaughtered them.

One response

  1. Don

    Now we know what war is – a deception of all sides, all being made to think they are right, thinking they’re fighting to save their country. A deception by a hidden cabal, by bankers operating behind the scenes, with a one world Zionist totalitarian agenda…I can’t wear the emblem of national mourning for a sacrifice that was a total deception.


    November 10, 2013 at 18:52

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