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Why Are Politicians Praising Atomic Electricity, While Keeping Silent About Fukushima?

The real extent of the disaster at Fukushima, is still being downplayed, even as the Pacific Ocean dies. One could almost accuse our elected representatives of being in league with a malignant force of evil, which is attempting to redesign the planet to its own liking, to a state which most certainly does not correspond to the needs of human beings .

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  1. Don

    Transhumanism is spoken of as the next step in human evolution. The fact that it isn’t evolutionary at all is quickly brushed aside by talk of the great benefits in health and physical advancement it would bring.

    I’m sure humanity has been here before. It is perhaps an evolutionary cycle in itself that humanity always gains the technology to destroy itself, after which the earth takes several hundred millenia to recover. There have been artifacts found embedded in undisturbed coal seams, metal objects, aluminium gearwheels and the like that suggest machinery was known on earth even 200 million years ago. Not what we are told at all by our handlers.

    The only thing that doesn’t appear to advance beyond the base level is man’s propensity to harm his fellow man, his conquest of others for greed, and his disdain for the planet that supports his existence. Humanity has great potential for good but is harmed by an embedded virus, and it is this viral strain who actively promote avarice and conquest that are currently running the narrative. By their deeds shall ye know them indeed.


    November 16, 2013 at 11:19

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