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The Mandela Myth: What Was It He Did?

The massed puppets of the New World Order, were out in force, for the memorial service dedicated to Nelson Mandela. The hyperbole was of an outstanding level of obsequious drivel, which demonstrated, quite clearly, that we were in fact, watching, a carefully prepared event, which would suggest, that Mandela had in fact been sent home from hospital, to disguise the fact that he had been dead for some time, while the Big Send Off was being arranged.

I was determined not to waste time watching the event as I have a lot of work at the moment, so I decided to listen to the audio as I worked. However, when that little weasel Ban Ki Moon was talking about the efforts made by the UN, against the Apartheid regime in South Africa, in support of the rights of the Black South Africans, I almost choked on the nuts I was chewing.

He spoke as if he could not hear what he was saying, or perhaps he can only read English while not understanding a word of it. He boasted of the measures, which had been taken by the UN, to bring down the Apartheid,  Regime. He told us that Mandela had been one of the greatest leaders of all time.

The UN, he claimed, had struggled side by side, with Mandela and the people of South Africa, using every tool at their disposal to bring freedom and justice to the people. These tools included Arms Embargoes, that is apart from those which arrived from that other Apartheid State, Israel, arms which included Atomic Weapons. Sporting Boycotts and Diplomatic isolation. In fact everything which he should have been doing against Israel, which apart from being Racist and running an Apartheid regime is also the most warlike, belligerent country on Earth.

He must surely have had his tongue in his cheek when claiming to be continuing this policy against inequality, intolerance and to be seeking prosperity and peace.

As if this had not been too nonsensical for your taste, we had the most barbaric, cruel and cold-blooded of Western Leaders, Barack Obama, to follow. He spoke of Mandela’s time in prison as if it had been an injustice, when in fact Mandela was a terrorist. For those of us whom accept the right of people to struggle for their freedom, this position is acceptable but not for those whom deny those of whom they disapprove, the same right and privileges.

However, how does Obama justify Guantanamo Bay? Where he has incarcerated men, whom have been charged with no crime, for years, without trial. Bradley Manning planted no bombs, he simply told us what we have every right to know, yet he could well be given a thousand-year sentence, in that bastion of liberty and fair play, Obama’s USA. Is this the sort of freedom of which Ban speaks?

The mealy-mouthed reporter from Sky News, found it amusing that Obama had received a huge cheer, whereas South African President Zuma, was booed. He failed to mention the other African hero, Robert Mugabe, who received an ovation no less impressive than was that of Obama.  Mandela, of course, opposed Mugabe, giving his support to the British choice ZAPU and Joshua Nkomo. Thompson needed a prod from his African co-presenter to acknowledge Mugabe’s fine reception.

What a shame that Obama, along with another puppet in the audience, Sarkozy,  murdered Muammar Gadaffi, the man whom did more for Africa than have all of the present World Leaders combined, before he could receive the ovation which he so richly deserved.

We must of course, keep in mind, that Obama is a total hypocrite and a liar and while he prattles his nonsense about freedom and liberty and all of those other platitudes, which he reads from his auto-cue, he is still funding Apartheid in Israel  and the destruction of Palestinian homes and farms, he is a Judas.

Sarkozy, the most hated president in French history, was seated beside the man whom has recently broken his record for unpopularity, François Hollande, the man who is re-colonising Africa, in a mad dash to seize Uranium and other resources.

The Jewish Zionist money-men were in evidence everywhere, they had a lot for which to thank Mandela.  On becoming President, he set up an Amnesty and a Peace and Reconciliation Council, a trick which was repeated by the British in Northern Ireland, making sure that the “real” guilty never faced prosecution. He then arranged a devaluation of the Rand allowing his Zionist friends to loot the country and then resigned, after one term in office, thus ensuring that he would escape blame for the mess he left behind.

The British Jews, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg were in evidence as was Mandela’s great chum, Tony Blair. The sinister Clinton family were present, they are, between husband and wife, responsible for any number of atrocities in Africa, whom in reality should have been banned as War Criminals, along with Obama and Bush, Blair and alleged paedophile Gordon Brown. Not to forget the son of a criminal tax avoider, the Jew David Cameron, whom is still agitating for the destruction of Syria, for his masters in Israel.

Various other Jews showed up, including Angela Merkel, José Barroso, Oprah Winfrey, however Netanyahu, decided that it would be better if he stayed away. Despite this, it was a gathering of top people, which rivalled any other this century.

The tragedy for South Africa, is the same tragedy which faces any country, which is over-run by immigrants, who then, through “democracy” wrest control away from those whom had created the wealthy state to which they flocked. The Blacks in South Africa, would have done better to take the peaceful route to Civil Rights, while making sure that they did not kill the goose that laid the golden egg.

Mandela was a violent man, whom was sentenced to a long prison term. His second wife, the vicious Winnie, whom encouraged the “Necklacing of those whom transgressed, was no better and should have been gaoled along with her husband.

Winnie is now part of the new Black Elite, while other ANC killers are still in power, in a land which is rapidly heading for disaster. It is the most dangerous country in Africa, which is not at war, while there is a rape every few minutes, there is not too much to celebrate in all that.

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