A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

A Glimpse Of The Coming Catastrophe.


There is something very strange and disturbing going on, in what can loosely be referred to as the “West.”  There can be little doubt that we have been responsible for a most extraordinary list of slaughters and destructions,  all of which have been carried out in the interests of Bankers and Merchants of one sort or another, from which the average Citizen of the West has gained very little.

However, just a brief viewing, of the above clip, should demonstrate to any doubter out there, that we are about to reap the whirlwind, which has been deliberately generated, in order to destroy our civilisation, once and for all.

The clip is an illustration of life in most modern French Cities. The same thing applies to most countries in Europe as far north as Norway.  I do not believe it to be “Racist” to call attention to this phenomenon.

The European Union, is an organisation under the control of Bolshevik Communists, it is a Jewish/Zionist construct and it is an extension of the Russian Revolution, which was carried out behind the smokescreen of the Great War in 1917.

The aim of the Zionists has always been to set up a World Government, which they will control. This is not a theory, this is written in stone.  To ignore it is huge error, which in the end will lead us all back to serfdom or death.

While Christianity has been methodically destroyed, through the medium of a “Think Tank” inspired hedonistic, selfish, lifestyle, Islam has been radicalised and systematically attacked, their lands destroyed and the millions of refugees encouraged to take refuge in the lands of their persecutors. This is not happening by accident.

In the above clip, it is stated that there are one-hundred-and-eighty-million Muslims in Europe already and they are still coming. France is responsible for its own problems, through its Colonial past and its mistreatment of the people of the Maghreb and Lebanon, plus it still has a strangle-hold over the economies of several countries in the Maghreb. However there is no benefit for France, should the numbers of immigrants exceed the capacity of France, to cope with them.

France has been under the control of Jewish Presidents for some years. One would have expected that they would show some discretion, as to the numbers of Arabs in France, particularly after having been involved in the so many recent attacks against Muslim countries, but not a bit of it.  Which would suggest that they have been on board with the Zionist dream of a World Government.

While France is a Civil Society, Islam would appear to be a Religious Society, so does this mean that the French, in order to avoid the spectacle of thousands of Muslims, praying several times a day in the streets of most cities, must build Mosques, for those whom reject the preferred lifestyle of the French?

It should not be forgotten that the Royal Families in the Gulf States are one and all, Jewish or Zionists and it is they whom have been funding the young Muslims, whom have been responsible for the greatest tragedy of the 21st Century, the sadistic destruction of Syria.

Why is it that Muslims so frequently choose to attack other Muslims, for money, while at the same time, presenting themselves as honourable “Freedom Fighters?”

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