A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

What On Earth Are They Talking About?

Jewish Minister Vince Cable, was today reminding us of past times,  when Khazar Jews were not welcome in the UK. He failed to mention, of course, that only Khazar Jews are welcome in Israel.  He also made reference to a speech by Enoch Powell, a devout Christian, in which Powell warned that unlimited immigration, could well lead to strife in future times and he spoke of the possibility of “blood running in the streets,” should those immigrants fail to blend into the indigenous population.

While Cable was running around the radio and television studios, delivering his message, his Jewish boss, Nick Clegg, was attacking the position of the Jewish Prime Minister, David Cameron, on the question of reducing the number of immigrants coming to the UK.

Both Clegg and Cable were talking in “Twaddle” a derivative of a dialect very similar to “Cretin,” when they suggested that should all of the highly trained immigrants, such as, German Scientists, Italian Designers, Spanish Bullfighters and Swedish Mechanics, all go back to from where they came, into what sort of state would that throw the UK?  Uh!

They would appear to be suggesting that there is a move afoot to kick out all of the immigrants. Where did that idea come from? I was under the impression that the Prime Minister and Ukip, were talking of restricting the numbers of those whom currently arrive, with no job, no home, six children, plus the need of immediate state handouts to feed themselves.  The others, professional people and skilled workers, will have the means to sort out their own accommodation and a well paid job with which to pay for themselves, so why are Clegg and Cable muddying up the waters?

Perhaps Clegg and Cable are not aware of the unrest which is apparent all across Europe, as a result, not of immigration from EU States but the apparently unlimited access which has been given to Muslims, whom have been driven out of their homelands, through the bloodthirsty, aggressive behaviour of the EU and its War Machine, NATO.

Or perhaps they are not fully aware of the build-up of tension, throughout Europe, though not as a result of this ploy, called “the right of freedom of movement within the EU,”  which is causing no real problem, as the people integrate, quite easily. After all, they share more or less the same culture and religion and of course skin colour, but as a result of the inexplicable inclusion of millions of people from outside of the EU. Why even in Israel, Black Jews are being driven out. Cable and Clegg and Cameron and Miliband and all of the other Jews, whom support the persecution of Palestinians, have little to say about that.

In France, there is a Jewish Community which celebrates Hanukkah and an Arab Community, which celebrates Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr, Christians, however, must now celebrate the Winter Festival or indeed some other, unfamiliar,  innocuous event. “Noël” is consigned to the dustbin. Why are Christians deemed to be more acceptable of this restriction on their religious beliefs than are the other religions?

Here in France, the prediction of Enoch Powell is already a reality. France will very soon be divided into parcels of districts which are considered “no-go” areas for Whites. The suburbs of Paris have already surrendered to the Muslim majority. Should this majority find that the title Ramadan, is officially banned and must now be referred to as “The Summer Holiday,” there would be riots in the streets.

Our leaders, cannot be unaware, that when the pot boils over, which cannot be too far off; as the Jewish leaders in Israel, Saudi Arabia, France, the US and UK are picking off a Muslim country, more or less on a weekly basis and  that bloody attacks, such as the one in Woolwich, will become a daily occurrence, across Europe.  One could be forgiven for thinking that this is the plan.

The two main current protagonists in Europe, attacking the Muslim World,  France and the UK, are the very same Jewish controlled governments, which cornered Germany into a genocidal war in Nineteen-thirty-nine. While they, with the aid of Poland, had been ensnaring Germany – Roosevelt and a pack of Jews, which included Bernard Baruch, the financier who bailed out the Jew Churchill and Morgenthau, the Jew who called for the complete annihilation of Germany, down to the last child –  were forcing Japan into a war, to avoid a link-up between Japan and Germany, while the Jew Stalin, in complicity with the others, was preparing to launch a massive attack against Europe, in furtherance of the Jewish controlled Communists desire to create a United Europe, under Communist control.  This has now been quietly achieved.

Japan was an ally of Germany and with their help Hitler could quite easily have defeated Russia. The fact that the US was aware of this, is proof positive of their intention of attacking Germany, long before the contrived excuse over Poland was generated.  Japan was provoked in order to generate an excuse for the US to enter the war in Europe, as Japan was an ally of Germany.

Germany, fought single-handed, against the might of  the USSR, USA, UK and the rest of the World. Anyone, who is stupid enough to believe that Adolf Hitler initiated such a war, has got to be too stupid to wipe their own bum, as they say.

When the destruction of Japan was accomplished, in came the Jewish investors and financed the reconstruction and launched their own businesses, such as SONY, which is owned by Rockefeller  and was used as a means of destroying European competition in the electronic field.

There is now hardly any business worth talking about in Europe making televisions.  Honda and Yamaha and others destroyed British Motorbike constructors such as Norton, Triumph, BSA and Aerial. The motor car industry went the same way. Quite suddenly, everything was made in Japan.

Not long after WW2, the Jewish Bankers were busily funding Chairman Mao in China. This was not a revolution, this was a Jewish Coup d’Etat, much like the Russian ‘Revolution.’

Through the creation of what are referred to as “Free Trade Agreements,” and “Globalisation,” they have now moved their entire industrial base to Asia, where they can make use of virtual slave labour, with the ability to import all of their cheap products into the US and Europe without the imposition of any import tariffs.  Nowadays, even Japanese products are made in China, that is US/Japanese products.

This move into China has been a death-blow for Europe and the US, where the future is looking bleak.  Barack Obama and his predecessors, have been busy behind the backs of the US electorate, much as have the politicians in Europe. They have in fact signed a treaty with Mexico and Canada setting up a Union, similar to the European Union, The North American Free Trade Agreement.

This includes the right of entry into the US of millions of Mexicans, whom will have free housing, health care and education etc, which will signal the fall of the US. Obama will, during the Winter Festival celebrations, while the Government is on holiday, be passing Executive Orders, legalising the unrestricted entry of Mexicans into the US. Sounds like the idea of Vince Cable and Clegg in the UK.

It is a shame that despite all of the available information on the Interweb and other places, that the average US and UK Citizen, firmly believes that WW2 was a “Just War” and that it was fought in Europe because the Germans were gassing Jews and Japan had attacked Pearl Harbour, all of which are lies.

WW2 was a monstrous, aggressive and savage illegal war against Germany, a country which was still suffering from the imposition of punitive payments of reparation after WWI.  It was also the last gasp of opposition against the imposition of the New World Order. The Germans were magnificent, we let them down, in the words of Winston Churchill:

“Germany’s unforgivable crime before WW2 was its attempt to loosen its economy out of the world trade system and to build up its own exchange system from which the world-finance couldn’t profit any more. …We butchered the wrong pig.” – Winston Churchill, The second World War (Bern, 1960)


9 responses

  1. Gillian Westergaard

    WTF is all this about? Are you saying all these politicians are Jewish? And if so, what of it?


    April 21, 2017 at 15:43

    • I am not suggesting them to be all Jews I am asserting that they are all Jews. Perhaps you may find it to be a satisfactory position, that a tiny percentage of the overall population, which just happens to be the portion which controls the money supply, the media, the water, food and most of the rest of the worlds economy, which has been bought with my money along with that of others, but I happen to find that to be an unacceptable position which has been gained through nepotism and thievery, I hope my position does not sound too offensive to you, we are, after all, still allowed to hold a personal point of view,just so long as the it does not upset the Jews whom control Facebook or Google.Thankyou for your comment.


      April 21, 2017 at 16:13

  2. There certainly is an imigration problem in the uk. Whilst I personaly agree with racial and religious freedom of INDIVIDUALS. my feelings ard totaly different when individuals start to become part of groups and use those groups to influance the politics of a country they do not decend from.
    For example let us look at the amount of jewish politicians in the uk who are voting against the views of the British people in parlament over imigration IT IS NOTED MOST OF THE UNSKILLED IMIGRANTS DO NOT LIVE NEXT TO THEIR GROUP.
    Also the prescence of the same group in social services plus parlament who because of pushing their ethnic values oppose the right to die of those in severe pain and paralised who wish to be allowed anfd helped to die.
    This is not racialidt viewd as I have no didpute with any mp that gived the views of his consticuants rather than his or her own views


    January 7, 2014 at 14:48

    • Thank you for your comment Paul.
      There is no hope for the UK as long as the voter continues to be hypnotised into believing that a Political Party is necessary to run the country. This is a trap.
      All of the Muslim States, which were involved in the so-called Arab Spring were advised to do the same thing. The result has been that their revolution has been hi-jacked and Parties, which were prepared in advance have grabbed power.
      The bureaucracy runs things, they need to be weeded out, to make sure that they are not being run from behind the scenes, then people must vote for Single Issue MPs. Their single issue should be treated as a contract and should they fail to deliver, sack them.
      The coalition has shown quite clearly that a Cabinet can be quite easily set up by a disparate group, unless of course they are hampered by “alleged” ideological difference, which are part of the Party system.
      All that should count in a Democracy is the wishes of the people, not an ideology which was written with a hidden agenda.


      January 7, 2014 at 15:41

  3. oz

    Soldiers know it will be Germany again if another big one erupts. It hardly matters what we know when future generations will be led to believe what the piper is paid to play. I feel that Art is the best medium to communicate globally.


    January 2, 2014 at 09:02

    • I don’t believe that the German people will ever find the necessary courage to put themselves through that sort of torture again. The only way out for all of us is a mutiny in the Military. Without compliant soldiers the Elite are lost. We must keep our fingers crossed. Thanks for your comment.


      January 2, 2014 at 10:04

      • oz

        They have a very strong military and they are not cowardly. Eventually the people’s interest may be in war. Lets hope not though!


        January 3, 2014 at 07:40

        • I no longer believe that the Germans ever wanted war. When you accept that all of the major War Crimes were committed by us, you can begin to understand more clearly why the holocaust is of such importance to them, because if that was taken out of the picture, the Allies would have very little left behind which to hide.The Germans were the real victims of the war. At least twenty million died.


          January 3, 2014 at 09:42

  4. Les

    Why Germany Signed The Non Aggression Pact With The USSR –
    Operation Barbarossa Was A Preventive Attack


    December 23, 2013 at 06:44

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