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Gaol The Bankers George, Don’t Help Them To Rob The People

I suppose all of you people in the UK, were glued to your television sets this morning, listening to George Osborne explaining as to how he is intending to turn the screw of austerity during the coming year, in pursuit of his efforts to pass as much of the wealth of the UK as possible, into the pockets of his fellow millionaires.

He announced that he will be making swingeing cuts to Welfare, in a country where thousands of people are already dying from hypothermia, in winter, simply because they cannot afford to eat and warm themselves.

He explained how he is still borrowing one-hundred-billion Pounds a year, fifty-billion Pounds of which is immediately paid out, in interest, on previous loans.

During the questions, which followed Osborne’s statement, I waited patiently for one of those privileged journalists, who are granted access to his Majesty,  to ask the question, from whom was he borrowing this money and to whom  was he paying the interest on previous loans? I was curious to know whether they were one and the same.  Sadly I appear to be on my own, in the dark as it were, as to why this question needs an answer at all.  The money comes from The Bank of England, to which he is also paying the interest. That is how the Central Banking system operates.

Journalist are forbidden to ask this question because the elected Politicians in the UK lie to the people about the ownership of the Bank, which means that they can never admit to paying interest on the Pound in the pockets of the people. They pretend that the Bank is owned by the people, when in fact it is the very instrument which is being used to rob the people. The fifty-billion-pounds of interest will, as is usual, go straight into the deep pockets of Baron Rothschild and the Queen, whom are the owners of the Bank.

In Iceland, which is apparently the only state in the Northern Hemisphere, which has a booming economy, when the people were instructed to adopt austerity measures, in order to pay a private debt, which had been generated by two recently “Privatised” Banks. The people of Iceland demanded proof of the debt.  They soon discovered that the debt was a fraud.

They immediately called for the arrest of the Bankers and dismissed the Government, which was in fact in league with the Bankers. Some of the Bankers are in gaol,  others are on the run.  Iceland has now set-up a fair banking system and they have taken control of the issuance of their currency.  Problem solved. Economy booms. Why are we not hearing about this miracle?

For Osborne to be borrowing, to repay a debt, which will only increase the debt, is a stupidity. Common sense tells you that there can be no end to this system except total bankruptcy. There is never enough money to repay a debt.

This is obvious to any person, even those of limited intelligence understand, that you need to earn money to repay a loan. You can borrow from friend, after friend, passing the loan from one to another, however in the end you will run out of friends to borrow from and you must pay up.

This is exactly the position which the Loan Sharks in the IMF, World Bank and the Central Bankers have in mind for us, they can now asset strip, country after country as they have already started to do in Greece, Spain and Ireland, where a deliberately generated,  fraudulent debt, has destroyed the lives of millions of people.

The only other country, which took the precaution of checking the Bankers claims, besides Iceland, was Ecuador, where they found the same fraudulent claims.  Now is it possible that the only two guilty Banksters, just happened to be the two which were checked? Your own common sense tells you no, it is not possible.

So why have other Governments not done the same thing?  Because they are in on the scheme.  They are nothing more than Tax Collectors for the Elite.  The next step will be to deny us all access to cash. They will soon be announcing the imposition of a cashless society. When this arrives, they will have control of us all.  We will be nothing more than serfs.

There is no debt.  The debt is a manufactured scheme, which is being used to reset the debt machine, which had run out of options. All of the money which was used to bail out the Bankers, has simply vanished.  You have been robbed and you do not even know by whom. Your elected politicians have made this possible.

The Political Parties are working together, in order to bring in a political system, which has long been announced, which when it arrives, will make immediate efforts to murder as many of us as they can.

You can laugh at what I am explaining and dismiss it out of hand, however, History shows quite clearly, that I am speaking the truth. What I am suggesting to be our future, has already been imposed in Russia, Eastern Europe, Germany, China, Cambodia, Ireland (Five million Irish people starved to death in the 19th Century) Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Korea, (The slaughter in Korea is still a closely guarded secret) and it shows no sign of abating.

This does not even take into account the savage slaughter of indigenous Peoples in Africa, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South and North America. So please do not be naive enough to believe that it is not your turn for the blood-bath.

The culling is already under way. We have been led to believe, by the Alternative Media, that  we will be poisoned by Chem-Trails or Vaccines or Genetically Modified Food or whatever, when in fact the killer is already amongst us. Fukushima is an example of a huge threat, which is being ignored by World Governments.  In the UK, the British have chosen to pay the French EDF, to construct a Nuclear Power Station at Hinkley Point, on the sea-shore, of course.

While here in France, the same EDF, is concealing the fact that every single Nuclear Power Station, in France, is suffering from massive radiation leaks.  All of them are situated close to Rivers or the sea, for cooling purposes, which of course means that just as at Fukushima, any leakage has a direct route to water.  You really could not make it up. After the recent bad weather, it has already been announced that greater attention will be paid to flood defences at Hinkley Point.

Hinkley Point and the surrounding country-side are part of the Somerset Levels. I think that speaks for itself.  The near-by River Parrett has recently burst its banks. This is quite normal, it is more or less an annual occurrence, however this year it is being caused by Climate Change. Yes of course it is.

The British people can relax however, because they now have the Environment Agency experts, to explain to them the size of Wellington Boot they will have need of, and on which foot it should be placed. After that they can explain which end of the shovel you hold to get rid of the mud.

I was staggered to watch a News report from the banks of a swollen river, when the reporter asked the cameraman, to pan around and show the viewers a housing estate on the other side of the river, from where the people had been unable to reside since Christmas Eve.

All of the homes on the estate, were brand new. That would be because in the far off days, when the British still retained an ounce of gumption, everybody knew that you did not build homes on the banks of  rivers.

All of the residents on this estate will now find themselves liable for a huge increase in the cost of insurance and a dramatic drop in the value of their homes. They will find themselves, in US jargon, not only under water literally but also in terms of their mortgage, which could well be more than the after flood, value of the home.

Osborne, instead of passing more and more money into the pockets of the rich, could, if it is his aim to help the economy, cancel the Nuclear Power Station and distribute the money equally amongst the British people, on the understanding that it be used to buy British made products, that is the way to ignite British industry. Sixteen-Billion-Pounds spent into the economy would be a game changer and an election winner.  Some hopes.

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  1. Jamie Wade


    I really appreciate your work & videos and I just saw an interesting short video on youtube posted by DAHBOO77 which I think you’ll be most interested in seeing if you haven’t already done so.

    All the best,


    Date: Mon, 6 Jan 2014 14:19:09 +0000 To: jamiemwade@hotmail.com


    January 9, 2014 at 18:02

    • Thanks for that Jamie. I have never seen that one. But it certainly puts the position of the Labour Party in focus. This sort of evidence makes it clear that there really is only one Political Party in the UK and they are working towards the same end. When you come across clips like this, make sure you download them because they soon vanish. Thanks again.


      January 9, 2014 at 18:42

  2. Don

    More art as political comment.


    January 8, 2014 at 11:27

    • One for you Don, you may have heard but it’s to the point and good fun.


      January 9, 2014 at 18:00

  3. Don

    Some hopes indeed! I didn’t bother to watch it, but it seems coke-head George has announced that for the British, rather than Juvenal’s bread and circuses, there will in future be only circuses.

    It’s also clear that the first ‘journalist’ to ask a simple question of Boy George such as “How much of the debt have we paid off so far by enduring seven years of austerity?” would be staring at his P45 before lunchtime.

    It’s quite amazing how such simple yet obvious questions don’t get asked. I saw a clip today of the U.S. Liar in Chief Barry Sotoero speaking of his father being a WW2 vet, yet on Barry’s birth certificate (from late 1961) the father’s age was given as 25, which makes him nine years old at the wars end.

    Such detail is of no consequence to the great lie however, as ‘Obama’s’ supposed father’s place of birth was in turn given on that same 1961 birth certificate as Kenya – east Africa. Unfortunately Kenya did not come into existence until 1963 – before which it was the “British East Africa Protectorate” .

    Then again such miracles are commonplace today, even the hospital named as Obama’s birthplace in 1961 didn’t come into existence until 1978… but Hey! Look! Miley Cyrus is sticking out her tongue again so let’s fill the headlines with it!


    January 6, 2014 at 18:41

    • Happy New Year Don. I’ve just listened to a woman on the wireless, saying that it is not only the young Prince George who is a Jew, she claimed that they all are. I have sometimes said the same thing, but this is the first time I have heard it said by someone who claimed that they could back it up.

      For Osborne to be allowed to make such a statement and not be taken apart by the Press, is a sure sign that either the intelligence of Journalists has sunk to a new low or as you say they would be sacked if they broke the rules. If the rules state that the Press must cheer with approval, no matter how Draconian the measures, God knows what it will be like when Common Purpose and Hacked Off run the Board of Censors.

      You were right not to listen, it became unbearable after a couple of minutes. The perpetual “Austerity is Love” message is almost a sneer at the problems of the people.

      I suppose you didn’t catch Cable’s crack about Enoch Powell on the BBC. To find an asshole like Cable, who has himself been obliged to defend, what he claimed to be misinterpretations of his own utterances, taking what Powell actually said and twisting it to suit the Jewish policy of destroying the Goyim through immigration, sickening. Once again Marr did not ask the obvious question about the Policies of the Apartheid State of Israel. Thank the Lord you have been blessed with such a campaigning band of fearless Journalists.


      January 6, 2014 at 19:29

      • Don

        And a happy new year to you too Eno.

        Our journalists are of course bought and paid for as openly as are our politicians. One would have to be an idiot not to notice, but alas the nation is full of idiots who don’t. Then again, those of us who do notice have no platform, the media being owned by the khazar zionists.

        There is a wonderful painting by Peter Breugel called ‘The flatterers’ which, although painted 400 years ago, portrays accurately the role of today’s press and politicians with regard their zionist paymasters…..


        January 6, 2014 at 22:49

        • Looks like he was an early Conspiracy Realist!


          January 7, 2014 at 06:37

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