A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Still Obsessed With Hitler After All These Years.

I awoke, this morning to be greeted with the News that while I had slept, Bashar al Assad had been tried and found guilty, by the BBC and of course Sky News, of the crime of having ordered the ritual torture and execution, of 11,000 prisoners. Assad was convicted  by the use of evidence which he himself had conveniently provided.

A whistle-blower, whom had the position of  house photographer, in the chain of Syrian prisons, claimed to have 55,000 photographs of dead prisoners. The 11,000 snaps which had already been studied, were said to have come from the same area in Syria, from this it was deduced that the 11,000 figure was just the tip of the iceberg.

The rather strange expert, was so keen to associate Assad with Hitler, that he chose to mention, as do all of those whom present black propaganda against the Germans, Auschwitz, from where he inferred, that skinny starving people had been liberated. That was not so, all of the Jews in the camp preferred to leave with the SS, rather than wait to be liberated by the Russians.

Hot on the heels of Assad, we had Nicolas Anelka, the man whom has provoked outrage, by doing what would not have been noticed, had it not been plastered all over the Jewish Press and Television, where it has now become yet another Hitler moment, providing yet anther opportunity to associate Khazar Jews, with the word Semitic. A liaison which is a means of connecting them to Palestine, a land with which they have absolutely no link, either genetically or historically,

Finally we come to the ongoing battle for the Ukraine.  Sky News, wasted perhaps ten seconds, at the most covering this monumental battle in the streets of Kiev. Unlike Syria, where Sky had Stuart Ramsey, on the ground, stoking up the hate against Assad. As the likes of Lisa Holland had done in Libya, denigrating the Gadaffi family. The absence of coverage is reminiscent to the non-coverage of the ongoing struggles in Bahrain, Yemen and Saudi Arabia.

So wherein lies the difference? Well that would be the desire of the European Union to capture Ukraine, keeping it out of Soviet hands.  We can therefore assume that the provocateurs, whom have been seized and put on display by “real protesters” are being paid to create turmoil. The reporting of the event by Russia Today, was good example of the depth of lies and deception with which the casual viewer must cope.

In the following clip, the Russian expert explains, how the presentation of events in Kiev is being twisted by the Western Media, where he suggested that we in the West, are being misled, because most of the rioters are in fact, you’ve guessed it, Neo Nazis’.  This clip is not complete, he goes on to say that there are many Nazi sympathisers in Ukraine, that in fact they had fought on the side of Hitler during the war.

He of course forgot to mention that when the Germans arrived in  the Ukraine, they were greeted as saviours by a population which was in the process of being starved to oblivion by Stalin, who had seized their food-stuffs to raise money, in preparation for the war which he was ready to launch against Europe. Hitler of course spoiled his scheme and saved Europe. So it is a paradox supreme for the Ukraine, where the people now find themselves in the process of choosing between two poisoned chalices, the Communist European Union, from which there will be no exit, or the Communist Russian Federation, which like China is attempting to present itself as some sort of Free Capitalist Society.

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