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Dieudonné States His Case And Wins Hands Down.

The man from Sky, did what others have failed to do, by obtaining the scoop of the day, an interview with the elusive Dieudonné.

The video lip of Dieudonné on Sky News has been censored by youtube, it can however be found (I hope) on Disclose TV


Dieudonné made mention of his family’s and that of Nicolas Anelka’s family’s history of slavery. He spoke of those whom had made a business out of slavery. He did not dwell on the issue, he chose instead to celebrate the fact that slavery was over and that he could now indicate his freedom with the Quenelle, which he described as a symbol of liberty.

The response to the interview, was pretty much what we have come to expect from the Jewish Community. All of the buttons were pushed and this man was throwing around the word anti-Semitic and Auschwitz and Jewish Remembrance Day, complaining that the interviewer had not been hard enough on Dieudonné etc. etc. etc.

I thought that he had been treated with kid gloves himself, by the Sky News interviewer, he was not asked if he himself was Semitic. Did he understand for example, that the Semitic people in the Middle East are the Arabs? So was he suggesting that Dieudonné was in fact insulting Arabs?

He accused Dieudonné of …well…Blasphemy? because of some remark he had made about the holocaust being historical pornography.

He made no attempt to, nor was he asked, about the alleged four million Jews, whom it was claimed, had been killed at Auschwitz, a claim which had been reduced to one million because there had not been enough Jews in Europe, to justify the claim.

He was not asked how it is possible to make a mistake of three million and having done so,   on what was the one million figure based?  More importantly, why, having lost three million of the alleged six million,  will the non-Semitic Jews be continuing to claim, next Monday, on Jewish Remembrance Day that six million died? This is quite clearly yet another lie.

Having described Dieudonné’s reaction to the use of the Quenelle at  Auschwitz as an, obscene silence, at the mere mention of the word, “Zionist” why he almost passed out and muttered some garbage about confusing Israelis with Jews and UK Jews getting the flack for something or other, the question was obviously slipped in, the interviewer may well be sacked for leaving the reservation.

Dieudonné could well have mentioned the well-known fact, that the Slave Traders were mainly Jews. He could well have asked  why they had been offered no reparations by the Jews, whom were still wringing reparations out of the Germans? He could have suggested that should the Quenelle be considered to be anti-Jew, he had as much right to treat the Jews in the same manner which Jews treated Hitler and The National Socialists.

Sadly, it is beyond the capacity of Jews to recognise the atrocities, of which they are guilty, as they claim for themselves, as Gods Chosen, to right treat others in any way they choose.

6 responses

  1. Les

    A review of three books that deal with the Jewish involvement in the black slave trade –


    January 26, 2014 at 06:29

  2. Don

    Unrelated to your post Eno, but thought provoking nonetheless. What is the official reason given for France’s sudden involvement in Mali?

    I was aware that a recent request by Germany to audit it’s own gold stocks held by the US Fed was unlawfully refused, but one can only hazard a guess as to why. Ho Ho! I then discovered that Mali was a gold producing region. Coincidence?



    January 24, 2014 at 21:18

    • I hope you read the final cut of my post Don, it was all over the place. I seem to have some real problem with my computer at the minute.
      Mali is not a huge producer of gold, what the French are more interested in is the Uranium and some Rare Earth metals. I see your Goldman Sachs Chief Finance Minister is building up another housing bubble. I’m so happy for you, now that the latest figures are explaining how much better off you are, with interest rate control and other monetary policy in the hands of Rothschild.
      What do you make of the story that’s doing the rounds that the Royal Family hold all of the top posts in the Free Masons and that they eat babies?


      January 24, 2014 at 21:27

    • Don I have already replied to this comment but it would appear to have vanished. I asked whether you had read the final cut of my post, because it was all over the place and I was forced to rewrite it. As for Mali, they are insignificant producers of gold, but they have rather a lot of Uranium and Rare Earth Metals. The rest of my comment was about the man from Goldman Sachs who has control of your economy, and a question about the Royal Family which is doing the rounds, that they hold all of the top positions in Free Masonry and that they eat children. What do you know about this?


      January 24, 2014 at 21:37

      • Don

        It seems the gremlins are at work again. What sparked my interest in Mali was the mention of gold, and then this from the people who suddenly have none.


        I no longer own a house nor have a pot to piss in Eno, so the Rothschilds earn very little from me indeed. I must be one of those useless eaters they so despise.

        As for the Royals I do understand that the higher echelons of masonry are padded with them, but unfortunately I have no idea if they actually eat babies. I thought their use of babies was mainly for blood transfusions. I’ll bet their close pal Jimmy Saville suggested an alternative use however.


        January 24, 2014 at 22:06

        • Europe is full of useless eaters, we’ve served our purpose. All this nonsense about things picking up is simply stalling. They’re talking about bringing industry back from China, they’ve even got a word for it already, “Re-shoring”


          January 24, 2014 at 23:40

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