A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Holocaust Remembrance Day?

I can think of nothing to add to this short clip, other than to condemn once more those whom carried out such savagery.

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  1. The Western Allies just cannot resist more and more macabre ways of killing people, are the ruling class victims of a genetic code built within that they are unable or incapable to be any other way than the way they are? in other words they may have no choice other than to kill and maim whoever, any more than say crocodiles on the hunt? are they of a similar disposition that they have no free choice.
    This does not forgive them of their criminal acts, what it means is they should be put away for the safety of the public.


    January 28, 2014 at 04:25

    • These people have no regard whatsoever for life. Not even their own. They are a tribe, they are so inbred that they are probably all clinically nut-cases but they have control of the money. It is this tool which has given them everything they have. I saw a figure the other day which put the Rothschild fortune into the hundreds of trillions of dollars and he is still not satisfied and every penny of that fortunes was stolen. I’ve just posted a clip about the genocide in Ukraine, take a look at the written order from Lenin in the clip, to kill a hundred Polaks in the most vile manner possible, to frighten everybody else into submission. These are the folk whom are taking control of us all.They’ve done this everywhere, we’re next.

      I noticed that down under you have an enormous number of part_time or zero hour jobs. We’ve got the same thing in France, the UK, all across Europe in fact, how could this appear everywhere, just like that and who suggested it and where is it going?


      January 28, 2014 at 21:24

      • Enochered, here in Australia, as you know its all part of the same system, Rothschilds and his club control this place, the population here is more robotic than the few lights that exist in Europe, the reason we have the same job scene is the same as Europe, the jobs have been exported for cheap labor, with no controls on health and safety, and the destruction of life in overseas factories.
        The Rothschilds are not interested in money as they have so much it is not relating to anything other than what it does to target people, such as Blair, Abott, and so on, people, that is they can buy whoever they like, more or less, Rothschilds would not be able to buy you or me as we are not part of the picture, other than if we became a problem in influence, of to much for their comfort, what the Rothschilds, are about is death, destruction, and violence, this would give the bastard, some thrill in his body chemistry, you could say he is so inbred, that his genes are now controlling him and he is disconnected from the Earth, and the cosmos, his brain is now similar to a husk that is brain dead, but he is still able to function much the way after a chicken has had its neck rung, is able to still run up and down the pen.
        As you know the Monarchy is all part of the crime scene, basically, they are a corporate structure, for military aggressive activity, the Queen would know what I mean, she is just by historical circumstance trapped into this nightmare, and knows that if she attempted to get out of the role, she would be dead meat.
        I would like to cast your mind back to the Queens sister, as you you are aware she had a peculiar life which I will not go into, as with Di, both of these people never played the game, to my mind their is no doubt, the show must go on, both would have been executed by British security forces, the Queen, but also she has to contend with a retard, the husband, he of recent stated when perusing Aboriginal paintings, exclaimed he purchased this painting for half a crown, what a moron! the Queen would have picked up on this, the Queen would have been in her hay day, shuffling around in the blitz, after this she knew that she was trapped, but what else could she do?


        January 29, 2014 at 10:09

        • These creatures think of themselves as Elite, when in fact if any of them came to live at my place for a few weeks, it might change their understanding of the word just a little bit. There’s no place here for assholes who need chandeliers and golden goblets to drink from. Like you say they could get nowhere with those who don’t have a price. The Queen is a Jew herself, so was Diana and so is Kate. The real problem is sex and women, you know that. If women were actually more appreciative of the simple life and prepared to turn their back on riches, the rich guys would find very quickly that they had no future and it might be possible to change the direction of the world. I realised at a very young age, that I didn’t deserve the woman on my arm, while she of course deserved better and they never let you forget it. I tried and tried again to please mine and after two attempts I gave up.
          Tell me have you ever tried the trick they call Prince Rupert’s Drop?


          January 29, 2014 at 16:39

          • I did make Rupert drops here in Australia as a entertaining and stupid diversion, yes on the outside it is in a form of a tear drop, enlarged, but having super tension within and explosive, its all very well for Germaine Greer, to go on about women’s rights, what she missed out is the bastards with money always had women around and depending on cash, many, what you notice is if you had money in your life the rate of women around you, if you became in a lower standard of economic demise you will notice the shortage of women around, you could make a correlation of world wide prostitution, that has become a natural state that is not even a issue, what you are commenting on is opening up Pandora’s box? I am sorry to hear that story of your women’s departure, the same happened to me when I was being sued last year, my girlfriend left me for some guy who had come into money, from his Mothers death, he bought a quaint house, and got a new four wheel drive, guess what?
            I am not sure what you mean by did not deserve her? but I am sure their is more to what you mean? are you being facetious?


            January 29, 2014 at 23:19

            • This is my second attempt at this reply, I’m having unending problems with the interweb at the minute.
              I work with three glass-blowers down here, but they do more pulling than blowing, its all tourist trade down here, you have to earn the bacon during the two month holiday period. Working in front of people is the best draw, so they make what they can sell instantly and as quickly as possible.
              Germaine Greer was working to an agenda which came from the Frankfurt School through the CIA. The aim was the destruction of the family, so she can be proud of herself, it worked perfectly. The other side of the plan was to encourage women to have as many sexual partners as possible, that would engender the idea that a relationship was simply sex so there was no need to stay with a partner, unless of course he was rich.
              Men were cursed with an overpowering sexual drive, which masks the reality of the character of the women they were with. Women however, are running into the brick wall of understanding the trap into which they have fallen, just at the moment when their moustache is becoming more evident, this is the reality which coincides with the diminishing sex urge in men, who suddenly find that their life on their own is in fact a lot better than the life they spent in the garden shed when they were in a relationship. Sadly, when sexual attraction has diminished, there is very little to be gained from a relationship. Women have been led to believe that they will be attractive forever, when the crunch comes it is always a surprise.
              A woman’s natural position is that of child bearing and a man’s position is to protect her and her children. Somehow or other men have been cast in the role of winner and women as loser in society. Well speaking for myself I have never felt like a winner and my life was certainly not easier than that of my wife.

              In the end, even those whom have wisely stayed with their first partner, will suffer the pain of separation, Those of us whom have chosen a solitary life will at least avoid that sort of shock at a time when you are less capable of adapting to it.
              As for the business of my partners departure, in the end it was me who insisted, so even that was easier I suppose. As for not deserving her, even her parents presented me as being responsible for denying her the opportunity to become a future Prime Minister. I was married for twenty four years and I can honestly say that in all the time I was married, my wife never said one good word about me, to anyone, including the children.
              A while back I decided to talk about the Jews in the way which they talk about Muslims. Since then, I have heard a fellow on the radio explaining that we should wake up in the morning and shout the word Jew, at the top of our voice,at least ten times. I have opened up many sites on the web which use the quote, “If you want to know who controls you, find out who you cannot criticise.” That one confuses me just a bit, because of whom do they speak, the Jews or women? As far as I can see, Germaine Greer helped women figure out the best possible template of what constitutes a woman and the worst one for a man. The Jewish media took this concept and have used it to demonise men and glorify women, well in my experience the opposite is true. They have even started to tell us that men need women more than women need men, the end result of this will surely be, that women will have their jobs manicuring their nails in a receptionists post of some sort, while robots do the work and all the real men are off in the re-wilded territories living a real life with the very few “real” women who have not been fooled by the Jews.
              We have been forced to live the life which the Elite have allowed us to live for generations. They are now trapping us in cities. This has always been the best way to wipe us out in massive numbers. People have understood contagion for centuries, that was the method used to cull the population in the past. The Black Death and Bubonic Plague, Typhus and Influenza and all of them work well when people are jammed together, in close proximity. They now have us living in vast numbers, in cities which cannot even provide adequate drinking water. When they decide to cut off food supplies and turn off the taps, we will be straight into Mad Max Land.
              As for the availability of women around a poor man, happily that was never a problem, and I have never resorted to direct prostitution but I happily reached an age where the uncontrollable urged was reduced and my eyes opened. However I still find myself making excuses for women, when I find one in difficulties, but I very quickly come to understand just why they are in a difficult situation.
              We can continue this one at another time, it’s started to rain and I will have trouble sending this off if I don’t do it straight away. See Ya!


              January 30, 2014 at 09:22

            • Enochered, your writing is a marathon, interesting , I am going to have another look at this tomorrow, its now midnight, good insight on Greer, I am not sure she was indoctrinated, as making a buck on a angle that would give her money and fame, what she missed out from what I can tell, is she is more interested in injustice to women, like different scales of pay, but she is not going in to the woman who chases the fast buck in the guys who make a fast buck, the question is why? thanks, E.


              January 31, 2014 at 12:48

            • The last I saw of Germain Greer, she was bragging about her “Toy Boy.” So in essence she was exactly like the men she was so happy to criticise.
              A while back we were told that men wanted cash and fast cars because it made it easier to attract women. As a male, you soon come to understand that this is, in the main true.
              Farther back, women were looking for the brute, because he could protect them.
              So it seems that in whatever period you live, the evolution of social life, is decided by females whose only interest is in their own well-being.
              We have now reached a point, where they are breeding us out of existence because of their lack of interest in having children. But it is Politically Incorrect to even mention this, to do so labels you as a misogynist.


              February 11, 2014 at 18:01

            • Good appraisal enochered,their is some hypocrisy within the female camp on the male sought after by females, is often money and power, from personal experience, you would know as a male that if you were down on your luck say financially, you would know the consequence of being financially hard up, also the he man or the primitive man has a strong attraction also, these ambivalent values have not been answered by people like Greer, a man who may have integrity and honesty, would be virtually of non consequence as a valued aspect of man, I think, on the contrary may be regarded as a negative attribute.


              February 12, 2014 at 10:30

            • I don’t know about you, but I grew up with the Hollywood dream of meeting a cheerful sort of person, with whom you could have a laugh and good time and live happily ever after in a sweet little house, with a couple of kids etc. Women would appear to have swapped this model for the modern one of a job, which in most cases is soul destroying but which has become essential, because without two salaries it is impossible to pay for all the gadgets, most of which are a total waste of money. Do you have a “Smart Phone?” I’m proud of my Nokia 3310. I only have that because I have no fixed line. We’ve all been trapped with this crap.


              February 12, 2014 at 18:11

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