A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The Brand New, Just Lie Down On Your Back And Take It, Attitude Of The British.

The London Underground; that is the Tube Trains, not the opposition to the overwhelming power of the City of London, or anything like that, was in turmoil for a couple of days, because a group of workers, decided that they were not prepared to accept the sack, so that their jobs could, in the future, be carried out by machines.

This caused a “Nightmare” for commuters, travelling to and from their place of work. Hopefully they will not find themselves being replaced by machines any time soon.

Back in the days of Maggie Thatcher, it was decided that there was no good reason for the continued existence of Trade Unions, as most people were managing to negotiate their own contract with their employer. This has of course led on to the famous “Zero Hour Non-Contract,” which was, of course inevitable, as the UK is now a “Service Economy.”

The Coalition in Parliament, is of course taking the credit for the reduction in unemployment, without explaining that the majority of the “New” jobs are in the Service Sector and they offer the casual worker a Zero Hour contract, which involves, no National Insurance payments, no paid holidays and indeed no guarantee of any work at all, for the Neo-Serfs.

 The Opposition are maintaining a deafening silence over these matters, because to oppose them would lead to the need of an explanation as to why they, while in Government, paid companies, using British Taxpayers money, to relocate to China or India, leaving the British Worker in poverty.

The future employment prospects, for the large number of ex-students carrying around the weight of  an increasing loan debt, looking for the well paid job, which they were assured would be waiting for them, when they finished their studies, will have to carry on for a while, dipping chicken wings into  Colonel Sanders secret sludge.

Meanwhile, hot on the heels of  the fiasco on the Somerset Levels, where an unusual quantity of rain has for the second time in recent months, exposed the hidden agenda, to which all three of the main Political Parties, have hitched their wagons.

The problem on the Levels was meant to arrive incrementally, which would eventually create an environment which would be too expensive to restore, from a state which had arrived, despite attempts to maintain such a low-lying area from the effects of Climate Change. The discontinuation of the dredging of programme and the destruction of equipment which was used to clear the drainage channels, was the first step in this, Clearance of the country-side.

This is why the boss of the Environment Agency is showing such resistance to making an apology, to the suffering residents, he was after all only carrying out the regime of Agenda 21, which orders the “Re-wilding,” of such areas.

As I was saying, this is the second time that the same agenda has been caught out by this sudden excess of rain.  Not too far from the Somerset Levels,  the very same Environment Agency, which is so keen to protect the well-being of the Natural World, remains silent about the intention of the Fracking which is planned  for the old coal-mines around Keynsham, which will no doubt be extended far and wide in Somerset, to Radstock and Midsomer Norton, where I believe mining has been discontinued.

A while back, I wrote an essay discussing the huge quantity of water which would be necessary to facilitate such a Fracking industry. At the time, the British were being warned that all of the aquifers and reservoirs were running dry, and that it would take many years to replenish the shortfall.

I expressed the opinion that this was a lie, to cover the theft of water supplies to enable the Fracking, which consumes huge quantities of water, which is undrinkable after use. After the recent inundations, I imagine this will no longer be a problem. It will also nullify any claim that it is necessary to ration water or indeed raise the price, as I should imagine that there are not enough reservoirs availablke to store the current downpours.

However what will be a problem, is the poisoning of the water supplies, all across the  un-United Kingdom, or whatever is left when Scotland breaks free, which will lead on to the need to relocate country folk into large conglomerations, which are even now being surreptitiously prepared. All of this can be found in Agenda 21. We are being herded into the era of the Super-City.

There are a few hardy souls, out there in the cold, trying to put a stop to the Fracking, which will actually, not only create small earth-quakes, it will also interfere with the veins and rivulets, which are an essential part of the water system. It will of course also fender the water undrinkable and necessitate the evacuation of large numbers of people.

Here in the South of France, the evidence and importance of underground water aquifers and veins is all around. All of my neighbours have a well. The area has been inhabited since the days of the Roman Empire, because of the existence of this underground water.

I once restored the water course, from an underground Roman Source, which was constructed with huge blocks of stone, which had been in use for centuries, and which was still the water supply for a Domain, five or six hundred metres away.

The anti-Frackers around here are numbered in thousands. They were recently assured, by the Government that the Fracking would be called off. This proved to be just another of Lothario Hollande’s little white lies and the programme is on the go again.

The re-wilding of French Natural Parks has already started, and the transit tracks, between parks, for migratory animals, already marked out. I have heard that the French Pyrenees, are to be closed to human beings.

Folk around here are well aware that Agenda 21 is cranking up. The village schools are already being closed.  Across the region, Post Offices have been massacred.   Where  I live there is one Post Office for half a dozen villages, where there was once a dedicated Office for each village.

I believe that in the UK, the Post Office has been privatised.  I heard a member of the Government, justifying this sale, by claiming that this would introduce the “private” financing of infrastructure projects which would be of benefit to the user.  This was an outright lie.  The Post Office is a Service.  Private ownership will not provide a Service, it will provide a business, which will entail the paying dividends to share-holders, which will leech money out of the system.

On top of that, what exactly is Private Capital?  There is no such thing, that is in terms of an altruistic gesture.  Every single penny invested in the Post Office, will be paid back by the Public, money which will be lost to the Public, where in the past it was used to invest in the “Service.”  This sale will result in exactly the same form of theft as did the sale of Water, Gas and  Electricity.

This is not getting it wrong, the price was rigged to rob the people blind, as was the price of all of the other Utilities, which were sold off under the rules of the European Union, which demands that nothing should belong to the people. Very soon that will apply to the home in which you live.

The cost of buying a home has been deliberately forced through the roof as it were. Not too long ago, it was possible for a couple to by a reasonable home, for around-about four years of the average salary. This was paid  back to a Building Society, during the course of twenty years.

To buy the same home now, would cost at least ten times the average salary and a fortune in interest, which means that should the level of inflation continue to exceed the increase in salary, most people will have need of an extended period to repay the mortgage, which will mean that they will never repay the debt before they die.

This is all part of Agenda 21, which will soon deny us the right of private accommodation, along with the loss of our private transport. This is why Cameron has started to inflate the housing bubble all over again. This is the most lucrative business for the Bankers, who will be stealing those homes from folk whom have lost their jobs and whom will be re-housed in Community Dwellings, which are even now under construction.

Very soon, despite the empty words of Cameron, the only jobs available will be Zero Hour jobs, which will impoverish millions of people. It is not an exaggeration to suggest that many well-educated young people, will be trapped in McDonald’s, knowing that there are dozens of people, queuing up to take their job, should they complain,  forcing down the hourly rate.

It is very hard to convince the British that those whom they elect, are not working for them. Having done the difficult thing, by bringing down the population, because there were too many people, War Criminal Tony Blair and his colleagues, quite deliberately, “Opened the floodgates to immigration,”  by allowing ten million immigrants, from across the world, to enter the UK.

Which means that the effort of population reductions was exposed for what it was, a means of watering down the number of indigenous British people. In the following clip, Ed Miliband the Jewish leader of the Labour Party says that his Party got things wrong, this is a straightforward lie, the mass immigration was deliberate policy.

France has allowed the same stupidity, there are now millions of Maghrebian in France, unemployed, crowded into disgusting high-rise housing estates, where they have nothing better to do than to call for the installation of Charia Law and other Islamic notions, while blaming the French people for their problems.

In Belgium, the situation is even more stark, it has been suggested that Belgium will soon become the first country in Europe to have a Muslim majority.   Should this be so, judging by the results of Muslim rule in other areas, Belgium will very soon be much like Egypt. I am not suggesting that there is anything wrong with that, I am simply asking, why, if that is the lifestyle which they prefer, why did they seek a life in Belgium?

Larry King, the Jewish Front-man on CNN, whom has now become the Jewish Front-man on Russia Today, was declaring on his programme this morning, that he was in favour of legalising the ten million or so illegal Mexican immigrants in the US.  This in a country where the White American is already in a minority, despite the lies which are spouted by the Jewish Government, which never counts the illegals in their estimates of population spread.

Figures also suggest that there are fewer Americans in employment, than the numbers of those who rely on State handouts. There are fifty million souls in need of Food Stamps. There are more people living rough, in  the States, than the population of Ireland.

Mexico is just down the road, so why do those whom are seeking a better life, not set about kicking out the Jewish controlled government, demanding the changing of the drug laws, putting a stop to US funding for the Drug Barons and the arming of the Dealers, which is a direct act, designed to provoke the emigration of masses of people into the US. Up to sixty five thousand Mexicans have been killed in the crossfire, during gun battles between drug gangs.

During the build-up to the Winter Olympics in Sochi, the whole world seemed to be prattling on and on about the threat of Muslim Terrorist, a term which I find offensive. Why are they not referred to by the name of the Country for which they seeking freedom.

When it suits the European Union they can apparently, using the money which is paid into the black-hole of “lost” funds, to finance “terrorists” in the Ukraine, so wherein lies the difference? Why are they not described as Christian Terrorists?  They are as much terrorists as are the Chechen Freedom Fighters.

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  1. Don

    Agenda 21 follows a similar model to colonialism, in that the indigenous peoples of all nations will corralled into highly populated reservations, and dispossessed of their means to live outside the control of the state.

    They will then be gradually and deliberately reduced in numbers until replaced entirely with automated A.I. singularity units. In the words of the David Bowie song “Homo-sapiens have outgrown their use, all the nightmares came today – and it looks as if they’re here to stay’

    Humanity has proven too weak, too greedy, and ultimately too stupid to survive. From an outsiders (or alien) perspective It seems perfectly logical to eradicate it and begin again. Unfortunately this logic is currently being implemented and those doing so have given themselves alone the means to survive it, an act which in itself is flawed logic, as it means only psychopaths will remain.


    February 8, 2014 at 11:37

    • The New World Order always intended to build on the foundations of The British Empire. As you say it is a flawed logic for them to believe that they can save themselves while the rest of us perish. It is in fact they whom will be wiped out and left to rot in their underground tombs. If the catastrophe is serious enough to wipe out every trace of humanity on the surface, there will be little left for them. Outside only the strong will survive and the Elite will soon discover that all they had was money and scum whom were eager to help them spend it.


      February 8, 2014 at 13:07

      • The system has many people caged in high rise apartments, a suitable environment for the masses to be destroyed, as we see the Chinese are on mass migrating from their country small holdings to their new life within these compounds as money controls these people and dries up, you cannot survive on a window box of vegetables, the countryside of small holdings and mini farms will be all part of the corporate farming structure, you will no longer be able to go back to your Mum and Dads small holding it will be destroyed by incremental destruction, all that will exist of the old world of farming will be all but a memory, in your mind that will be restructured by the Rothschilds, restucturing program, this is not just for the benefit for the Chinese, its a blue print, as a example of what most likely will be the fate of the many, throughout the world, picking off the low fruit first, the cost of fuel will necessitate local food pick up, the food will be controlled to kill you arranged that you will no longer have to face old age, as they say at memorial services, those that die in youth as hero’s no longer have to face old age, this should make you happy that, you will never have time to develop wisdom, so that by degrees, one will lose health slowly and then will lock in on the fast lane, doctors will know the problem of health destruction, they will not be part of the politics to change what they know will be your eminent destruction.


        February 9, 2014 at 04:33

    • Don

      Regarding my earlier post about A.I.singularity and the demise of homo-sapiens. This morning I came across this. Synchronicity at work.


      February 9, 2014 at 11:28

  2. Here in Australia, the fields are as bias far as the horizon can be seen, a couple of kilometres down the road, the fields are hundreds of acres in size, the purpose is to maximize profit, to have as few trees as possible, In Britain, I believe what once were small fields, now are large fields, to maximize profit, the impact of this policy has created greater heat, loss of top soil, and having less ability to contain flows of water, such as seen in Somerset, which was a place I was evacuated to in wartime, the cattle as I understand it , become uncomfortable to distraught in and above 26 Celsius, throughout Australia the cattle have no shade, as the trees have been cut down, we live in a barbaric structure that requires only profit and has no interest in empathy of animals or the environment, human beings or anything other than profit, ultimately, profit has no meaning, its just a neurosis of having more as all part of a cultural condition that becomes meaningless, however this is the world many have to put up with, as those who run the show are stupid and find virtue in stupidity.
    To those that do become more enlightened, can only have resistance to those who govern us and make decisions for us, which usually are the wrong decisions, when those with money could publicize the benefit of trees and the planting on a grand scale, other than tokenism, what do moneyed people do with their money, here in Australia they open more casinos, we are swamped by the uninitiated, the inept, and those who are power hungry and will never have enough money to be satisfied.
    As in Britain the displacement of labor has been around from before the Luddites, the ever dumping of labor for the machine for profiteering, here this is on the Tube dumping labor, eventually we will require a return to the fields for cultivation and connecting us to nature, this may happen because of health problems of inactivity, or the energy of the oil running out, it is obvious the present system of agriculture, cannot see the benefits of the tree root system that holds moisture within the earth, as enochered said the water ways under the ground has a important and essential part to play and fracking will destroy and disturb this system.
    I hope your dogs are well enochered, and enjoying the walks you take them on, thanks.


    February 8, 2014 at 07:42

    • Gambling has been in the same hands as banking for centuries. It is a form of tax which takes the few remaining pennies out of the hands of the poorest whom dream of winning the Lotto or whatever. Rothschild’s mining empire controls Australia and New Zealand along with Canada. To them we are dumb, stupid, animals. We have been educated to believe that it is a normal part of life, for people like us to live in squalor and poverty, while the Toffs own everything and allow us just sufficient to keep us strong enough to work for them. What is missing from history, is a revolt against this system, which teaches us nothing apart from Kings and Princes and bloodshed. The History of the Jewish British Empire is no different from the Jews Bible.


      February 8, 2014 at 08:33

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