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Ukraine Holds The Headlines While Venezuela Feels The Heat.

As if to emphasise the extent of Mafia intervention in the affairs of Sovereign States, while Kiev burns and Policemen are shot dead and denied access to medical attention, Sky News describes as “progress” the forcing, by the European Union, of a deal, under threat of continued violence, by Western paid terrorists, on to the beleaguered, Democratically elected Government of Ukraine, the forces of the Dark Side, have already started to put Venezuela under exactly the same pressure.

Sky News has repeatedly reported News from Kiev, which in no way corresponds with what is clearly presented on Russia Today, showing how the Police are quite obviously being set on fire,  with Molotov Cocktails and brutally beaten with Base-Ball bats.

Sky News of course, dutifully presents rubbish, which strangely enough agrees with the garbage which Barack Obama is seeing, along with that other group, with a dog in the fight, the European Union.

Why the EU should even be demanding a say in the affairs of Ukraine is a mystery to me and for Sky News to be asking why Cameron was not involved in the talks, as if he has anything to add to the discussion as far as Ukainian Democracy is concerned.

Cameron is himself, leading a coalition with the Liberal Democrats, whom represent a tiny portion of the electorate, because he himself was most certainly not elected as Prime Minister by the British.

In a recent By-Election, the Seat was decided by a mere twenty-eight per cent turn-out of the available voters. So the winner is actually speaking for less that a third of twenty-eight per-cent of his Constituency.  Democracy? I don’t think so.


Sky has repeatedly reported the News from Kiev, without ever mentioning the fact that most, if not all of the violence is  being instigated by a small number of masked thugs.

These thugs are constantly referred to by Russia Today as Neo-Nazis.  This of  offers them the opportunity to link them to Hitler, who of course put a stop to Stalin’s attempt to carry out the command from The City of London, to start the invasion of Europe.

Genuine modern-day National Socialists, whom were intent on the reintroduction of the simple changes to the political methodology, which had so dramatically changed the political landscape in Germany, bringing an end to the Jewish controlled  disaster, which had controlled Germany since the end of the Great War, would never allow themselves to be confused with the Jewish version of the National Socialists, which is designed to FORBID any discussion as to its merits.

It should be remembered that Sky News is owned by Jews, so it will never present any truth which does not support the aims of the Jewish Zionist Agenda.

The Newspapers were this morning reviewed by an ex RAF  flight crew member, who was actually taken prisoner in Iraq and unlike a lot of Iraqi prisoners, he lived to tell the tale.  This chappie, was horrified at the behaviour of the Police in Kiev. So even those whom apparently present their own opinion, gather their News from the Mainstream Media and present it back to them.

So John Nichol, the ex RAF man in question, has the right, which is bestowed on him by the Queen, to seek out targets and to drop bombs on to innocent people, killing his share of more than one million of them, and that’s OK!   So this man is in favour of his own Uniform but not that of others, like FOREIGN Police,  when it comes down to respect.

In point of fact there is hardly a person delivering this “News” who does not have something to hide.

The Russians are obliged to condemn Hitler, even though very little has been proven against him.  For decades children were taught at school that Hitler had slaughtered 23,000 Polish Officers in the Katyn Forest, this was in fact a lie, the Russians were the guilty party. We will probably never find out the truth of other things for which Hitler and the Germans were blamed.

Thousands of Ukrainians fought alongside the Germans, whom they greeted as saviours, when they arrived in Ukraine and drove the Communists out. The Germans for their part were so shocked, at the state of the Ukrainian people, whom had hardly recovered from the brutality of the Russians,  that they called in the Red Cross to inspect their plight.

After the war was over, Stalin continued to persecute those Ukrainians whom were  considered as traitors.  None of this is ever discussed on Russia Today, just as most of the British are unaware of Churchill’s similar starving of the people of Bengal. While the Americans find it hard to believe that Eisenhower starved one and a half million German Prisoners of War to death in his Rhine Concentration Camps.  No, No, they must only talk of Hitler, the British, Russians and American savages.

While Kiev is in flames, that other constant victim of Zionist attention Venezuela, is once more feeling the lash. The vicious, terrorist government in Washington, has long lusted after Venezuela’s oil wealth, their Zionist Jewish controllers, just cannot rest easy, if others control a portion of their own resources.

As in the Ukraine, the average man in the street will not understand what he has lost until it is too late to take it back.  Central America, like Ukraine, has been lined up for yet another Jewish Union, in which they will be totally dominated from the City of London or wherever the Kings of the Universe,  decide to install their New World Order Capital.

Perhaps the poor people of Venezuela have failed to notice that the West is in free-fall.  We are all under austerity measures. Should you decide to allow the Economic Hit-Men to get their claws into your wealth, you will very quickly find yourself in need of a loan from The International Monetary Fund, which will require all of your oil wealth to repay.

The loan will be followed by a severe dose of austerity, which will grind you into the ground, at which time you will realise that Hugo Chavez was a Saint. Be warned, give your present Government a chance before you lose everything.

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  1. Don

    In 1980 I held a conversation in a pub with a hard drinking, chain smoking catholic priest. At the time the man was around 65 years of age, and had served in Lancaster bombers over Germany during the war.

    Being none religious myself I was initially struck by the incongruence of a ‘man of God’ sitting in the pub each afternoon smoking and drinking, but in conversation much worse was revealed. He told of his involvement in the WW2 terror raids against German civillians, a fact I initially thought he must regret going as it does go against the teachings of the church.

    I was in for a surprise however. When asked had he any regrets, not only did he not regret that he had murdered elderly non combatants plus innocent women and children, he fiercely defended it. “But they were pagans!” he said.

    And this pretty much sums up the response of the Iraq veteran you mention who holds. “A uniform must be respected only if it’s the one I’m wearing” type attitude. There is nothing but hypocrisy spouted by all and sundry, and the cognitive dissonance involved by many of those engaged in mouthing it is completely beyond their understanding.


    February 22, 2014 at 10:20

    • I’m not surprised you bumped into him in a pub. I had rather a lot to do with the Religious, when I was younger. Sunday, after High Mass, all of the Priests and Brothers waited outside the Church for the un-married women to pass packets of cigarettes and the odd bottle or two of wine or whiskey. The priests took very little water with their wine when saying Mass.
      But back then very few of them were truly religious, it was little more than a haven for Homosexuals. Which is why the monasteries are empty these days.
      All religions are pretty much the same, which is why they bless the Infantry before sending them off into a hail of bullets.
      Did you ever hear tell of a Religious Order which made a stand against war?


      February 22, 2014 at 14:05

      • The original concepts of Christ were committed to peace, and in time this idea became sabotaged as rituals and interpretations of what the origins were became adulterated, I have read all of the texts that are regarded as outside the official endorsed texts by the Vatican, known as the heretical texts, read by myself in circa 1972, their may have been other texts found since then, these texts such as the Dead Sea Scrolls, would be worth reading by many even if you are not scholars of religious texts, I refer to some comments within these scrolls that Christ had a deep commitment and concern to animals and cruelty, imposed upon them.


        February 22, 2014 at 23:49

    • This story you have illustrated is exactly why war now is obsolete, the battles of the past were more involved with armies on battle grounds, so it was contained within this frame work, now as you see the weapons of destruction are made in such a way that noncombatant pedestrian people are now killed often at a greater rate than the military casualties, as you are aware in places such as Syria this is the case this is not isolated but a general procedure.
      I believe this is a problem that guilt lies with two groups of political persons, one their is no political group as a party platform supporting world disarmament, leading to a saner existence living in and on this planet, two, if people of the world, I mean the general public, are predominately committed to having material satisfaction on the level of consumption, satiated sex consumption that operates as a drug stimulant within the brain, and the smorgasbord of drugs now on offer, that reduces pain of what is happening in this world and the general submersion of the self into semi oblivion, by this I also mean activities of high levels of stimulation that induces testosterone and such like that assists in not making commitments of living in a better environment and not only for ones self but for humanity, is a cop out, or as many say, “I just want to get out of it” as you understand as a westerner exactly what I mean, and this idea may be made more difficult to understand for a Chinese, attempting to understand western concepts.


      February 22, 2014 at 23:26

  2. The entry of Britain into the EU, I presume this gives the right of entry to all EU countries, including Britain, of course all this happened after I left London, 1977, for greener pastures, that became the baked continent, where millions of farm animals die through heat, a slight diversion, Is Israel offering the same freedoms of entry to their surrounding neighbors as Britain so generously bestows? the right of entry?


    February 21, 2014 at 23:00

    • You know full well that Israel buses the Black Jews straight back from where they came. All these folk seem to think it’s better for us. I suppose you are an extremely rich craftsman, charging the same sort of price for your products as the Chinaman did for his vase. But me, well I live in squalor and that’s not a town. If any of these characters thought I was an example of the available lifestyle in the EU none of them would want to come. Which is the paradox of greed. In reality all the kids in the Ukraine want to go to London, where they can drink and bathe in reconstituted piss and shit.


      February 22, 2014 at 19:33

      • When I finished working blown glass several years ago and retired from this activity as a result of emphysema, this condition is a result of living with a craft that is dangerous, and also a type of frustration of living here in Daylesford, and whilst I worked here in my studio, I was surrounded by the depraved, the corrupt and the weird, I went into a sort of escape in alcohol and marijuana, I got involved with a fruit loop and have beed with her for the past 12 years, until she found the guy of her dreams, why was I witha loop? my philosophy was, that I have a preference to be with one nut rather than a smorgas bord of many nuts, she tended to drive the nuts away, I now am no longer involved with any drugs as from seven years ago when diagnosed with this disease and have not drank any alcohol nor had any smokes from this time, I would say that I went insane, here in Australia, and literally lost all sense of what was going on, I have as far as I know got a sense of what is now happening, also having been involved with RD.Laing, and his association with Tavistock, and also LSD that came from this institute, also contributed to a type of insanity, I now live in a room 3 metres by 7, I am a recluse and do not socialize in this town, I would say I suffer from acute depression, and at the same time regard this as something to live with, as I refuse to become cured, on the other hand depression is some kind of blessing, in as much as you are not attempting to run from this and you get used to it, in particular because one is aware of the extreme suffering in the world it is some what not that significant in relationship o the pain and anguish of many, such as Syria, I have little to no interest in arts and the world of craft, I have people still coming to my now dysfunctional workshop, and they inquire as where the glass blower is, I say he died some years ago, I am just the gardener, my main duty now is walk the beagle or the beagle walks me, other than writing the odd bit on the internet I have nothing much else to do intellectually, my once held library now has been confiscated by the prior abode I lived in, as from the previous relationship I am but a leper, I decided to attempt to live as long as possible, as I have a unsatiable appetite for know what this Universe is, without success, today I have converted my studio in to varied bits, as a landlord, I am requested to find a spider trap to remove spiders in one of the flats, so this is my job its full on, I pleased I have a few tenants, such as Lyndal, a Taro reader, whom has been here some 5-6 years, and so it this is how it goes. As a sort of insight in to what is in part my world.
        Incidentally, I have planned a book for some years now on glassblowing, this is a anti glassblowing book, to ward off those who are sucked into this evil.


        February 23, 2014 at 13:11

        • Well I reckon your place is about the same size as the one I spend most of my time in. I actually sleep in a sort of roof space which is about three feet high, I am standing on a ladder with my head poking into the space above to write this. I like it, I’ve been living like this for the past thirty years. The Scotsman who I went to see last week, , has about the same amount of space. There are a quite a few of us about. The difference being we are isolated, I have no neighbours. I live in the woods with thousands of acres of Common land all around me. It’s paradise.
          I lived in England and the people who I hung out with, were into Lang, Steiner, Gurdjieff and Krishnamurti, with a whole dose of Zen thrown in.
          After a while I realised that the whole scene was just an excuse to Trip and look for “Skin” I believe it was called.
          The scene down here in France is much the same. They all wear those Thai trousers that make them look as if they’ve got a large lump of shit in your breeches. and they mostly spend the Winter months in Bali or Thailand where they can buy the cheap stuff to sell to the tourists in Summer.
          Nothing much changes,
          I visited England a while back and I found it to be really grey and dingy. But it was in the Winter. It did however make me appreciate France.
          You can’t go back you know. After a couple of years maybe, but after twenty or more years, it’s impossible to find anyone you knew.


          February 23, 2014 at 17:32

          • Enochered, if you live in a space of a ceiling height of 3 feet or so, and you have thousands of acres of space around you, why are you living in this cramped abode? I would understand your living space if you lived in Japan, whats the reason?


            February 23, 2014 at 22:10

            • I take it you are pulling my leg. That’s where I sleep. It’s 7 metres long and 1 metre high. Underneath I have my living space which is two metres high. It’s quite comfortable. I have a nice terrace outside and a converted Church, that was once pulled around by a Circus so that the group could ask a local priest to say Mass on Sundays. I also have a workshop. I’m not too interested in palaces and showers and stuff like that, I’m a Spartan.


              February 24, 2014 at 08:48

            • You are a romantic, are your girl friends suitable impressed?


              February 24, 2014 at 12:03

            • For five minutes they love it, which is about three minutes after I wish they weren’t there.


              February 25, 2014 at 13:15

            • Salient, indeed, I understand.


              February 26, 2014 at 06:45

    • Don

      It seems that ‘entry’ into the EU isn’t the issue don, it’s when you try to leave the EU that problems occur. I think of the EU as a sort of political Hotel California.

      Speaking of California, they are currently suffering a severe (HAARP induced) drought where crops and animals are being wiped out. They sold the Californian water reservoirs to private investors (Warren Buffet?) who in turn has drained them deliberately on some baloney pretext.

      It appears that in concert with those Fukashima rad fears this drought is designed to encourage folks to leave the west coast area. The first swathe of American land that will be turned into Agenda 21’s depopulated (except for rich zionists) zone.


      February 22, 2014 at 20:01

      • Enochered, I do not know if you know the dear kitty blog, petri161, or someone , has warned me that she or he is is no longer putting my stuff on, as its anti semite, my point is, I have said to her, that the Balfour treaty had something to do with the Jews being their and it had implications of money for the Jewish empire, what I mean by this statement is the land that eventually was secured or how ever you want to define this, is this document is real estate and is worth money, or money cannot now buy, of recent I heard a Israeli, says, ” This land was given to us from God” can you believe someone can say this?
        Getting back to Ukraine, if the establishment of this country are they corrupt? also if the new regime comes in will their be any difference? as with the rest of these countries now in turmoil.


        February 23, 2014 at 13:27

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