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Ukraine: The View Of A Propagandist.


The video clip above, is a discussion of recent events in Ukraine. It is an interesting interview with the Great Grand Daughter of Nikita Khrushchev, the one time Chairman of the Bolshevik Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

Should you have watched the clip, you may well have noticed that Mrs Khrushcheva,  can barely keep a grip on her tongue, which dribbles out endless bile against Vladimir Putin.

She introduced herself as a teacher of propaganda and she went to great lengths, to introduce all of the necessary key words to instil into the minds of those whom watched her performance, the impression that Putin was a Napoleon like megalomaniac.

So where is this woman coming from and what is her role in the current events in Ukraine?

Well she is a Jew and she works for and with Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski, who famously set-up Al Qaeda, to fight against the Russians in Afghanistan. He is also an adviser to Obama and has been hanging around many US Presidents for decades.

Mrs Khrushcheva’s ancestor was born in Ukraine. One of his first tasks for Stalin, was to carry out the wholesale slaughter of his own people, during Stalin’s purge of Ukraine, in nineteen-thirty-eight. The estimates of his success, are said to have exceeded ten-million deaths.

In nineteen-forty-four, he went back to Ukraine to assist the Red Terror in their campaign of atrocities against captured Germans, who routinely had their testicles crushed, their penis sliced off and placed in their rectum, their tongue cut out and their eyes gouged out. Some were then stood up and made to walk sightless in the direction of their comrades. Nice man Khrushchev.

He went on to become Chairman of the Party and he eventually teamed up with Mikhail Gorbachev, the man whom had been selected by the Bolshevik or Zionist, whichever suits, controllers of the March of Communism, to carry out, what had always been their intention, to seamlessly meld the USSR with Europe. It was at this period that Khrushchev had this strange compulsion to hand Crimea to Ukraine.

Mrs Khrushcheva, having grown up around all of this politicking, could not have been unaware of the intention of the future controlled collapse of the Soviet Union and the part played in the Genocide in Ukraine by her relative, of which she made no mention, as she would most surely have been forced to accept that Putin was not in the same league as those whom killed for Stalin.

She would also be quite familiar with the lies which have been used to in some way justify the stance of Russia during the Second World War, in order to facilitate an excuse for those like her ancestor and his boss, who were responsible for the most heinous War Crimes in History, including the mass slaughter of millions of Russians.

She would also be aware that Crimea was very carefully prepared, just as was Germany; which was cut to ribbons, after the Great War;  by the eviction of hundreds of thousands of Tartars, who were packed off to Mongolia, and the installation of millions of Russians into Crimea, the very people, who were not consulted when they were handed over to Ukraine, by Khrushchev and who she would now deny the right to do exactly what the demonstrators in Kiev have done, to gain what they want, while she tries to absolve the real engineers of the riots in  Kiev, Mossad and the EU from any blame.

Only Putin, in her terms, is guilty. The fact that it has long been clear that the majority of the so-called extreme right-wing thugs in Kiev, are nothing more than a branch of her friend  Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski’s  Al Qaeda in Ukraine, will never be discussed, just as the plot of Victoria Nuland and the US  Ambassador to Ukraine, to put in place the very government which has now been selected.

She also managed to slip in another untruth, in order to try to dismiss the telephone call from the Foreign Minister of Estonia to Catherine Ashton, the unelected Foreign Secretary of the EU, as nothing more than speculation.  I have listened to this call several times and it quite clearly stated that the shots came from the same gun, which killed both police and demonstrators and that it was not the President who had ordered the shooting, it was a member of the new government. The newly installed unelected government refused to investigate the allegations. A member of this government was seen driving a car with a Snipers Rifle in the boot which he would not allow to be inspected.

Well she brings together many threads in this tale. Her ancestor was mentioned a couple of times about some of his actions which could be described as being far more aggressive than anything in which Putin has been recently involved.

She wriggled around and attempted to dismiss his savage attack on Hungary, which in fact left twenty thousand dead and not as the interviewer suggested twenty hundred, claiming some sort of fear felt by Khrushchev that if he did not slaughter all of those people and hang the President, Communists would be hanged from trees all across the world, or some such rubbish.

Well this creepy character was given about half-an-hour to display her hatred of Putin and to laud the War Criminals of NATO, an honour which the Western Media rarely extends to the opposing point of view. Speaking for myself, to hear Putin spoken of by this creature, in such a manner, confirmed my dislike for the killers like her ancestor and the modern versions like Slightly Gay (though ashamed of it) Wee Willy Hague, whom one day will deserve all they get.


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