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The Wall To Wall Lies Of Sky News.

This morning, on Sky News, the invited reviewer of the Newspapers, was asked to comment on the legality of the referendum in Crimea, he responded by saying that one could not discuss the legality of the referendum, without discussing the legality of events in Kiev. Before he could finish what he was on the point of saying, the presenter interrupted him to virtually shout, “We must go over to Oscar’s Trial in South Africa,” and that was the end of the Paper Review.

I may be a little bit touchy about this, however I have waited in vain for any reference to the murders, of both Police and demonstrators, which were carried out from a Hotel, which was under the control of one of the Opposition Parties, which is now in power in Kiev.

There is a leaked telephone call, which deserves some form of investigation, which asserts that it was not the deposed President whom ordered the murders, of which he is constantly accused, by  Western spokesmen, without the evidence in support of their claims.

These same spokesmen, as does the man in the above interview, who was the UK Ambassador to Ukraine, during the last attempt to install a puppet government, the so-called Orange Revolution, regurgitate a catalogue of lies and deception, without any sort of interrogation by Murnaghan or whomsoever the Sky interviewer may be.

This liar, would have been well aware that Russia has the right to garrison up to twenty-five thousand men in Crimea, he was after all the British Ambassador in Ukraine, yet he quite coldly and deliberately, with the assistance of Murnaghan spreads lies and disinformation which could lead to a shooting war.

While use was made of  groups of thugs, to spread violence and terror in Kiev, under the banner of Right Wing Neo Nazis and other such names, whom shouted threats of death to all Jews, Communists and Russians, they are quite content to take part in a government under the control of a Jew, along with a group of Jewish Oligarchs.

When the Russian guest tried to respond to the false allegations about a Russian invasion of Crimea, he was cut short by Murnaghan, who proceeded to give the last word to his liar.

In a previous episode of his propaganda show, Murnaghan was annoyed when it was suggested that the Western Media was biased, he retorted by crying out “I hope you do not include Sky News in that claim, we go out of our way to present all sides of the News.  Well Murnaghan I can assure you that if you believe that nonsense you are not capable of fronting a News Programme.  Sky News, my dear Dermot, manufacture the News. I believe your Boss is at the moment in Israel, Tweeting his own form of disinformation.

At the moment, we are being bombarded with the murder trial in South Africa, where there is a Sky Team, while in Russia and Crimea and Ukraine, Sky Newspersons, are posting copy which does not deserve the name of News. They are, as they have been in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Yugoslavia, totally biased in favour of their Jewish owners and lastly we have the News Hen, whom is reportedly considered to be the most detested face on television, covering the Case of the Missing Airliner in Malaya.

This is strangely, the subject of the Tweets of her Boss Rupert Murdoch.  Why, you might ask, is Murdoch interested in the fate of an airliner? Could he know something that we are not being told?

We are belatedly being informed that there had been far more contact with the airliner, than we had previously been told.  Which demands the question, why, were we not told?  Who has the power to suppress important information of this nature and why? Certainly not a band of Pirates, which it is now being suggested may have taken control of the plane.

Taking control of a Jet-Liner, is not a task to be undertaken lightly. There is need of much planning and preparation, not only for the taking of the plane but more importantly, to where it is to be taken and the necessity of a landing site, which would guarantee a safe conclusion to the exploit.

These needs would suggest the participation of a National Government, with a team of Flight Controllers who could be trusted to keep their mouths shut.  So where could these needs be met, within the range of the Airliner? Well the most obvious destination must surely be the brand new State of Rothschild, Kazakhstan.  I am sure that whatever precious cargo was on the plane, could be safely unloaded, whether that cargo be Human or Mineral and the plane sent on its way, to be found in some out-of-the-way location, hopefully with a dazed and bemused group of passengers, alive and well, on board.

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  1. Don

    I heard they were talking about decriminalising non BBC payers but assumed that talk was all it was. has it gone through then? I receive at least one letter a fortnight from them now, they appear quite desperate to leech from me.

    Although I’d enjoy a common law tussle a magistrates court also suits me fine. As far as I’m aware owning a plugged in but switched off TV cannot be construed as evidence of having watching it. That evidence must come from an admission of guilt usually tricked from the unwary. Besides there is no license needed to receive digital radio which can also be played via a modern TV.

    I had another clipboard caller today Eno who asked my name. I told him my name was Donald, ‘and your surname sir?’ “Duck” – I answered with a completely straight face. The look on his face was priceless, and, as he paused his pen I continued to look directly at him without the hint of a smile.

    I have decided that I will charge a fee in advance to speak to the next caller. If he hasn’t the £5.00 a minute I require for my time then I’m afraid he simply can’t afford to speak to me. 🙂


    March 19, 2014 at 22:58

    • I believe they either have or are about to make it a Civil Offence not to have a licence. I told you Don I never watch TV, I record it on to a USB Key and watch it on my computer later. You can pick up a small satellite dish at a boot sale and a receiver free to air only costs a few quid and you can get rid of the TV altogether.
      You seem to have hit the nail on the head over the Lost Jet. Everybody would appear to have been waiting for the “Go.” Despite all the climbing and diving and left and right turns it would appear to have ended up in the “Air-Liner Graveyard” where they found the French Mystery Plane. Do you think the two pilots were “real” people and do you think that they got rid of the passengers?


      March 20, 2014 at 12:17

      • Don

        I think the pilots were either blackmailed, or the aircraft was taken over and flown automatically by remote as per US drones. The passengers will have been disembarked and told they will be released later. Once they re embark to fly home the plane will be crashed into the sea, again possibly by remote control.

        The NSA will know where the passengers mobile phone signals were last active, funny how they are remaining quiet on that topic.

        Switching off a transponder does not make the aircraft invisible to radar, only U.S. military AWACS technology can do that. The Chinese will know what has happened to their people and why, the question is how will they respond? I don’t think NASA wants them in space. 🙂


        March 20, 2014 at 20:16

        • First they tell us that they have no idea what happened. Then they tell us the exact spot from where they were last detected. Then it “may” have been a fire in the cockpit. Then it was not only a fire, it was the transponders that were on fire and had to be switched off. They then explain, how before you can make any radio contact, you must ensure that you do other things. Then they turn left and right, climb and dive, never managing to get their oxygen masks on or make an SOS call, fall unconscious because of the smoke, so presumably they could not find the fire extinguishers either, then, apparently, like a fireball, fly on for four hours or so through “dead zones” all the way to the end of the world, arriving exactly where we have been told for days, that the Auto-Pilot would have taken them, like the Flying Dutchman, full of dead crew and passengers. I, of course, fully accept all of that.


          March 21, 2014 at 08:37

  2. Don

    The precious cargo was in fact a group of Chinese scientists who are no doubt under CIA interrogation as we speak. The aircraft was ‘vanished’ from the sky by masking it from civilian radar, only an AWACS equipped military aircraft is capable of this, and of also masking the transponder.

    The kidnapped aircraft is now most likely at the Diego Garcia USAF base. Expect it to re-emerge in the form of bodies and wreckage shortly after the interrogations are complete. My guess is it will be exploded over the sea and the debris suddenly ‘found’ where previous searches had found nothing.


    March 19, 2014 at 15:14

    • Sadly you’re probably right Don but it would be so much more romantic if it had been a tractor beam pulling them them through a worm-hole; from which they could emerge tomorrow in exactly the same spot from which they vanished.
      I hope you watched Prime Ministers Question, it was toe curling.


      March 19, 2014 at 15:28

      • Don

        No I don’t watch TV Eno. I refuse to watch the transparent sideshow of lies and deceit that is question time. I am resigned to the fact that our governments have been at first infiltrated, and then taken over completely by amoral criminal gangs

        It makes me want to punch Cameron on the nose, I also want to kick wee willy Hague in the balls, I’m just that sort of guy.


        March 19, 2014 at 16:45

        • Well I watched it on my little dongle, just to hear what they would say about Crimea. They did not let me down. I’m trying to get a post together about it, but I’m having endless problems with my interweb connection. Just remember not to click on the little arrow on the video clip. I see they’ve decriminalised you, you’ve passed on to contract law against the BBC that should give you a bit of fun.


          March 19, 2014 at 19:31

    • Don

      The missing plane contained not just scientists, but Chinese ‘computer’ scientist. Now look what China was doing, and why the US would want to kidnap those scientists. It looks like China was spoiling the NSA’s fun.



      March 20, 2014 at 21:51

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