A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The Democratic Lies In The City Of London Show Of Farce.

The Houses of Parliament, cheered to the rafters, the lies and deception, of the leaders of both of the main Political Parties, when in the House of Commons, the Referendum in Crimea was being questioned.

It will be noted that the Prime Minister suggested that the Referendum was carried under the control of Russians carrying Kalashnikov Rifles. Well all of his favourite News Channels were on hand to film the event, of which I defy him to find any evidence in support of this claim.

The illegalities of the Crimean Referendum, were in keeping with those which was in force in Northern Ireland, during the vote to rejoin Eire, which made use of the restrictions on the Catholic vote, which allowed the installed majority of Protestants to win by default, without the participation of Eire, of course.

The same method served in the Falklands, where no opportunity was given to the Argentinian side, to take part in or to object to this referendum, which in order to legalise, the British demanded, the right to hold it of themselves, chose the wording on the ballot paper and counted the votes.

Similarly, they did as they wished in Kosovo, giving away the Sovereign Territory of a Sovereign State, without taking those steps, which they are now claiming negates the validity of the Crimean decision.

The British are responsible for cutting the Indian Sub-Continent to ribbons. Pakistan into  two parts, East and West, Kashmir into Muslim and Hindu and Ceylon, where the folk are even now not sure of their true identity and the British are still in there paying for rebellions, in pursuit of their long-term aims.

The strange boundaries which the British drew up in the Middle-East was not by hazard, the British only deal in duplicity, any move they make is loaded with self-interest and designed to suit a future need.

I could go on with this all day, I have not even yet reached Africa. Suffice it to say that the British have destroyed the Planet. They are responsible for two World Wars, both of which were fought to suit a hidden agenda.

 The Great War was used as a smoke screen, behind which the Bolshevik Jewish coup d’etat in Russia took place, while the Second World War was intended to facilitate the advance of this Jewish Bolshevik Communism across the entire Continent of Europe.

Adolf Hitler and his magnificent German Wehrmacht, fought this attempt to a standstill and it took the illegal arming, by Britain and the USA, both of which were controlled by Jews, to save Stalin, another Jew, from an ignominious defeat.

Which brings me back to the current discussion.  There has been a sort of political joke circulating in  recent days, Michael Gove, the Minister of Education, made a remark that there were more Old Etonians in the Prime Ministers Cabinet, than one could shake a stick at. What’s more they are all millionaires.

Well Gove, obviously with his Political future in mind, chose his words carefully, he could have been more explicit.

In the Commons, Prime Ministers Question Time, was kicked off by the Jewish Speaker of the House. The Jewish Prime Minister responded. He stood up from his bench,where he was hemmed in by his Jewish Chancellor of the Exchequer, whom was alongside the Jewish Industry Minister on one side and the Jewish Leader of the Lib-Dems, on the other.

The Jewish Leader of the Opposition condemned the Russians act and demanded extra measures to be taken against Putin.

We then had yet another Jew, Gerald Kaufmann, whom is an alleged sexual pervert of one sort or another, ask a question about the continued killings of Palestinians and the theft of their land, a question which was given no more than platitudes in  reply, from the Jewish Prime Minister, who was recently in Israel, brown nosing Netanyahu, instead of threatening a similar action against Israel as he is proposing for Russia.

Sadly, he passed a law forbidding the arrest of Jewish War Criminals, during their holidays in the UK.

4 responses

  1. The issue of relations between Britain and Ireland says it all. Rather than see this country as working together for the benefit of both countries, the fact is the establishment of the controlling elite of Britain came about by force, that is conquest. The underclass of all that, were not very important to the In crowd, that is the Irish. What became of the native Briton, and so on, all became an item of exploitation. T he basis of the House of Lords and Commons, are all part of the repressive regime, built on deception, lies and deceit.
    As you can find through research, the controlling power of this oppressive group, is made up of foreigners, what I mean is if you look at the present Royals you will see they are all foreign. This ensured that the native English would be excluded from decisive choice, and used for the violence of what the elite required. Those who were native, or are native, forced to be used in the system and to bear allegiance to the main idea, for example Captain Cook, who was exploited by the criminal bosses who run society, people such as Faraday, the scientist, always put in his place by the elite science academy, as a lower class individual.
    Those who were themselves insiders but who defected from what the elite required, such as Princess Diana, were dealt with by death, this is a warning to all those who do not observe the rules of the prevailing protocol. This is not to single out the Royals as they now have a place within the working class minds who have been conditioned to the Royals, as a kind of drug to the mind. What the reader has to understand is for example, the Queen, is now herself a victim of history and is a sort of well looked after prisoner. She has little to no freedom, her staff such as her security have the privilege of being in the Royal Household and having time out, the Queen has no way out. Like her Uncle, Edward.VIII, who became an outsider with no future other than the lonely road, of European party going. The beginning of the road out for Britain, is to confess to their history of crimes, or alternately the slow realization of a younger generations to ‘get’ what they should long ago have ‘got’.


    March 20, 2014 at 23:25

    • A lot of people in Britain are ‘getting’ it, we just don’t hear about them. Most people would like to get rid of the Royal Family, who are in fact Jews themselves. Youngsters don’t seem to be too bothered about things. The rot for them started with Student Loans, which ‘strangely’ started up all over the planet at the same time, showing quite clearly that it was a deliberate attempt to destroy the freedom of children, making them “Debt Slaves” even before they had found their first job.


      March 21, 2014 at 07:58

      • The student loans were some of the first closing in with the net of imprisonment, a primary reason for this is the student sit ins and students coming out on the street and questioning the government on issues such as war, the psychiatry profession came in as a challenge to dealing with students, thus to put them in debt became a problem to rebel against the establishment, also the cost of houses became inflated as all part of a repressive regime, the conquests of Britain, ensured the elite would hold on to power, the combined efforts of these foreigners masquerading as the new British brand, had to create a language that signified who had power to control, this regime took full advantage of the Jewish money lenders to finance and add to the control of the native British, you can see how Cromwell, obtained finance to overthrow the existing monarchy, the republic did not last long as the powers now in the wing could again emerge with more Jewish money.
        The young are caught up with materialistic and hedonistic pursuit, all part of the conditioning control of the youth, the point is how would the contemporary rebel survive in British society, the MI5, would be the most likely organization to deal with any emergence of deviation from the prescribed formula of normality.


        March 21, 2014 at 09:19

        • The whole of the British Parliament is involved in the scam. It makes no difference to them which one of the Parties is in power,all they are worried about is the exposure of their own particular sexual deviancy.
          Have you read this tale of the BBC? Shady BBC Charity Funded Out Of Foreign Aid (DFID) Budget, you can find it on Before Its News.Com


          March 21, 2014 at 11:16

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